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Aerospace Lean Six Sigma Nadeem

Aerospace Lean Six Sigma Nadeem

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Published by SyedNadeemAhmed
Asia Pacific and Middle East Event for Aviation and Aerospace Professionals
Asia Pacific and Middle East Event for Aviation and Aerospace Professionals

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Published by: SyedNadeemAhmed on Jun 24, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Sv     hs s  b  -hs   w v.Kl  s @
+65 97
  .
Lean Six Sigma
Early Bird SpEcialS!
Register & pay by
July 201
 to enjoy
off standard rate!!!
Black Belt Course or
Aspac Idsy
 August 201
, Singapore
about you Tne
Mr. S.Nadeem Ahmed has 20 years plus of diverseengineering experience in Industrial sectors as aMechanical Engineer with Manufacturing andEngineering MRO Industry. For the past 15 years,he has worked with PK Engineering MRO facilityon Maintenance Repair, Overhaul, Testing andEvaluation of Turbo Machinery including Aeroand Aero derivative Gas Turbine Power Plants and
has diversied experience on General Electric, Rolls Royce and Pratt
& Whitney Machines.As an international conference speaker & trainer globally addressingGas Turbine Power Plants, Rotating equipment, Reliability engineering& lean Six Sigma topics, he has also trained numerous professionalsin the same area within and outside his organization. Nadeem hasalso provisioned Process companies (Power Generation, Oil and Gasetc) on Effective Reliability Improvement Programs, MaintenanceManagement Strategies, Lean Maintenance and Six Sigma ProcessImprovement Strategies integrating the same with reliability solutions.He holds a Masters in Mechanical Engineering with Major in Thermal
Power Systems Engineering, is a Certied Six Sigma Master BlackBelt from USA & is well versed with the Quality, Six Sigma and
Power Plant Equipment Reliability Analysis Software’s.
Sv     hs s  b  -hs   w v.Kl  s @
+65 9743 4606
  .
Specically, the processDenes the real problem and objectives.Measures the scale of the problem and gathers more
Finds root cause , Identies solutions and gains
management approval to implement.
Monitors the improvements for at least two years,leveraging the ndings to other areas of the company.Redesign of Systems , Components where-ever required
to achieve optimum customer satisfactionEconomic down turn and recent recession have forcedAerospace industry to review its strategy in global market.Greater reductions in MRO activity and drives operating
costs even higher The signicant decrease in business have
forced aerospace industry to cut capacity and optimizeproduction cost and at the same time ensure higher
reliability and condence of the customers.
Optimize organizational processes to succeed in this volatilemarket. Leverage and enhance Lean Six Sigma to moveaerospace away from the red tape and down the road torecovery.
This advance level course / program will help to understandmethodologies that optimize and streamline the aerospaceindustry processes rom design to manuacturing and Operations,Cost reduction and develop quality standards and reliability toremain competitive in the industry through use o Lean and SixSigma methodologies. Supported by practical case studies.Six Sigma, a rigorous methodology to improve both manuacturing andbusiness process controls, uses a disciplined approach called DMAIC ,DMADV and DFSS. It relies on data and acts to fnd root causes that improve parts and processes, relationships with customers and thecompany’s bottom line.Six Sigma orces you to concentrate on critical issues. You go throughthis ocused process where a team o people defne the problem andthe objective, identiy the stakeholders and work only on issues that are important. It avoids a “hit and miss” approach by breaking intomeasurable bites an entire chain o events leading to a problem, andthen coming up with a corrective action.
Attendees of this event will walk away with viable strategiesand proven processes to:
Utilize Lean Six Sigma (LSS) to manage Aerospace
processes variability from design to testing evaluation andhigher reliability in operation and Maintenance phase.
Customize Lean Six Sigma programs to directly meet
business challenges
Transform organizational culture for productive value
Deploy Change Management with total buy-in from theshop oorSustain Lean six sigma for critical business transformationEvaluate performance metrics to enhance process
Upgrade applications to improve operational excellence
Build in Cost Reduction in MROs processes , Aerospacesystem checks for Airframe , Aero- Engine Overhaul and
Component Repair
Who Should Attend
Aerospace Systems Manufacturers (All designations)Airlines / Aircraft Operators (All designations)Maintenance Chief Engineers / ManagersEngineers / Technicians / Material PlannersAviation Supply Chain ProfessionalsMRO Service providers
Course Materials
All participants will receive a set of comprehensivetraining material.
Sv     hs s  b  -hs   w v.Kl  s @
+65 9743 4606
  .
T.U.N International was formed with the objective of truly understanding the needs ofeach individual organization’s training requirements. Our strength lies in our abilityto listen to our clients, understand their unique business issues and assisting themto deliver the appropriate training solution based on the business challenges in thecurrent market situation.Our vision is to be the No. 1 preferred training provider for all corporate companies byproviding an innovative approach to your training requirements. We facilitate a trainingsolution that is not only cost effective, but tailored to yield maximum benets.We deeply value our working relationship with our clients and constantly dedicateourselves to exceed your expectations of us. Besides customizing in-house trainingsolutions for corporate companies, we also offer public courses and conferences invarious industries.
T.U.N In-house Training Solutions
Save up to 40% when you use T.U.N In house Training Solutions to customize in-housetraining programmes for your organization. Tailor-made training courses, at a venueof your choice and a time convenient to you and at a fraction of the cost. For moreinformation on T.U.N In-house Training Solutions, please contact Ms. Linda Teo at +656376 3178 or email: linda@tun.sg
About the orgAnizer
Day 1
• Aerospace Industry an Introduction• Outlook and Forecast• Business Strategies in Global Regions• Why LSS for Aerospace Industry• Aerospace Six Sigma Organizational Structure• Regulatory requirements to meet Reliability• Design / Type Standards understanding / certications
aeose inust poesses
• Design / Certications / Manufacturing &
- Aircraft - Components- Aero- Engines
• Understanding the Customer requirements• Processes Standards for Aerospace industry
- Design- Manufacturing - Testing & Evaluation- Operation and Maintenance- Standards References
• Process Analysis for improvement• MRO Processes / Key performance Indicators• Understanding the Aerospace Industry for
- Voice of Customer - Voice of Business- Voice of Process
Unestnng the len Sx Sgm fo naft MrO
• What is Six Sigma? Input / Output (X and Y)
• Six Sigma and Lean Enterprise• Defects Per Million Opportunities Metric
• Success Stories , Six Sigma History• D-M-A-I-C Process• Thought Process Mapping• Six Sigma Organizational Structure• Role of the Six Sigma Expert ( GB, BB )• Project Management• Exercises and Quiz
Day 2
Dene I - Prioritize
• Process Thinking , Mapping• Flow Charts, Value-Added Flow Charts,
Deployment Flow Charts
• Spaghetti Diagrams ,Value Stream Mapping(Takt Time, Line Balancing)• Balanced Scorecard , Pareto Chart
Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Course for Aerospace Industry
13th - 17th August 2012, Singapore
Project Selection , Project Charter ,ProjectTracking - Gantt Chart• Stakeholder Analysis• Exercises and Quiz
Dene II - Voice of the Customer
• Customer Satisfaction & Kano Model• Sample Surveys , Survey Construction• Margin of Error , Afnity Diagrams• CTQC Tree Diagrams, Critical to QualityCharacteristics (CTQC’s)• Setting Specications , Quality Function
• Operational Denition , 5 S• Exercises and Quiz MROs
Day 3
Mesue i
• Variable and Attribute Data• Sampling Plan ,Measurement System Analysis• Data Collection - Check Sheet• Benchmarking ,Baseline DPMO & Sigma
• Rolled Throughput Yield• Exercises and Quiz for MROs
Mesue ii
• Trend Chart , Histograms• Measuring Process Variability• Statistical Process Control , Rational Sub-
• X and Moving Range Control Charts• Attribute Control Charts , X-bar and R Control
• Process Capability , Exercises and Quiz for
Analyze I - Potential Root Cause
• Cause and Effect Diagrams (Fishbone Charts)• Five-Why, One-How• FMEA , Scatter Plots• Regression and Correlation Analysis• Multiple Regression , Logistic Regression• Exercises and Quiz
Analyze II - Hypothesis Testing
• Introduction to Hypothesis Testing• Condence Intervals and Hypothesis Testing• Comparison of Two Treatments: Z-test, F-Test,t-test• Comparison of Multiple Treatments - ANOVA,Chi-Square for Multiple Proportions• Comparison of Variances - Chi-Square Test• Non-parametric Testing ,• Exercises and Quiz for MROs
CourSe outlIne
Analyze III - Design of Experiments
• Introduction to Design of Experiments• Single Factor Experiments , Full Factorial
• Fractional Factorial Experiments• General Factorial Experiments• Experiment Simulations• Exercises and Quiz for MROs
Day 4
• Design for Manufacturability / Serviceability / 
Repair ability (DFSS)
• Brainstorming , Continuous Flow (Little’s Law)• Quick Changeovers , Implementing Work Cells• Theory of Constraints , Pull Scheduling• Narrowing the List of Ideas , FMEA• Error-proong , Corrective Action Matrix• Piloting a Solution , System Dynamics• Exercises and Quiz for MROs
• Control Plan , SPC Revisited• FMEA Revisited , Visual Control - 5-S , CHECK
• Total Productive Maintenance• Best Practices - Integrating Success• Exercises and Quiz• Tools for Success• Leadership , Team Development• Leading Change• Exercises and Quiz for MROs
Day 5
Applications: (Customized)
• Lean Six Sigma Implementation Plan for
Aerospace Industry
• LSS Integration with existing or to be system• Process Productivity Calculations• Applying LSS In Aerospace Design ,
manufacturing , Operation & Maint Process
Example of MPD review with Maintenance
Plans & Schedules
• Use of Aircraft Mintenance Data with
• LSS into Aircraft Reliability Implementation• Misc Applications
• Understanding and Use of LSS tools
couse cosue

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