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Man Stuck in a Traffic Bollard (Past Simple)

Man Stuck in a Traffic Bollard (Past Simple)

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Published by Unidentified name
An adapted newspaper article with Past Simple (regular & irregular verbs) for pre-intermediate students of English
An adapted newspaper article with Past Simple (regular & irregular verbs) for pre-intermediate students of English

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Categories:Types, School Work
Published by: Unidentified name on Jun 24, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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(Adapted from an article in The Telegraph by Radhika Sanghani and agencies on 24 June 2013)
Police ______________ (1 HAVE) to be called to rescue a man in Hemel Hempstead town who _____________ (2 BECOME) wedged inside a traffic bollard after putting it on his head as a joke
.A man who _____________ (3 PLACE) a plastic traffic bollard over his head while joking about with his friends on Sunday had to be rescued by a policeman after he _____________ (4 BE)unable to free himself.John Waterman _________________ (5 CAPTURE) the incident on his mobile phone.Mr. Waterman, 28, ________________ (6
SAY), “It was very random, it's not what you see in the
middle of a town on a Sunday lunchtime. I _____________ (7 COME) out of Burger King and thisman had the bollard _______________ (8 STICK) on his head. I had seen him walking with thebollard on top of his head five minutes earlier, but now it was pulled right down. No one______________ (9 HELP) him because they _______________ (10 THINK) he was just messing
 The man was stuck in the bollard for more than two hours as shoppers and passers-by______________ (11 STOP) to watch the man's misfortune.One concerned onlooker eventually ______________ (12 CALL) the police and the fire brigade.Mr. W
aterman said, “He ___________________ (
13 NOT SEEM) to be getting too distressed but when they finally ______________ (14 PULL) him out of the bollard he _____________ (15 BE) veryred in the face. It ______________ (16 TAKE) a while for his friend and a policeman to get himout. It __________________ (17 NEED) a good heave and his back was badly scratchedafterwards. The police officer _____________ (18 FIND) it amusing and _________________ (19CHUCKLE) to himself, it was probably one of the most light-
hearted call outs.”
traffic bollards

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