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Subscription Agreement

Subscription Agreement

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Published by pamelaarraras

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Published by: pamelaarraras on May 06, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Phone: 1-888-5454-346 - Fax: 1-888-5454-347 - E-mail: orders@educationaltranslations.comMailing address: 14525 SW Millikan Way #31930 Beaverton, OR 97005-2343
SUBSCRIPTION AGREEMENTfor Educational Translations Services
This Subscription Agreement contains the terms and conditions that apply to a subscriber of the translation plansmade available through and as a part of the website located at www.EducationalTranslations.com.
Description of ServiceEducational Translations
offers subscription plans for schools and ESOL departments that require English-Spanish translation ser-vices. A subscription consists in the purchase of one or more of the following plans:50,000 words plan (approx. 125 pages) 40,000 words plan( approx. 100 pages) 30,000 words plan (approx. 75 pages)20,000 words plan (approx. 50 pages) 10,000 words plan (approx. 25 pages) 5,000 words plan (approx. 12,5 pages)Each plan is non-transferable and valid for a calendar year from the date of purchase. Each plan allows one school or department torequest translations through
Educational Translations’
online platform at www.EducationalTranslations.com, or by fax at 1-888-5454-347. Requests of up to 1,000 words will be translated and delivered within one business day. Larger translations will be deliv-ered with the utmost expediency, with a time limit of one business day for every 1,000 words submitted for translation; i.e. a 3,000words translation should be delivered to the person who requested it no later than three business days from submission of originalmaterials.Translations are delivered by e-mail or fax directly to the person who requested them. All digital translations are delivered as .pdf files unless otherwise requested.
Educational Translations
is not responsible for changes made to delivered translations
regardlessof the format (pdf, doc, txt, etc.) and/or way of delivery (mail, email, fax, etc.).
An access code will be provided for each plan, which will be the main proof of identity required in order to request a translation. TheSubscriber will be free to distribute that access code among his/her staff.
Educational Translations
is not responsible for transla-tions requested by unauthorized persons using valid access codes and only Subscriber will be responsible for maintaining the confi-dentiality of said access codes.
Educational Translations
will notify the subscriber when a plan is about to expire or when 80% or more of the words have beenused in order to allow the Subscriber to purchase a new plan if desired. Subscribers will have the option to set up recurring pay-ments for all or some of the plans purchased.The amount of words used in a plan will be counted using the source text submitted for translation using Microsoft Word’s
Word Count 
feature.Subscriber is responsible for providing
Educational Translations
with a contact person for each plan who can be reached if neces-sary.
Educational Translations
will provide free of charge phone/online support and advice regarding translations .
Educational Translations
acknowledges that all submissions made by Subscriber’s personnel are to be treated as confidential Infor-mation and agrees that it will not disclose, transfer, or use it for any purpose other than translation of said materials.Subscriber can terminate his/her subscription at any time if 
Educational Translations
does not fulfill the terms of this agreement aspresently stated. In that case, subscriber will receive a refund of unused words for each plan terminated.
I have read and agree to the terms and conditions of this agreement. Please Initial:________
SUBSCRIPTION AGREEMENTfor Educational Translations Services
Subscriber information:Subscription consists of:Payment will be made through:
Electronic deposit to bank account. Name of person to be contacted in order to process this order: _______________________________________________________________________ 
Credit/Procurement Card. E-mail address where we can send the hyperlink in order to pay online: ________________________________________________________________________________.Recurring payments option:When a plan is about to expire or run out of words, Educational Translations should (circle chosen option):A. Contact subscriber B. Notify subscriber, renew plan automatically and send invoice.
This Subscription Agreement is between ____________________________________________, as a Subscriber(“Subscriber”), and Pamela Viviana Arrarás, D.B.A. Educational Translations (“Educational Translations”), in-dependent contractor, tax ID number 98-06217722.
Quantity Plan Annual fee(per plan cost)Amount
50,000 words $2,75040,000 words $2,40030,000 words $2,10020,000 words $1,60010,000 words $9005,000 words $475SubtotalDiscountTOTAL
Phone: 1-888-5454-346 - Fax: 1-888-5454-347 - E-mail orders@educationaltranslations.comMailing address: 14525 SW Millikan Way #31930 Beaverton, OR 97005-2343
Name of person responsible for this purchase:County/School/Office name:Address:Telephone number:Purchase order number (if any)Date submitting this order:

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