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13 Summer Bridal

13 Summer Bridal

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Published by The Delphos Herald
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Published by: The Delphos Herald on Jun 24, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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June 2013
2 — June 2013 • Wedding Guide
Staff Reports
A woman’s wedding dayis one of the most importantdays of her life. Along withthe bliss and excitementcomes stress and in manycases, overwhelming pres-sure to achieve perfection.While bridesmaids, friendsand family can help take aload off the bride’s shoulders,hiring a wedding planner canmake the task even lighter.Julia Etzkorn, owner of Plan on Jules Special EventPlanning & Rental in Lima,says the amount of workshe takes on depends on thebride’s needs.“I do as little or as much asthe client wants, from start tonish,” Etzkorn said. “If they just want the initial consul-tation, or to swap ideas andget feedback we can do that.I can rent things for them orhelp with the decorating, setup and tear down — what-ever they want me to do.“Sometimes brides have alot of ideas, but don’t reallyknow what to do with them.Every bride has differenttastes; some are more cre-ative than others. One maywant a Halloween weddingand one may want a moretraditional theme. That’s whyI enjoy doing this so much, just meeting all the differentkinds of people.”When it comes to plan-ning a wedding, focus oftenlands on bigger details. Etz-korn says it’s the small, per-sonal details that make anevent unique and memorable.“I enjoy the small details.I love putting more thoughtinto things like the table lin-ens or some nice napkinswith unique napkin rings,”she said. “If you pay attentionto things like that, you don’thave to put as much on thewalls or ceiling and it givesit a personal touch. Spendingmore time on the little thingsmakes it so you don’t have toworry as much about the bigthings.”“I really try to nd uniquethings for clients that youmay not nd around here,”she said. “I have several ven-dors I use nationwide andI do a lot of business othersin Ohio. Brides are trying tond unique things, like fa-vors for the guests. I try topersonalize every event.”As a special event planner,Etzkorn is ideally placed todiscern the changing trendsin the wedding circuit.“Navy is a big color trendright now. Most weddingsI’ve seen lately, navy seemsto be the color,” she said.“Paper lanterns are big now,too, as are the ower ballsyou hang from the ceiling.Another trend is uplight-ing. You can completelychange the look of a roomwith lighting. It seems likethere are more and more falland winter weddings now.It seems like I’m more busyin the summer, so that’s stillwedding season for me but Idon’t think there’s really a set‘season’ anymore. It reallydepends on the couple.”In addition to weddings,Etzkorn has planned every-thing from graduations andbirthdays to anniversary par-ties. Etzkorn has yet to planany destination weddings butsays she is up to the task.“No destinations yet, butI’m open to them. I will drivewherever you want me to,”she said. “Recently, I planneda 50th anniversary celebra-tion for my parents. They re-newed their vows on a beachin South Carolina.”Etzkorn has been in busi-ness for three years but shebegan helping out with wed-dings and event planninglong before that.“I’ve always done it as afavor for friends and familybut it’s been three years forthe actual business,” she said.“The rst wedding I plannedofcially was particularlyspecial for me because it wasfor my nephew, who is reallylike a baby brother to me.”
Etzkorn, originally fromDelphos, runs Plan on Julesout of her home in Lima, whereshe lives with her husbandNick and their two children,Isabella and Mason. “Plan onJules” contact information canbe found on Facebook.
Wedding planner makes it unique 
BUILDINGS AVAILABLE: Dairy Barn, Junior Fair,Commercial, Agriculture, Extension Meeting Room
Van Wert County Fairgrounds
June 2013 • Wedding Guide — 3
Page 2
Wedding Planner 
Page 3
The big move in
Page 4
The top tenwedding to-do’s
Page 5
Trying on gowns
One-of-a-kind ideasfor an unforgettable wedding
Page 7
Five questions to askbefore you tie the knot
Page 8
The wedding shoe trent for everyonepain-free and pretty
Page 10
Bridal trends transform grandma’schina from vintage to vogue
Page 14
Tips and trends to create the weddingof your dreams for less
Page 15
Money and marriage:Tips to achivefinancial happiness
 ab f conents 
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(BPT) - It may come as a surpriseto young engaged couples, but the ex-citement of the wedding and honey-moon doesn’t end when it’s all over.In fact, after the honeymoon, it’s timeto roll up your sleeves and plan the bigmove - the joining of two households.It’s a herculean task finding theperfect location with great schools,affordable taxes and good neighbors.But once you’ve signed on the dottedline for the home where you will be-gin your life as a couple - and maybealso raise your family when the timearrives - you’re ready to plan your bigmove.Many newlyweds face the chore of merging furniture, kitchen equipmentand closet space from two households. To start your moving processoff on the right foot, consider eliminating duplicate items and having agarage sale, or donating items, before beginning the packing process.It’s a great chance to upgrade household furnishings - especially if youreceived something new as a wedding gift.Then determine what size moving truck you’ll need. A good ruleis to plan for 150 cubic feet of space for every fully furnished room.Many young couples moving from a small apartment or condo into alarger first home will find a 12- or 16-foot Penske rental truck morethan adequate. Plan to reserve your truck at least two weeks in advance.Penske Truck Rental offers rental discounts for AAA members to helpyoung couples with savings.For help in making moving day go smoothly, use these tips fromPenske. They’ve been in the do-it-yourself moving business for morethan 40 years:* Still unpacking your wedding gifts? - If space isn’t a concern,keep those wedding gifts in their original boxes, because the storepackaging will help protect the items. But if space is tight in the rentaltruck, throw away the store packaging and carefully repack in yourmoving boxes - with plenty of padding to protect your new gifts.* Start early and group items together - Get good, sturdy boxes of various sizes, and then fill them with items of similar use, size or de-sign. Some traditional ways to group items are by item type (i.e. photoframes) or by contents of a room. Label each box with the room name,and the contents. Make sure you have plenty of packing bubbles ortowels and cloths on hand to keep breakable items from being damagedin the move.* Save your muscles - Ask friends to help you with carrying boxes.If something is heavy, enlist some help to prevent injury or strain onyour muscles.* Loading the truck - Load the largest items (i.e. bed, couch, dress-er) into the truck first to ensure they will fit, and then start loading theheaviest boxes on the bottom and lighter boxes on top. Having eachbox labeled with contents will help prevent you and your friends frompacking heavy books on top of your new fine china wedding gifts. Pen-ske features an online Truck Wizard application to assist.When you cross the threshold of your new home the first time asa married couple, you’ll be surrounded by the excitement and energyof so many adventures to come in your future. Carefully unpack yourmoving truck, cherishing the memories of your personal belongingsas you meld them to fit into your new home and life with your newspouse.
Honeymoon encore:
The big move in 

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