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Mini Astrology Reading Model 5

Mini Astrology Reading Model 5

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Published by Veres Zoltan

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Published by: Veres Zoltan on Jun 25, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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You really are manifesting your Aries ascendant and Mars through your impatience
,notnecessarily the most harmonious way. As a Leo, with your Moon also in Leo, generosity andhumbleness are your basic lessons, and the main lesson of an Aries energy is to learn patienceand to live the present, not to chase future events or new beginnings.There is greater potential in your natal chart than you realize right now, there is a lot for you todiscover... with that much fire in your personality, Leo combined with Aries, it is certain thatyou know exactly what you want, and how to obtain everything NOW.However, Mercury in Cancer, and the South Node in Cancer bring you a certain sensitivitytoward others, which may have disturbed you in the past… usually, this kind of energycombination (a lot of Fire, and a sensitive water background) manifests a very powerfuldefense mechanism, breathing fire toward others (metaphorically speaking), and hiding all thatsensitivity and protecting it through this.Your basic lesson though regarding that South Node in Cancer and your Sun and Mercury in the4
house (the house of Cancer) is to find the balance between hypersensitivity and asuperficial approach to others. This balance is essential to find your deepest self, because yourtendency with the South Node and Mercury in Cancer and the fire in you (meaning all thoseplanets in fire signs) to either react very emotionally to others’ problems, or seeing only whatyou want and not connecting at all with others.The combination you bear in your natal chart, has the possibility to nurture and help othersthrough your inner strength and ambition, but first you have to learn the balance betweengetting what you want and helping others (and I mean a really deep emotional help, not justmentally).The other problem of fire signs is the ego and “self-respect” they care… it would not be aproblem if they put others before themselves, but if someone has Lilith in Sagittarius and in the9
house, like you do, they should watch out for a “spiritual” ego that can be built very slightly.You should be very careful regarding what you know for sure that it is true, and the right youbehold to teach others… you have a great potential in leading others toward their goals, toembrace others and rise them above they would ever think they could be…We all have to remember, that we are not meant to help others, until we can not helpourselves, we shouldn’t teach others from books, but only from experience, that you can notknow anyone else, until you don’t really and deeply know yourself…

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