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Lynne Graham - Prisoner of Passion

Lynne Graham - Prisoner of Passion



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Published by crazyperson

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Published by: crazyperson on May 06, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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PRISONER OF PASSIONLynne GRAHAMBella Jennings has a pitiful 21st birthday party. She has caught her boyfriendtwo-timing her. She doesn't have enough money to buy herself a decent present andbefore her day ended, she has smashed her old car onto an expensive car modelowned by Rico da Silva. Rico da Silva is furious with the woman who drove recklessin a one-way street. His Bugatti has been smashed and he knows he can't getanything from the woman except sexual favors by the looks of...CHAPTER ONEHEADS turned when Bella walked down the street. Her rippling mane of Titiancurls, her incredibly long legs and her outrageous hotchpotch of colourfulclothes caught the eye. But it was her prowling, graceful stride and thelight of vibrant energy in her face which made the attention linger. Bellaalways looked as if she knew exactly where she was going.She lifted the public phone off the hook and punched in the number."Griff?""B ella, I'm so sorry.." something's come up," he groaned. " I have to goback into the office. ""But--' Her clear eyes froze as she heard a woman giggling somewhere in thebackground. Griff went on talking, although there was a similar catch ofamusement in his voice. Apologising, he assured her that he would be intouch.
Generated by ABC Amber LIT Converter, http://www.processtext.com/abclit.htmlFive minutes later Bella was back in the wine bar with her friends."Where have you been?" Liz hissed, under cover of the animated conversation."Calling Griff...""You mean he's not on his way yet?"Bella gave a careless shrug."He's let you down, hasn't he?" her friend said bluntly. Bella didn't trustherself to speak. And the very last thing she needed right now was a lectureon the subject of Griff Atherton, who was everything Gramps had ever told herto look out for in a man but who was inexplicably as unreliable as they came,in spite of his good education, steady job and stable family background."You really know how to pick them," Liz lamented."Why do you always latch on to the creeps?""He's not a creep.""It's your birthday. Where is he?"
Generated by ABC Amber LIT Converter, http://www.processtext.com/abclit.htmlBella shed her battered cerise suede fringed jacket and crossed her legsbelow the feathered hem of her minuscule new chiffon skirt, covertlyattempting to stretch it to a more reasonable length. Liz had bought theskirt for her birthday. It was far too short but she had to be seen to wearit at least this once."So what was Griff the Glib's excuse this time?""Wow, look at those wheels!" Bella exclaimed hurriedly, keen for a change ofsubject. She craned her neck to gaze out at the gleaming silver sports cardrawing up outside the five-star hotel on the other side of the street."That's a Bugatti Supersport.""A what?" Obediently distracted, Liz peered without a lot of interest andthen gasped."Look who's getting out of it! Now that is what I call--' " Fabulousengineering. " Bella was eyeing the sleek lines of the powerful car, not thedriver with his smouldering, dark good looks.Bella preferred blonds."I haven't heard Rico da Silva described in quite those terms before.""Who?"

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