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LESSON 5-Accelerate Your Progress Towards Self-Esteem

LESSON 5-Accelerate Your Progress Towards Self-Esteem

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Published by nitin21822

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Published by: nitin21822 on May 05, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Accelerate Your Progress Towards High Self Esteem
Welcome to your fifth lesson:
Accelerate Your Progress Towards High Self Esteem.
In this lesson you will;
Learn what 'self-limiters' are and how to ditch them!;
Make sure that the path you desire has many ways to fulfillment; and
Pull everything together in one spellbinding, totally compelling journey ...
.In this lesson, you will be referring to your Workbook, Section 5.
Introducing WORKBOOK SECTION 5: Accelerate Your Progress TowardsHigh Self Esteem
Well it's lesson 5 already and over the last 21 days or so you've come a long way(OK, so some of you haven't started yet .... Go now and find a quiet space. Onceyou get going it's easy!).In this lesson we'll turn the 'can'ts' into the 'cans' ... make sure all paths lead tosuccess ... and make your future so bright, well quite frankly, "you gotta wearshades" ...And you'll also find out what you can do to continue your learning anddevelopment!Let's start with those self-limiters.
Self Limiters - How To Take The Brakes Off! (Workbook Page 47)
"I can't"
First read the introduction to self-limiters on Page 47.Now this is really, truly about choice. You and you alone have to make the choiceas to what you think you 'can' and what you think you 'can't'.As Henry Ford said;
"Whether you think you can or you think you can't, you are right" 
If you have trouble with this, then try asking yourself this question: "
What if Icould ...?
".It is true you may need to acquire some new skills (and another outcome to
design!), but there is no such thing as can't. It exists only in your head.Now here is the clever thing about this workbook. Most 'gurus' will tell you to just'think you can' and you'll be out of the mess.This course is very different because I help you go a little deeper and find out theunderlying 'because' statements. And if you are willing to do this exercise and alittle soul-searching – and even continue to ask that question of 'why?' or'because?' a few more times, you will find it incredibly liberating!OK, so now you have a few 'reasons why'. I'm sure they sound very convincing.But let's brainstorm some alternatives! On Page 49, at the bottom of the page Ihave written "
Now here is the powerful part
". What an understatement! Itmay only be a small section of the workbook, but apply yourself carefully and youcan get some real insights.When you can brainstorm answers to this incredible statement of purpose:
"I can now choose to overcome this limiting belief by ..." 
... you have found the keys to boosting your self esteem whenever you want.Throw away this course – you don't need it anymore!Oh and why the need for at least 3 (or more) actions?Your unconscious mind, once more, is a devotee of order and patterns. 3 or moreobvious action items and your unconscious mind is now convinced – it sees apattern and will work with you to achieve these things.And we can take that principle and apply it to the next exercise, to create multiplepaths to happiness ...
Create Multiple Paths To Happiness! (Workbook Page 51)
 Some people pin all their hopes and expectations on one uniquely specificoutcome. I presume they then cross their fingers!Seriously, the very happy, self-confident and successful people I (and manyothers before me) have 'modeled', seem to have the 'Midas touch'. Everythingthey touch turns to gold.And that is precisely because no matter which way they go forward, they 'win'.Because for them, it is the general nature of the outcome that is important andthe possibility of attaining 'it' by many paths.And you can do it too.
Sometimes this does mean having plans 'B and C' (and maybe 'D ... E ...'), but itdoesn't mean that B or C are any less valuable than A.
Now here is a warning for you.
If at any time, your outcomes, goals,desires include the term 'only', then you've just pinned your entire hopes on onepath.So let's get into it. Pages 51 & 52 have pretty specific instructions. Take sometime on this one to get a long list. This might be the most important part of thecourse so far. If you get stuck, go move around, go for a walk and come rightback to it.Then when you have that decent size list we'll go to work on it to give it a full-blown make-over to make it so compelling, so desirable,
you can't wait to getstarted
Compelling Desires (Workbook Page 53)
Let's not leave any stone unturned.How would you like to look forward to a 'dim future'! Hear the funeral marchaccompanying your outcomes? Have a heavy goal?Of course not! ;)But so many people leave their own coding of their outcomes in a mediocre state.They don't even bother examining the possibility that they can change their ownstate.But not you ...So, on Page 53 you'll find very specific instructions for a two-step process:
Step 1
Think of that ideal day/week now.The typical friends you would have around you.How you are adding to the world? (with your family, your relationships andfriendships, your job, your business, your community).Good.
Step 2
Now turn up the volume. Pump it up so loud that you can imagine seeing all thison the big bright screen in full
3-D Surround-A-Vision
Dolby Stereo 19.1

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