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Table Of Contents

1.4History of Egyptology and Egyptian Archaeology
1.5Archaeological Methods
1.6Archaeological Theory
1.7Ancient Egypt and Egyptian Archaeologists in Fiction and Films
Hieroglyphs, Language, and Pharaonic Chronology23
Hieroglyphs, Language, and Pharaonic Chronology
2.1Language of the Ancient Egyptians
2.2Origins and Development of Egyptian Writing
2.3Scripts and Media of Writing
2.4Signs, Structure, and Grammar
2.5Literacy in Ancient Egypt
2.6Textual Studies
2.7Use of Texts in Egyptian Archaeology
2.8Historical Outline of Pharaonic Egypt
3.1Geography: Terms and Place Names
3.2Environmental Setting
Map 3.3Northeast Africa
3.3Environmental and Other Problems for Archaeology in Egypt
3.4The Seasons and the Agricultural System
3.5The Ancient Egyptian Diet
3.6Other Useful Animals and Plants
3.7Building Materials
3.8Other Resources: Clays, Stones, Minerals
3.9Imported Materials
4.1Paleolithic Cultures in Egypt
4.2Lower Paleolithic
4.3Middle Paleolithic
4.4Upper Paleolithic
4.5Late Paleolithic
4.7Saharan Neolithic
Map 4.2Neolithic sites in Egypt
4.8Neolithic in the Nile Valley: Faiyum A and Lower Egypt
4.9Neolithic in the Nile Valley: Middle and Upper Egypt
The Rise of Complex Society and Early Civilization
Predynastic Egypt
5.2Lower Egypt: Buto-Ma’adi Culture
Map 5.1Predynastic sites in Egypt
5.3Upper Egypt: Naqada Culture
5.4Lower Nubia: A-Group Culture
Map 5.2A-Group sites in Nubia
5.5State Formation and Unification
The Early Dynastic State
5.6Organization and Institutions of the Early Dynastic State
Map 5.4Early Dynastic sites in Egypt
5.7Early Writing and Formal Art
5.8The Expanding State
5.9Who Were the Ancient Egyptians? Physical Anthropology
The Old Kingdom and First Intermediate Period
6.1The Old Kingdom: Overview
The Early Old Kingdom
Dynasty: Djoser’s Step Pyramid at Saqqara
6.4Khufu’s Great Pyramid at Giza
6.5The Great Sphinx and Khafra’s Pyramid Complex
6.6Menkaura’s Giza Pyramid and its Remarkable Valley Temple Finds
6.7Giza Pyramid Towns
The Later Old Kingdom
6.10Later Old Kingdom Pyramids and the Pyramid Texts
6.12Egypt Abroad
The First Intermediate Period
The Middle Kingdom and Second Intermediate Period
The Middle Kingdom
7.1The Middle Kingdom: Overview
7.3Mentuhotep II’s Complex at Deir el-Bahri
7.4Model Workers and the Deir el-Bahri Tomb of Meketra
7.7Towns and Domestic Architecture: Kahun and South Abydos
7.8Nomarchs in Middle Egypt: The Beni Hasan Tombs
7.9Mining in the Sinai and a Galena Mine in the Eastern Desert
7.10Egyptian Forts in Nubia and Indigenous Peoples There
The Second Intermediate Period
7.12The Kerma Kingdom in Upper Nubia
7.13The Theban State During the Second Intermediate Period
The New Kingdom
8.1The New Kingdom: Overview
Map 8.1Major New Kingdom sites in Egypt
The Early New Kingdom
Map 8.3New Kingdom map of the region of western Thebes
8.3Amenhotep III’s Malkata Palace
8.4Tell el-Amarna and the Amarna Period
8.5The Amarna Aftermath and Tutankhamen’s Tomb
New Kingdom Temples
8.6Restoration of the Traditional Gods: Sety I’s Abydos Temple
8.7The Temples of Karnak and Luxor in the New Kingdom
8.8Ramessid Mortuary Temples
Royal and Elite Tombs
8.9Royal Tombs in the Valley of the Kings and Valley of the Queens
8.10Elite Tombs at Thebes and Saqqara
State Towns and Settlements
8.11The Workmen’s Village and Tombs at Deir el-Medina
8.12Nubian Temple Towns
Map 8.4Sites and regions in Upper and Lower Nubia during the New Kingdom
The Third Intermediate Period and Late Period
9.1The Third Intermediate Period: Overview
9.3Tanis: A New City with Royal Tombs
9.4Napata/Gebel Barkal and Sanam
9.5el-Kurru and Nuri: The Kushite Royal Tombs
Map 9.2Sites in Upper Nubia from the Third Intermediate Period onward
9.6Saqqara: The Serapeum and Animal Cults
9.8Tell el-Maskhuta and Tell el-Herr
The Greco-Roman Period
Greco-Roman Egypt
10.1The Ptolemaic Period: Overview
10.4Greco-Roman Settlements in the Faiyum
Sites Outside the Nile Valley
10.6The Western Desert: Bahariya and Dakhla Oases
10.8Qasr Ibrim
10.9Meroe: The Kushite Capital and Royal Cemeteries
The Study of Ancient Egypt
Glossary of Terms
Suggested Readings
Appendix: Additional Readings in French, German, and Italian
Chapter Summaries and Discussion Questions
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An Introduction to the Archaeology of Ancient Egypt

An Introduction to the Archaeology of Ancient Egypt

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An Introduction to the Archaeology of Ancient Egypt
An Introduction to the Archaeology of Ancient Egypt

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