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Biology CP Study Guide (Evolution & Classification)

Biology CP Study Guide (Evolution & Classification)

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Published by misterbrowner

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Published by: misterbrowner on May 05, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Biology CP Study Guide(Evolution & Classification)The Theory of Evolution & Darwin:
1 - Evolution means Change. On a Biological level, Evolution is a change in ________.2 - ___________________________________ came up with the theory of “Theinheritance of acquired characteristics.”3 – What does the inheritance of acquired characteristics mean?4 – Darwin sailed to the __________________ islands on a ship known as the ___________________. His job was to collect plants and animals.5 – Darwin wrote a book , titled “_____________________________________”.6 – His book had two main points:1.2.7 – What does Natural Selection mean? What is another name for Natural Selection?8 – List 6 different evidences for Evolution and be able to describe 3 of them.
9 – What is the definition of a population?10 – What is the definition of a species?11 – What the definition of a gene pool?12 – Be able to list the 5 parts of the Hardy-Weinberg Principle:13 – If the above conditions are met, the population is at ___________________.This means “__________________________” or “_________________________.”
Mechanisms of Evolution:
1 – What is the difference between Microevolution and Macroevolution? (Hint – time)2 – What is Genetic Drift? List the two types.3 – What is the difference between Bottleneck Effect and Founder Effect? (Give anexample of each)
4 – Natural Selection has 3 Modes of Action. List and Describe all 3 of them. (Draw agraph for each.5 – What is Speciation?6 – What is the difference between Allopatric & Sympatric Speciation?7 – What is Adaptive radiation?8 – What is the difference between Gradualism and Punctuated Equilibrium?
1 – What is the definition of Classification?2 – Classification is also known as ______________________.3 – What are the benefits of classifying organisms?4 – Who was the first taxonomist? How did he divide and subdivide organisms?

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