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The Surveillance State

The Surveillance State

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Published by Timothy

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Published by: Timothy on Jun 26, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The Surveillance State
Even in the 21st century, there has been mass surveillance in America. Today, I have a lot of energy. Ifeel energized. I have a lot of agility and I have increased by physical endurance as well. My strength isbetter than in three years. Over many years, working out has done wonders for me. Now, we live in a newera of time. 2020 is near. We are near 2014 and many anniversaries that pertain to human history arecoming up. Regardless, we know the truth.
We know that all men are created equal. We know thatany human beings, regardless of their background or physical appearance, ought to be treatedwith profound dignity and respect.
Treating your neighbor as yourselves
is one of the mostaccurate, oldest moral dogmas in the span of human history. We know the great value of culture andlegitimate music, which can inspire souls (by intrepidly increasing intellectual curiosity, generatingcreativity, and executing even social change at given circumstances) and make a way where it seems tobe not a way. When the soul comes around and alive, the soul will grow like the sprouting of a tree. Wenot only deal with old school issues that deal with social or economic parameters of life. We are alsodealing with bioethical and technological issues. We are discussing more about the NSA, because newsabout the NSA has occurred for many years (and it comes in the midst of the Edward Snowdencontroversy). It is new era. There are new rulings from the Supreme Court (some good and some bad),new laws, and new social trends in society. 10 years have passed since the beginning of the Iraq War.Nearly 30 years have passed since I was born on the Earth. 50 years have passed since the March onWashington rally for
jobs, freedom, and justice
. 150 years have passed since the EmancipationProclamation and the Battle of Gettysburg. What is the same is the truth. The truth remains constantirrespective of generations growing. I will never worship cloth or Western imperialism.
I pledgeallegiance to my ancestors, my blood, and the Creator.
 Not everything in the world is rosy or peaches and cream though. Unemployment is still huge after manyyears. There is a growing economic inequality (especially since the 2007 global financial crisis. Some
Republicans and even some Democrats want cuts to healthcare, education, and welfare) and hugemistreatment in Western society. One example is how Rachel Jeantel was disrespected by ignorant folksfrom celebrities to so—called legal workers. As human beings, we have to defend a woman or any humanbeing that is unjustly being mistreated. Those folks (the slanderers of Rachel) are hypocrites and are inno position to talk about Rachel. I heard of the antics from Don West and her daughter. They aredisgraceful and sad to say the least. Rachel did what she had to do and she doesn't deserve thattreatment at all. Rachel Jeantel is a strong, beautiful woman. Rachel Jeantel is a multilingual humanbeing, so the Sister Rachel Jeantel ought to be treated with respect and encouraged to fulfill her lifedestiny in the best profoundly, glorious fashion possible. This is a young woman and she is just gettingstarted with her life. There is another lesson to be learned from this as well.
The same ones thattreated human beings unfairly in a fragrantly inappropriate way will have things comearound back to them. It is like what goes around comes around. That is why in reallife; I see the ones who experienced unjust bullying live a more productive life thansome of the biggest bullies around. The Universe works that way all of the time.
Thegood news is that real human beings will come to advance the real Good News and righteousness.
Understanding, balance, cooperation, compassion, trust, liberation, spiritualunderstanding, sympathy, altruism, revelation, love, and real tolerance areconcepts that will persist in the Universe. For love is superior to hate. Truth is along lasting foundation that can’t be broken or destroyed at all. It is in thesewords and pristine concepts that we can all build up a land where social justiceand true equality can blossom like a rose out of concrete. So, yes, I will wear thecape. Not only will wear I wear the cape. I will wear the scepter, the shield, thesword of truth, and the crown as any warrior should do as means to advancejustice in society.
It is easy to see that the Western Empire is being exposed for harboring imperialism and other nefariousevils in the world. We have witnessed NATO puppets and other agents of Empire harming the world foralmost six decades.
The UK, Germany, and even France have been in league with the agendas ofWestern imperialists.
Washington sends money to these various nations as a means to advance thewar on terror. The rich are getting richer. In a world in which every member of the Forbes Four Hundred isa billionaire plus or multi-billionaire, $35,000,000 just doesn’t cut it. In 2006 the manager of one hedgefund was paid $1,700,000,000 for one year’s thieving. Another 25 were paid $575,000,000 for their skillsin front-running trades. $35 million is probably the annual budget for their household servants. Evendecades ago, Charles DeGaulle refused to join NATO. Recent news are coming that Washington spieseven in Germany and the EU. Some authorities in Germany, France, and other EU governments areupset at the news. These nations being subservient to Washington have not protected them and theircitizens from being spied upon at all. Many of these European nations have sent their troops andarmaments into Afghanistan as a means to be militarily involved against the Taliban (and Washington isbeing found to spy on the personal lives of the citizens of Europe). The Merkel government feelsembarrassed about the news. Some reports said that a spokesman for the German Federal Prosecutorsaid that the office is preparing to bring charges against the UK and US intelligence services. TheSnowden affair is still occurring. There could be the extradition of NSA and UK spy operatives who haveviolated the law and the trust among nation-states. The German Justice Minister, Sabine Leutheusser-Schnarrenburger, demanded an “immediate explanation” why Washington was applying to Germanypolicies “reminiscent of the actions against enemies during the Cold War.” France wants no cooperationwith America on any issue unless Washington gives them full assurances that Washington will stopspying on France. The president of the European Parliament, Martin Schulz, and the EU Commissionerfor Justice, Viviane Reding, demand Washington’s answer to Snowden’s revelations that Washington hasbetrayed its own allies. The reality is that the European leaders know that the Western empire have lied inthe Tonkin Gulf incident, the Iraqi weapons of mass destruction, about Iranian nukes, about Assad's saringas attack, and many of the FBI evils in the world. We know about not only the threats fromneoconservative war mongers like William Kristol. We have neoliberal agents as well from the Secretaryof State John Kerry to the National Security Advisor Susan Rice. It has been the European elites that
have worked in the military industrial complex as well. Even after the Soviet Union collapsed in 1991,NATO still exists 22 years later. NATO has grown in Eastern Europe. Now, we see some in NATOwanting Georgia a new member of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization. If that would happen, thenGeorgia would be a treaty protectorate of Washington and its NATO puppets. China is surrounded withWestern military exercise and new naval, air, and troop bases. These bases are in the Pacific and SouthChina Sea. It is bigger than the President, because the system of oppression came about long before thePresident was elected. We have the responsibility also (not just the state) to fight for justice viaconstructive means. The truth remains. Justice may be a long journey, but justice will occur at the end ofthe day.
The reactionaries or the most extreme members of the right will never forget or forgive the decadeof the 1960's. The reason was that despite its imperfections, the 1960's did cause legitimaterevolutionary fervor and action in the world. A lot of the values of egalitarianism, mass movements,mass mobilizations, mass protests, and active resistance against oppression were some of thestrengths of that time period. The 1960's was one decade that dealt with long term social changes.It caused human beings to questioned old attitudes and old social mores. Back then, there were insome cases more overt forms of discrimination and oppression. Human beings wanted to dosomething about it from anti-war demonstrators, civil rights activists, and human rights promotersin general. Malcolm X back in 1964 addressed students in Oxford. He talked about anyone of anycolor should stand up against the miserable system of discrimination and injustice. He wantedhumanity, black humans especially, to have self-determination and constructive strength as ameans to advance human rights in an imperfect world. He wanted black human beings to fight fortheir own liberation not only in the States, but globally. Students wanted educational freedoms andeven some revolts against the excesses of Stalinism in Czechoslovakia. Others fought for realliberations, but the system was not defeated. We are still in the 21st century fighting to end thesystem and replace it with a much fairer system in the globe. There were struggles for the rights of labor, for the rights of women, and the rights of human in other diverse backgrounds. The hatred of multiculturalism is also at the heart of many reactionaries. In other words, they can't stand it whendiverse ethnicities can live in harmony with each other. These are some of the ones that loveimperialism and isolationism. There will be cultural differences in the world, but that doesn't meanthat we should be at each other's throats.Now, the establishment funded a counterrevolution as a mean to control progress in the world. TheTea Party is not only the only fruit of this counterrevolution. It is the DNC, liberal establishmenttypes that love an end to welfare, NAFTA, the growth of the prison industrial complex, and otherneoliberal policies. There is still a concerted effort by some in the Democratic and Republicanparties to try to make us join them. The political establishment have been ripping pensions, healthcare, wages, and cutting off city assets for years. The counterrevolution is about the establishmentnot only trying to destroy the New Deal once and for all, but the human rights and democratic gainsthat we won from the 1960's. Today, some of these extremists want to end or severely harm SocialSecurity as we know it. We have to reject the white supremacist's world. We have a responsibilityas well. We have to fight this evil system. Even if you suffer troubles, it is better to fight than to donothing. We have to stand up like men and like women for our rights and declare war on the evil of white supremacy. We have to stand up against these racist enemies (without obsessing with moneyand distractions). We are up against the same enemy and we must never stop.
Now, it isimportant to note that liberalism has no monopoly on idealism. Idealism is a

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