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Brian Lincoln

Brian Lincoln

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Published by Classroom 319

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Published by: Classroom 319 on May 06, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Utopian SocietyPersuasive Paper: Utopian SocietyBrian LincolnMay 5, 2009Do you want to read about being trapped behind a wall? Being trapped is part of a Utopian Society. There shouldn’t be a Utopian Society, because there wouldn’t bemuch stuff to do. There wouldn’t even be many things to see because I don’t like being behind bars. I don’t think we should become a Utopian Society .We wouldn’t have thatmuch room because we wouldn’t be able to cross the walls.- 1 -
Utopian SocietyThey wouldn’t have that much freedom. Because they are stuck behind a barricade. There wouldn’t be much to do in a Utopian society. Being locked in is whatwe all don’t like. If u go in a Utopian Society you’ll won’t be able to leave either.Utopian society can get boring from being behind a wall all the time. Another thing about a utopian society is that you do not have a lot to do in a utopia. A utopiansociety does not have a lot of food or water because they’re not allowed out to get any because there behind a wall all day long. A utopian society is not a very good place tostay at. Because some Utopian society’s have people without clothes.A Utopian Society does not got a lot of people in it. The Utopia is a place where people are behind walls. A Utopian society is not a good place you can get sick and theycan run out of medicine and you can die there.A utopian society is not a place you can have very much fun because you half totry and get out of there and then you can do what ever you want to. Utopia is a place that people try and survive but they need not to be behind a wall all day long. And they cannotgo out in public because they are nude. A Utopian society is a place where people are notaloud to do much of anything.I don’t think we should become a Utopian Society because we wouldn’t have thatmuch room because we wouldn’t be able to cross the walls. They wouldn’t have that- 2 -

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