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WWF Tried to Silence WAS Without Success

WWF Tried to Silence WAS Without Success

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Published by Carola Ankar
#WWF #Corruption #Susi #wolf #W_A_S
#WWF #Corruption #Susi #wolf #W_A_S

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Published by: Carola Ankar on Jun 26, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 WAS have in a number of articles questioned the WWF and Tom Arnbomsstatement that the global living legend Susi is negligible and can be killed asbeing a problem wolf.Our organization have been contacted by another representative of WWF,Mats Forslund and attracted with a collaboration on the issue on alternativesolutions to avoid confrontation between reindeer and Susi.This was obviously done to silence criticism from our side and trying to preventWAS from asserting Susi right to live.Our demand in order to even participate in such cooperation was that theWWF would clearly proclaim that the killing of a perfectly healthy geneticallyimportant wolf can never be an option.They refused, and that confirms that to WWF reindeer is more important thanbiodiversity.One would think that such a large and powerful environmental organization asWWF, at least would have the most basic knowledge about our environmentand how we humans tend to it.WAS will again highlight some not entirely irrelevant facts.
It would be very easy to make the reindeerindustry profitable andindependent of the contribution money it has. There is Sami villeages thatchanges the huge scale reindeer productionen approach by adapting to a morenature-friendly production which they enclose their reindeer, especially in thecalving period and it gives instead of the current 30% rate of return of calves,an increase of up to 70% surviving calves. These alternative methods have beentried for the passed five years and it shows a very big difference compared withtoday's methods, but for some reason the reindeer industry show basically nointerest in trying something like this but instead want to continue in theiraccustomed track, spite exposing both the reindeer and predators forunnecessary suffering and unjustified hunting.We also believe that one of the most fundamental basics of all nature andenvironmental conservation is that nature takes care of the balance and if wedo not interfere, but instead live in symbiosis nature itself will repair thedamage done to it for various reasons and it can not be too many wolves orreindeer or elk as long as nature will take care of itself.And yet Tom Arnbom and WWF states that there are no viable alternatives leftbut the final solution hunting killing of the probably most genetically valuablewolf we have.In the light of what has been said above, WAS now demand that the WWForganization explains how to compare Swedish reindeer with the population onthe Indian countryside when making a comparison with man-eating tigers?We that WWF offer a public apology and continue to engage in animals wellbeing and conservation rather than rub shoulders with their hunting friends.Per DunbergWAS, Wolf Association Sweden

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