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Flying High Newsletter July/August 2013 - Unity by The Shore, New Jersey

Flying High Newsletter July/August 2013 - Unity by The Shore, New Jersey

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Published by Unity by The Shore
Unity By The Shore - Flying High Newsletter
Unity By The Shore - Flying High Newsletter

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Published by: Unity by The Shore on Jun 26, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 A Spiritual Community
Volume 36 Number 2July/August 2013
Prosperity …. Plus
by Orsini Sanchez
or the past 3 months about 30 of us here at Unity by the Shorehae been explorin an experimentin with principles thatalin us with that infinite abunance in a course calle Pros-perity Plus put toether by Mary Morrissey.Let’s efine prosperity. I feel dennis Merritt Jones, in his bookTheArtofUncertaintyput it well when he wrote: “Abunance isthe ift alreay ien; we on’t hae to earn it. Prosperity is theemonstration that we hae accepte the ift.”So what is the PLUS in Prosperity Plus? The “Plus” is the per-son you become throuh the application of the prosperity princi-ples. Is this prosperity journey all about money an ettin stuff?Or is it about hain reat health, hain reat relationships or li-in a life with iine purpose?We learne that prosperity has to o with all of the aboe, witheerythin in our lies. That there is no separation, that it is allenery from the same source—go.What is MONEY oo for? I loe Mary Morrissey’s answerto that question. She states: “Money is only oo for you to becomfortable enouh an creatie enouh to ie your ifts antalents.”Here are the four basic principles:1. T
. Tithin of your Time, Talents an Treas-ure. Makin a practice of tithin 1/10th of all your treasure to yoursource of spiritual nourishment with loe an etachment, createsa flow in your life. giin of your time an talent creates moretime in your life, clarifies your own life’s purpose an plus youinto the flow of connection with others. Unerstan that withoutreceiin, there can be no iin. Remember when you receie,you are allowin the other to ie. giin an receiin is likebreathin, breathin in is as important as breathin out.2. g
n. get Clear on What You Want.go meets you where you are an is always askin you what youwant. Contemplate, isit an hae tea with your ision aily be-cause our thouhts are creatie. Then “put on your ision” like apiece of clothin an LIvE your ision.3. F
. Forie. Forie. Forie yourself. Forieall others. Forie the worl.Here are two statements you can say to yourself before ointo be each niht:-
 I forgive myself completely for every mistake I have ever made.
 I forgive all others, knowing that we all did the best we could at the time.
To forie is to release, to unblock an enlare your future.I now beliee forieness een has the power to chane the past.It also opens the oor to ratitue an abunance.4. F
.Know that when you walk out on those thin branches of the treean reach out, gOd is there, always the win beneath your wins.But here is the eal, you must take the first step, you must comefrom your ision an step out into the unknown. go cannot bethe win beneath your wins if you on’t attempt to fly.
hank you ear Conreants of Unity by the Shore! You maemy trip to Unity’s Worlwie People’s Conention an experi-ence I will always remember an cherish! Yes, the Cruise waswonerful, as were the classes I attene, but the most heart-felt “les-son” was “learne” with my isit to two schools in Jamaica to elieryour ifts of school supplies!These chilren are poor but abunant in Loe! They hue usan continue to the whole time we were there! They san. An, theyneer stoppe smilin. Thouh eoi of the basics of life, they ra-iate pure “joy!”I am so rateful to our former Conreant, Kelly Tomblin, whomet us at the ship, introuce us to the two Unity ministers in Jamaicaan mae the experience so excitin! She took the ay off to take usall aroun the islan where she is the CEO of Jamaica Public Sericewhich has 1600 employees an one of the larest companies in Ja-maica! Her company has a Founation for the chilren, for sheknows, as we o, that the chilren are the future of this planet Earth!We miss her, but we know that she answere a “Call”to raise the con-sciousness of Jamaica—a seemin formiable “mission.” An weknow her “ision” is alreay a reality. I felt the loe an enthusiasmof her employees who pray eery mornin, an after work step outan perform Sacre Serice with Kelly! She is a “missionary,”anwe remember her in our prayers! Keep on keepin on, Kelly!As Jesus tol us, unless we became as little chilren we will notenter the Kinom of Heaen. Thank you chilren of Jamaica for re-minin us that we, too, are loe, joy an peace! We are all ONE!My ear Unity by the Shore Conreants—how awesome you all are.I am so blesse to be here with you on our Spiritual Journey!Re. Joanne
“Loe One Another as I Hae Loe You.” (John 15:12)
dear Friens,“I loe you back” were the wors Presient Obama tol the hunres of aorin crows who came tosee him as he ae them hope an plee to support the rebuilin efforts to restore the Jersey Shore after“Sany.” Politics has no real power—loe is the only power an it preaile throuhout that ay!“Loe One Another…. I beliee that Commanment to be the true “Call” to come up hiher; to bethe Loe, Joy, an Peace which is our true Essence. This “Call” is not only mae to us liin on the New Jer-sey Shore, but to eery person on this Planet. It is go wantin to express throuh us – callin us to raise ourconsciousness, to know that we are One with all that Is – go, the goo, Omnipotent!May we, as a Spiritual Community, be that Liht an Loe for one another, an loe all Mankin, aswe are loe by the Spirit of go within us!I Loe You, Too!Re.Joanne
As an independent spiritual community, Unity by the Shore is supported solely by the tithes and offerings of its members and friends. God is our Source, and YOU are the loving “channels” through whom God works. Thank you for your ongoing support of this ministry’s vision! 
Unity By The Shore is a vibrant community supporting spiritual growth through awareness of God’s presence within and the teachings of Christ Jesus.” 
March 2013
Unity Worldwide Ministries$ 644.00Eastern Region$ 322.00SEE Fund$ 128.00Discresionary Fund$ 194.00
April 2013
Unity Worldwide Ministries$ 814.50Eastern Region$ 407.25SEE Fund$ 162.90Wounded Warrior Project$ 244.35
The Building Development Fund balance as of January 31, 2013 is $13,292.09.
Ne Class
By Emily CayJuly 25 - Auust 29, 2013Thursays, 1:00 - 3:00 pmTauht by Re. JoanneThis is a clear, concise representation of New Thouhtphilosophy an meical Christianity. The spiritual con-cepts presente in these twele lessons show us how to in-crease our personal empowerment an enhance ourspiritual rowth. Cay encouraes us to fin our truth as itis written in our own hearts an then apply that truth ineery area of our lies.If you want to come "up hiher" in your SpiritualJourney, you will experience it in this class!
SILENT UNITY HEALINg PRAYER SERvICE- Wenes-ays, 12-1 p.m. This is a special time of prayer an silent me-itation participate in by thousans aroun the worl, usin theSilent Unity Prayer Serice. If you are intereste in chaninyour consciousness rapily an racefully, please try to attenor take time apart at your home or office an join in this ynamicthouht process with the multitues aroun the lobe.
A COURSE IN MIRACLES- Thursays, 11-12:30 p.m. Leby Pamela Whitman.
HEALINg PRAYER CIRCLE- Secon Sunay of themonth, 12:30-1:30 p.m. Please check the church scheule forany chanes.
gOLdSMITH ANd OTHER MYSTICS- Thursays, 7-9p.m. Le by Charles Boyer. The roup will be reain an is-cussin ManWasNotBornToCry,by Joel golsmith.
Tuesays, 6:30-8:30. Class is close.A 10-week vieo Course to Unleash Your Abunance. Le byOrsini Sanchez.
Matt DentonEnjoys the CreativeLife at Unity
By Flo Higgins
att denton is a man withmany talents, an he hap-pily shares them with Unity by the Shore. As an ac-complishe rummer he performs reularly at Sunay serices.He also seres as a photorapher for the church.Matt rew up in Toronto, Canaa, where he bean takinphotos an playin rums as a 12 year-ol school boy. Oertime, photoraphy became his passion, leain to his becomina prize winnin photorapher. Recently he was one of 1,600 en-trants from aroun the worl, in a photoraphy contest spon-sore by Costco. Matt was thrille to be the winner of the firstprize of $2,500.00! An all of us at Unity are ery prou of him!In 2003 Matt moe from NYC to Re Bank. He was inter-este in meitatin, an he ecie to fin some meitatinfriens in the Re Bank area. He foun Rosemary Conte atBarnes & Noble where she was leain a meitation roup. He joine her roup, an one ay she mentione Unity by the Shore.Matt ecie to see what the serices were like, an he likewhat he saw. Rosemary heae the church music proram, anhe joine the church choir an became their rummer. He be-came a core member of the church music proram, alon withRosemary, Rich Therkelsen an Jeanne O'Neill. The proramhas rown into a near professional type roup uner the irectionof Laura duBois, who took oer for Rosemary.In escribin his loe of Unity, Matt is quick to say, "Unityis not like the stanar church I rew up attenin. It is afrienly, loin place an certainly attracts a reat number of creatie people. Throuh his inolement at the church Matt methis wife, Anela Minierni denton, the current Presient of theBoar. Matt especially enjoys many classes offere at thechurch, an he is in hih praise of the opportunities to stuy aariety of spiritual subjects in one place. He has just completethe church prosperity class le by Orsini Sanchez. "I hae ex-perience a chane in my attitue towars my prosperity sincetakin the class. It was a reat experience," he sai. He also re-flecte on his experience at Unity villae. "That is a place eery-one shoul isit. It is a frienly, open-mine enironment. Aspiritual aenture." Matt has been to the villae seeral times.Matt eelope a photo essay book which was sent to menan women serin in Afhanistan, reminin them they are notforotten, an they hae much to look forwar to when they re-turn home. Matt note that it was "well receie." He also has aseries of photos on-line which illustrate his ability to use pho-toraphy to tell a spiritual story.

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