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Citizens First CHARTER 2013

Citizens First CHARTER 2013

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Published by Michael Hudson
Here is the 2013 Citizens First for Blacksburg with proposed amendments
Here is the 2013 Citizens First for Blacksburg with proposed amendments

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Published by: Michael Hudson on Jun 26, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Article I: Name
Section 1. 1. The name of the corporation shall be “Citizens First for Blacksburg”, hereafter CF.
Article II: Mission, Process, Goals, and Functions
Section II. I. Mission
Citizens Firstfor Blacksburg (CF) is a formally chartered Political Action Committee constituted by a broad base of Blacksburg area residents who seek to work together for the best future for Blacksburg and the region. CF is not affiliated with any political party.The Citizens First mission is to enable Blacksburg area citizens to work together, with publicofficials, and with other civic groups and stakeholders to better research, understand, and shapethe quality of life in our community–livability, sustainability, and equity – for themselves and their children.Section II. 2. Foundational PremiseThe foundational premise underlying the CF mission is that democratic processes work best with anactive electorate that is aware of community needs, uses information, respects divergent views, seeksconsensus, resolves conflicts, and supports principled public policy.Section II. 3. Goals1.
Encourage active citizen participation2.
Ensure transparency in government3.
Protect Blacksburg’s unique character and natural areas for future generations4.
Enhance quality of life in Blacksburg5.
Promote responsible growth6.
Endorse and support candidates for public office7.
Make Blacksburg the kind of town in which our children will want to raise their childrenSection II. 4. Functions1.
To clarify issues pertinent to the governance of the Blacksburg area2.
To advocate courses of action that will produce outcomes consistent with CF’s goals.3.
To endorse the best qualified candidates for Town Council, commission, and boards4.
To maintain good working relationships with town leaders, creating a two-way exchange of ideasand advocacy of courses of action5.
To facilitate citizen information and involvement through provision of accessible electronicmedia, the printed word, public discussion, and other means
To publish research findings, position papers, platforms, analyses of alternatives, and viewpointsto aid public information, dialogue, and advocacy
Article III. Organizational Structure
CF structure shall provide for both (1) the organizational responsibility and accountability required of any chartered organization and (2) the grassroots spontaneity and energy essential to a citizen advocacyorganization. Structure shall consist of Membership, Executive Committee, Advisory Committee, and Standing and Issue Committees.
Article IV. Membership
Section IV. 1 Qualifications. All residents of the Blacksburg region who commit to the CF mission are eligible for membership. CFwill seek a Membership composition representative of the full spectrum of community interests,including economic, social, cultural, and political. The Executive Committee will set voluntary annualdues to cover operational expenses.Section IV. 2 Application. Applications for membership may be made through our Web site or by contacting an officer of theorganization.Section IV.3. Duties.1.
Elect the Executive Committee2.
Receive regular reports of CF activities and advocacy positions3.
Advise the Executive and Advisory Committees4.
Volunteer for service on CF standing committees and issue teams5.
Initiate and organize issue committees, subject to Executive Committee approval.6.
May stand for election to the Executive Committee after a year of active CF serviceSection IV. 4. Membership Definitionfor 2006 The Membershipas defined for 2006shall consist of the approximately 1,500 personsopleon the CF mailing membershiplist, also known as the mailing list.In the announcement for the annual meeting of  2006, Members will be given the opportunity to opt in or opt out of future membership. Those opting inwill constitute the future membership, to which additions can be made.TheseAnypersonsin the greater   New River Valley area should whogenerally agree to and support the mission and goals of CFcan request and be granted membership. Membership is “at will” and members can request to be removed from membership.Section IV. 5. Membership List. 
3After the annual meeting of 2006, tThree people designated by the Executive Committee will have accessto the membership list. This list will never be shared with other organizations and care will be taken toensure that technical expertise is engaged in using it so that recipients will not be compromised Section IV. 6. The Membership Meeting .An annual GeneralMembershipMmeeting shall be held preferablyin Februaryby March and not later  than the end of Marchto elect the Executive Committee, amend the bylaws as necessary, build community spirit, and other business.Section IV. 7. Called Meetings. Special meetings for the General Membership may be called by the President, or any three ExecutiveCommittee members, or any 10 representatives of the General Membership. Notice of the time and placemust be given in writing, including email, at least five days prior to the meeting.
Article V. The Executive Committee
Section V. 1. Selection and Terms of Office.a. Members shall be elected by the General Membership and servestaggered terms of one tothree years, determined by the Executive Committee.Members elected in 2006, however,constitute an exception, with the staggered terms beginning at the end of the second year.Theterm “officer” in this document refers only to the Executive Committee. b.Officers may be re-elected for no more than a total of six consecutive years.cb. If an officer or member of the Executive or the Advisory Committee does not performadequately the duties of office, the President may recommend removal to the ExecutiveCommittee..Any three members of the Executive Committee may initiate the same removal procedure for the President. Removal actions require a42/53thrd s majority vote of the Executive Committee. c. Any vacancy on the Executive Committee can be filled with a 2/3rds majority vote of theExecutive Committee. The new officer will serve out the remainder of the term for their position.A position is not considered vacant if the General Membership did not vote to fill the office. Section V. 2. Composition of The Executive Committee Section V. 2. a. PresidentThe President shall preside at all meetings of the Executive and Advisory Committees, shall beex-officio on all committees, except any Nominating Committee, and shall perform such other duties as normally pertain to the office of President.Section V.2. b.FirstVice President
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