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Excerpt Table Gulen Movement

Excerpt Table Gulen Movement

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Published by Sharon Higgins
Eight-page table of excerpts pertaining to the Gulen Movement, plus links.
Eight-page table of excerpts pertaining to the Gulen Movement, plus links.

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Published by: Sharon Higgins on Jun 26, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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7: “Turkey: Is ShowdownBrewing Between ErdoğanGovernment and Gülen Movement?”
 The Gülen movement is known mostly for operating a vast network of Islamic
schools around the world, and it also has considerable media holdings. Gülen’sfollowers inside Turkey were widely seen as a critical force in aiding Erdoğan and
his moderate Islamist Justice and Development Party in bringing the militaryfirmly under civilian control and in weakening the firm barrier between mosqueand state.2013-6-
6: “Who is Fethullah Gulen,
Turkey's Powerful Cleric in Self-
Exile?” International Business
 When the moderate Islamist AKP took power in 2002, the Gulen movement provided indispensable support for Erdogan with its extensive influence in themedia, police and judicial system... Earlier this week, a US woman anonymouslytold Wired she wastargeted in a cyber-attack   because of her outspoken criticism of the Gulen movement...2013-3-
12: “Fethullah GulenMovement.” American Foreign
Policy Council report,
 ... Critics accuse its vast network of charter schools of illegally funneling millionsof American taxpayer dollars to Turkish businesses. Critics inside Turkey accuseit of infiltrating the Turkish government and military...The charter school experiment has resulted in the United States being the onlycountry in the world where the Gülen Movement has been able to establish
schools fully funded by the host country’s taxpayers.
19: “Proposed Bangor 
charter school linked to Turkishimam.
” Portland Press Herald (ME),
 They claim that these charter schools are independent and have no connection tothe Gulen movement, and I said to them: 'That's baloney,' " said William Martin,senior fellow in religion and public policy at Baker Institute of Rice University inTexas, where Gulen followers have set up dozens of charter schools.Martin has followed the movement for years, traveled to Turkey at their expense,and counts its leaders there as friends. "I say to them: 'Look, there's nothing wrongwith your saying that you are admirers and followers of Mr. Gulen, and to say thisis what he stands for and this is what you stand for,' but they say that their lawyershave said they shouldn't be open about it."...The real motivation of the Gulen movement -- charter schools and all -- is toaccumulate political and financial resources to further the transformation of Turkey itself, according to Joshua Hendrick, assistant professor of sociology andglobal studies at Loyola University in Maryland and perhaps the leading U.S.scholar of Gulen. He noted the ongoing ascent of a center-right in that country,which is "pro-capitalist, democratic, socially conservative and believes a revivalof faith is good for national development.""It's unfortunate that we have this rise of Islamophobia because it takes people'seyes off the ball for a legitimate critique that has to do with teachers' concernsabout suspect hiring practices or school boards' concerns about suspect financialdealings and governance issues," Hendrick said...Hendrick said Gulen's network has developed "a culture of strategic ambiguity"wherein it avoids answering direct questions about how its component parts relateto one another...Hendrick said the movement first got involved in education by opening privateschools abroad and has gotten into trouble by applying the same hiring and
contracting policies it used in its private operations to charter schools, wheretaxpayer funding brings increased public scrutiny. For instance, the practice of recruiting teachers from Turkey has drawn fire because the average H1-B visacosts between $600 and $1,500 to sponsor, a difficult expense to justify totaxpayers."Over the past several years, if you look at a list of the top 10 school systems inthe country in terms of applying for foreign worker visas, the majority are Gulenschools," he said. "If you do the math, this is a significant portion of their operating budget."...2013-1-
23: “The Rise of Radical and
 Nonofficial Islamic Groups in
Russia’s Volga Region.” Center for 
Strategic & International Studies,
 The Islamic revival in the Volga region has also prompted reflections on the
region’s Turkic cultural legacy and identity, as well as on the interaction between
the ethnic components of this Turkic legacy and Islam globally. Since the early1990s the Volga region has witnessed the penetration of religious groups of Turkish origin, the first and largest of which was the Nurcu movement...The most powerful of these offshoots is the neo-Nurcu
Gülen’s Followers) movement led by Fethullah Gülen...
 Though the linkages between the Fethullahcilar and the Turkish state arecomplicated and cannot be identified with official approaches, Ankara considersthe activity of this neo-Nurcu movement useful for the promotion of Turkishnational interests. The movement therefore benefits from the support of theTurkish embassies...2012-10-
24: “Who is FethullahGulen?” City Journal, 
 Gülen is a powerful business figure in Turkey and
to put it mildly
acontroversial one. He is also an increasingly influential businessman globally.There are somewhere between 3 million and 6 million Gülen followers
or, to
use the term they prefer, people who are ‘inspired’ b
y him.
[Per CIA World Factbook:
Turkey’s population is 80,694,485 (July 2013 est.)]
19: “In Albania, MadrasasEven the Secular Love.” Transitions
 Gulen institutions do not publicize their Gulen affiliation anywhere they operate.2012-8-
8: “Altruistic Society or 
Sect? The Shadowy World of the
Islamic Gulen Movement.” Der 
 Spiegel (DE),
 People who have broken ties to Gülen and are familiar with the inner workings of this community... characterize the movement as an ultraconservative secretsociety, a sect not unlike the Church of Scientology. And they describe a worldthat has nothing to do with the pleasant images from the cultural Olympics.These critics say that the religious community (known as the "cemaat" in Turkish)educates its future leaders throughout the world in so-called "houses of light," amixture of a shared student residence and a Koran school. They describe Gülen astheir guru, an ideologue who tolerates no dissent, and who is only interested in power and influence, not understanding and tolerance. They say that he dreams of a new age in which Islam will dominate the West.2012-5-13: "U.S. charter schools tiedto powerful Turkish imam." CBS 60Lesley Stahl: So I guess one of the big questions is what kind of an Islamic leader is Gulen?
 Andrew Finkel: He leads by his own charismatic personality.Lesley Stahl: Would you call it a personality cult?Andrew Finkel: Yes...Lesley Stahl: You know we have confronted real fear about this movement, particularly when we've tried to get critics to give us an interview. What are theyafraid of?Andrew Finkel: There's a fear of reprisal...2012-4-
24: “Turkey Feels Sway of Reclusive Cleric in the U.S.” The
 New York Times,
But the [Gulen movement’s] stealthy expansion of power — 
as well as its tacticsand lack of transparency
is now drawing accusations that Mr. Gulen’s
supporters are using
their influence in Turkey’s courts and police and intelligence
services to engage in witch hunts against opponents with the aim of creating amore conservative Islamic Turkey...We are troubled by the secretive nature of the Gulen movement, all the smoke and
mirrors,” said a senior American official, who requested anonymity to avoid breaching diplomatic protocol. “It is clear they want influence and power. We are
concerned there is a hidden agenda to challenge secular Turkey and guide thecountry in a more Islamic direction.2012-4-
19: “Allegations raised over 
 N. Phila. charter school run by
followers of Turkish imam.”
Philadelphia Inquirer,
  Not only are the FBI and the Departments of Labor and Education looking intoallegations of kickbacks by Turkish teachers at the charters nationwide, accordingto knowledgeable sources, but at least nine American teachers and administratorsat Truebright have filed complaints with the U.S. Equal Employment OpportunityCommission. All allege that they were being paid less than noncertified Turkishstaffers. Now the Philadelphia School District's charter office has recommended to theSchool Reform Commission that it not renew Truebright's five-year operatingcharter on several grounds, including academic performance, lack of certifiedstaff, and high turnover of administrators...2012-3-27: "Largest charter network in U.S.: Schools tied to Turkey." TheWashington Post,
The largest charter school network in the United States is operated by people inand associated with the Gulen Movement (GM), a secretive and controversialTurkish religious sect. With 135 schools enrolling more than 45,000 students, thisnetwork is substantially larger than KIPP, the well-known charter managementorganization with only 109 schools... The first Gulen charter school was opened in
1999. U.S. officials have known about the movement’s involvement in charter 
schools since at least 2006 when our Istanbul consulate noticed that a largenumber of Turkish men, suspected to be GM-affiliated, were seeking visas towork at charter schools.2012-3-12: "Letter from Turkey: TheDeep State." The New Yorker,
Gülen is considered one of [Turkish Prime Minister] Erdoğan’s most powerfulallies but is reviled and feared by much of Turkey’s population.
26: “Tensions between
Turkey's ruling AKP and Gulenics
fester.” The National (UAE),
  Not everyone in Turkey accepts the view that the Gulen movement is all abouttolerance and education.2011-12-
15: “Turkey hearing castsspotlight on Gulen.” The Daily Star 
The movement has grown into an international fraternity of schools, businessassociations, media outlets
, and NGOs. “They are powerful in Turkey and

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