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The Nature of God

The Nature of God

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God is Love. — / John 4 ' 8.


God is Love. — / John 4 ' 8.

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Published by: GLENN DALE PEASE on Jun 26, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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THE ATURE OF GODBY CHARLES S. MACFARLADGod is Love. — / John 4 ' 8.The supreme and sovereign concern of hu-manity is the relation of the human soul toGod. The quest for the Infinite is the chief end of man. The longing for the Eternal isthe finest aspiration and the most universalyearning of his soul. As the hart panteth forthe water-brooks, so thirsts the human heartto know the living God, in whom we live andmove and have our being.The sublimest scenes of human life are thechild at his mother's knee uttering the lisp-ing but eternal language of the human heart,and the aged saint, as the visions of the earthfade away and its voices are lost, commend-ing the fleeing soul to the eternal, livingGod. The finest sight on earth is that of God's children kneeling together, with eyesand hearts uplifted, as they together say," Our Father." For an earnest man or24 THE IFIITE AFFECTIOwoman, life without God is an unspeakable,unbearable burden.Our Puritan and Congregational ancestorsleft us a magnificent heritage of truth, and
above all things else they believed in God.That belief was no vague and shadowy thing.They believed in a sovereign God. They be-lieved in Almighty God. This is the supremearticle of any faith. Every other is but aninference from it and a corollary to it. Itdetermines the length and height and breadthof a man's moral being.The Puritans believed in Almighty God,Maker of all things. Judge of all men, beforewhom men were to acknowledge and bewailtheir manifold transgressions against hisdivine majesty, by which they had justlyprovoked the infinite wrath and indignation,to whom they repented and prayed. Havemercy upon us.This conception of the absolute, eternal,unmovable sovereignty of the Infinite, andnothing less than this, is the ultimate andfundamental of a profound religious faith.The man is not worth his weight in dust whoTHE ATURE OF GOD 25does not stand in awe of God. In all historyand biography, in every age and clime andnation, this has been the spirit that has hatediniquity, broken tyranny, induced righteous-ness, wrought liberty and made men worthmaking. And there never was an iniquityhated, nor a tyranny broken, nor a righteous-ness induced, nor a liberty wrought, nor a manworth making made without it.Does this conception deny the fatherhoodof God? o! It is essential to it. The
father who does not rule his household withhis wisdom, uphold it with his strong armand guide it with his love, is no father at all.But the super-eminent operation of theuniverse upon man is the appeal of God. Thesuperior reaction of the soul upon the universeis its response to the infinite appeal.To know that there is a sovereign God isnot enough. The relation of the human soulto the universal order is determined by theultimate nature of the Infinite.The mind of man has spent itself in loftiestachievement in its effort to apprehend thedivine nature and to think over after him the26 THE IFIITE AFFECTIOthoughts of God. In the infinite energy thatcreates and eternally sustains the universemen have found the divine omnipotence anduniversal sovereignty. In the reason at theheart of things they have discovered the in-finite, omniscient mind. But these are mereapproaches and do not satisfy the heart of man. Beyond this outer Gentile court liesthe Holy place within the temple, the uni-versal moral order in the experience of therace. Still beyond lies the Holy of holies,the place where the individual human soulfaces the eternal reality and makes its seriousquest to know the moral character and heartof God. The earliest human soul began it.Through patriarch and prophet the searchwent on. And it ever was a measuring of God by man. There was no other way or

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