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Tenets of the Ahrimanic Faith

Tenets of the Ahrimanic Faith

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Published by Angra Mainyu
This is our tenets of our faith.
This is our tenets of our faith.

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Published by: Angra Mainyu on Jun 26, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Tenants of the Ahrimanic Faith
 Ahrimani 13 Steps of Faith
Respect all life because it can be converted to an advantageousopportunity if you understand its nature. You must first understand
 your own nature before you can understand another’s.
Those who are without should be enveloped into your veil as cast by the nature of the Serpent.
Just as Father Ahriman is represented by the Serpent and the Lion,one should be able to fluidly adjust between the two in any situation.
Remember Father Ahriman in all things because within His hands arethe keys to the universe and the rod of undiluted wisdom.
 As in Hell, we should amass power, strength, and pleasure. Neverallow yourself to become drunk with any.
 While we are upon this Earth, never forget that our actions andreputation speaks louder than any words. Ask, what can be destroyedto create something better.
Father Ahriman expects us to gain knowledge and to forever pressforward forging ourselves. We are never expected to go beyond ournature, just press our limits.
 When facing an enemy, be fluid with the dictates of the Serpent andthe Lion. Know which is most advantageous, the assassin or the warrior. Both are highly trained and equally effective in the rightsituation.
Fill those who are without, with false sense of pride and security.Then when you call upon Chaos for Order, they will follow.
Just as Father Ahriman remains in the darkness of the Earth, so shall we retreat to the darkness to attain His wisdom and conduct Hisrituals. For Melek Taus lights the way!
Never trust any man’s dictates or words because every man has his
own agenda. Ask yourself if your agenda fits theirs.
Man has made great advances in his understanding of the physicaluniverse, but only Father Ahriman knows the spiritual universe.
 Always know that you are a part of Father Ahriman’s Great Spiritual
Plan. Whether or not, if he is testing you with fire or hardening you with ice.
The Serpent and The Lion
Father Ahriman is represented by both the serpent and the lion.Traditionally Father Ahriman is depicted as a humanoid figure that has thehead of lion roaring and bearing large sharp teeth. He has a serpent wrapped around him 7 times and in his right hand are the keys of theuniverse and in his left hand is the rod of undiluted wisdom. This is the rod
that most people see as Jehovah’s rod. Obvio
usly, there is an inversion of 
the pantheon of “good” and “evil.” Just as the Catholic Church demonized
all the Pagan gods, so did Zoroaster demonized the Persian and Hindugods. The ancient symbol of Father Ahriman does reflect that there was aninversion of His actual presence. Only till Christians came along did thesymbol of the serpent and the symbol of the lion became symbols of evil orof the Devil.Both the serpent and the lion share many symbolic qualities. Theseinclude wisdom, protection, and lethality. The serpent has solitary wisdom
that’s learned from experience on its belly. The serpent lives in caves and
holes, thus teaching patients, timing, and observation. The lion has wisdom of managing a pride and organizing group hunts and activities.Keep in mind, the lion is a nocturnal hunter.It should be obvious that the lion protects his territory and pride that
he oversees. It’s up to the lion to protect the pride from other lions or

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