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Dr Leow Secret of Anti Aging

Dr Leow Secret of Anti Aging

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Published by Dr Leow
If you need to learn more, please visit my blog at http://drgeorgeleow.blogspot.com/
If you need to learn more, please visit my blog at http://drgeorgeleow.blogspot.com/

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Published by: Dr Leow on May 06, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Anti-aging secrets
By Dr. Leow Chee Seng Fellow of British Institute Homeopathy (UK),
Certied Stress Management Professional (US)
There’s a huge difference between your biological age and feelingpsychologically young.
MAY/JUN 2009 • OH!
ince the dawn o time, mankind has searchedor a mythological ountain o youth andanti-aging secrets have been spoken o in the veryearliest myths and legends.Every culture has myths about immortal heroeswho ound some sort o rejuvenating herb, deviceor potion that allow them to stay young orever – orat least or a very long time. For example, a Chineselegend described the Qin Dynasty emperor ShihHuang Ti – who ordered his warriors to hunt orlongevity potions or him, but ailed.In this universe, no one wants to die, and no onewants to grow old. It is no wonder that ideas aboutanti-aging secrets are so widespread all over theworld. Sorting out the real anti-aging secrets romall the myths, however, can be quite a task.For all we know, the secrets to anti-aging couldbe well guarded so that they would not all intothe wrong hands. Who knows i somewhere, in anisolated village up in the mountains, a whole tribeo people have learned how to live or hundreds, oreven thousands o years?I they knew how to do that, would they share theanti-aging secret with the rest o us? Or wouldthey keep their precious anti-aging treatment tothemselves?I have visited several places in Mediterranean; Iobserved that the lie expectancy o the peoplethere is higher than other countries. A qualitativeresearch conducted on their liestyle and eatinghabits ound that people who eat Mediterraneandiets tend to live longer and healthier lives.It is not because they are necessarily wiser orsmarter, but because they live in an area wherecertain oods grow, and have developed a specicliestyle that contributes to longevity. Olive oil,grapes, a diet high in vegetables and sh, and manyother aspects o the Mediterranean diet contributeto good health and long lie.When I was conducting a public seminar, aparticipant asked me how we could identiy i aperson has undergone degenerative process orgetting old. The traditional designation or old ageis 65 years old. Even a judge retires at the age o 65. (Constitutional Law, Article 125). In act, manypeople are vigorous and active at 65.Some researchers reer to aging rom the perspectiveo biological age. Biological age reers to changes inthe body that commonly occur as people age. Forexample, vision and hearing abilities reduce as weage. Nowadays, we can observe that people arebiologically old at 40. Turning to psychological age, I would describe itas how a person would eel and at his emotionalstage. For example, a 75-year-old who works andparticipates in dierent activities is considered tobe psychologically young.
Diet factors
As we age, hormonal levels diminish and ourskin, muscles and bones begin to deteriorate. Agood anti-aging diet should stimulate hormoneproduction and promote strength and exibility.
Natural anti-oxidant sources
 The US Food and Drug Administration hasidentied 20 types o ood with high anti-oxidantlevels.1. Red beans2. Wild blueberries3. Red kidney beans4. Pinto beans5. Cultivated blueberries6. Cranberries7. Artichokes8. Blackberries9. Prunes10. Raspberries11. Strawberries12. Red Delicious apples13. Granny Smith apples14. Pecans15. Sweet cherries16. Black plums17. Russet potatoes18. Black beans19. Plums20. Gala apples
MAY/JUN 2009 • OH!
Many o the studies and research done lately aboutanti-aging and anti-disease nutrition have ocusedon the nutrients known as anti-oxidants. Anti-oxidants help to reverse the oxidation process orslow down the oxidation process in the cells.Beore urther discussion on anti-oxidants, it is agood idea to understand the concept o aging.Aging starts when a person is born. An inantdevelops and matures into an adult; the agingprocess eventually leads to a decline in unctionthat ultimately leads to death. There are several actors which lead to celldegeneration – including chemicals, radiation,environment, drugs and toxins, emotional stagesand stress. The cells die because they can onlydivide or a limited number o times. When a cellstops dividing, the cells enlarge and die. Hence, theaging process starts. The oxidation process also contributes to aging.Oxygen is released by plants during photosynthesisand we need them or survival. However, oxygenproduces by-products that are harmul to ourhealth.Clinical research to overcome the eect o theoxidation process in cells include methods to slowdown the oxidation process or eliminate its eects– Dr Musalmah Mazlan, a lecturer rom medicalaculty, UKM and Associate Pro Maznah Ismailrom medical aculty, UPM are actively involvedin such research. Their ndings are that there is apossible impact o anti-oxidants on aging.But, when you walk into a pharmacy – where you canbuy dierent brands o supplement – how eectivethat supplement with anti-oxidants is on our bodiesis debatable. Some o us have misunderstood theimportance o balanced diet. Supplements cannever be used to substitute balanced diet.Besides, beware that we can “over-supplement”our bodies by taking more than the recommendeddaily dosage o certain vitamins and minerals. Forexample, excessive vitamins A and E (types o at-soluble vitamins) stored in liver and atty tissues canlead to toxicity and diseases.So, I strongly believe in natural therapy wherenutrients are obtained rom natural ood. Inpractice, we should eat a lot o ruits and vegetablesin order to obtain high level o anti-oxidants. Thus,in nutrition therapy session, I always encourage myclients to take diet rich in ruits, veggies and wholegrains.We all agree that eating the right thing issometimes difcult. But when the bleak prospecto pain and suering beckons with the possibilityo getting even cancer, arthritis or arteriosclerosis,a bowl o salad and an orange seems like a verytasty choice.According to Dr Charles Silverman, a naturaltherapist, we should take at least two types o oodwith high anti-oxidants to maintain our health andreduce the aging process.
MAY/JUN 2009 • OH!

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