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DNA Monthly (Vol. 1, No. 3)

DNA Monthly (Vol. 1, No. 3)



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Enjoy the August, 2005, issue of DNA MONTHLY, your FREE online resource for cutting-edge news about who you truly are. Featuring Sol Luckman and Ian Randall.
Enjoy the August, 2005, issue of DNA MONTHLY, your FREE online resource for cutting-edge news about who you truly are. Featuring Sol Luckman and Ian Randall.

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Published by: Phoenix Center for Regenetics on May 07, 2009
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your FREE online resource for cutting-edge news about who you truly are
August 2005
A Shift in human consciousness is occurring even as you read thesewords that employs celestial triggers such as supernovas and Earth's alignment withGalactic Center in the years leading up to 2012 to trigger the evolution of our species.Perhaps this is why, consciously or otherwise, this publication has piqued your interest.Today this Shift is visible every time you open a newspaper or turn on the TV. It can be seenin the breakdown of old structures such as those of governments, churches andcorporations, as well as in families and individuals. The Shift is also evident in the ecologicalbreakdown of many Earth systems, a generalized perception that time is accelerating,drastic changes in weather patterns, more people feeling unsatisfied by modern life, andincreased polarization in regions, religions, and groups.Fortunately, along with signs of breakdown, there is also overwhelming evidence of breakthrough: the appearance in unprecedented numbers of stunningly gifted children, theemergence of innovative and integrated healing modalities, people becoming less religiouslyand more spiritually inclined, and the dawning of new communities and other socialstructures based on servant leadership and similar partnership principles.The significance of the winter solstice on December 21, 2012, according to Aztec, Hopi,Incan and Mayan traditions, is that this date marks the close of several cycles of time. Thefirst is the end of the 26,000-year Mayan calendar, also called the
 Annus Magnus
("GreatYear"), considered by many a gestational or birth cycle for our planet. Interestingly, thenumber 26,000 is very close to Plato's "ideal" number of 25,920.Mayan timekeepers believe that human evolution unfolds as a result of such precise cyclesof time. They ask us to understand that Earth and humanity are about to be birthed into anew reality based on unity predicated on a dramatic advance in consciousness. And of course, this involves the evolution of human DNA.
"The Biology of Enlightenment," by Sol Luckman
"Goal Setting: The Facts behind the Fiction," by Ian S. N. Randall
"The Universe Is Obsolete: A Gallery of Multiverse Theories" (Part Two of Two), by IonaMiller & Richard Alan Miller 
DNA Monthly August 2005http://potentiation.net/DNAmonthly/August05.html1 of 165/6/09 1:40 PM
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 DNA-related Definition of the Month
Did You Know?
1. The Biology of EnlightenmentSol Luckman
he evolution from human to divine consciousness involves healing duality and its legacy of karma and disease at the cellular and atomic levels. There is no illness that cannot behealed simply through the proper use of intention. Many of the thousands of documentedso-called miracle healings powerfully demonstrate the impact of consciousness on physicalas well as emotional, mental and spiritual wellbeing. Mind-body medicine, which isstatistically valid enough to be taught in today's medical schools, offers additional proof of our ability to heal ourselves. Molecular biologist Bruce Lipton's research further indicatesthat people can modify their DNA and overcome life-threatening illnesses simply bychanging their consciousness.Deepak Chopra has remarked that "the similarity between a thought and a photon is verydeep." A photon is a particle or quantum of light or other electromagnetic radiation. Dr.Chopra is implying a connection between thought and light. In many shamanic traditions,
thought (intention) is considered a form or function of higher-dimensional light 
. Mind is "theilluminating energy which 'Lights the way' of an idea or form to be transmitted and received,"wrote Alice Bailey. "Upon a beam of light can the energy of the mind materialize." Followingthis line of reasoning, we can imagine ourselves not only as "frozen light" (to quote Dr.Richard Gerber) but also as "frozen thought."This way of looking at the human body as a congealed thought, which may at first strike thereader as strange, is in the final analysis deeply empowering. Quantum physicists haverepeatedly demonstrated that a scientist always affects the outcome of an experiment simplyby observing it, a realization now universally accepted in the scientific community as theHeisenberg Uncertainty Principle. Even more amazing is the paradigm-altering discoverythat gives rise to the particle-wave duality: the probability that the physicist actually createsthe quantum particles that he or she observes, since in unobserved states these particlesappear to exist only as waves.A fundamental and revolutionary truth emerges from this information:
. As human beings imbued with free will, we can use the power of our consciousnessto re-create our reality: including but not limited to a body, mind and spirit free of disease.
DNA Monthly August 2005http://potentiation.net/DNAmonthly/August05.html2 of 165/6/09 1:40 PM
I stress "re-create" because, clearly, we already inhabit one creation. The world as we knowit is based on the principle of duality. Another way of stating this is that a dualized or dividedconsciousness, one that already saw itself as separate from other consciousnesses,including unity or God consciousness, gave birth to the universe as humans oftenexperience it: a battleground between good and evil, light and dark, right and wrong, "us"and "them."But duality is not merely a philosophy; it is a physical state of being as well. The very atomsthat make up our cells are based on positive and negative charges whose oppositionsustains a certain life-form. Lipton has coined the phrase the "biology of consciousness" tosummarize the transformational idea that living organisms, including humans, rather thanbeing empirical givens, are actually malleable
. In other words, adopting aquantum perspective, we are basically waves that only cohere as particles through an act of consciousness. By changing our consciousness, we change our physical form andfunctioning.Healing means to make whole. Healing leads to unification and implies atonement, which inthis context really should be read as "at-one-ment." In a world where thought creates andbiology is a product of consciousness, not the other way around, the mind has the power toforge a new biology, one no longer based on duality but on principles of unity and harmony.In
Return of the Bird Tribes
, where a central theme is the reunion of the human body with thesoul in the pivotal years we are currently experiencing, Ken Carey neatly summarizes howwe must proceed, individually as well as collectively: "In the order of healing, it is humanconsciousness that first must change." Our challenge, which is also a tremendousopportunity, is to open up to a literally life-changing way of thinking ourselves into existence.Enlightenment is about raising consciousness and letting the light of the soul in to the pointthat we
it. True enlightenment follows a path of conscious personal mastery thatresults in transformation and, by definition, involves the creation of a stable
. Thelightbody or soul body is a "trinitized" (balanced and harmonious) physical vehicle that hasresolved duality, karma and disease at the cellular and atomic levels.We can conceptualize the current evolutionary Shift in our species' DNA as a change in"operating systems" from a binary to a "trinary" code based on the ener-genetics of thethree-fold tetrahedron shape. We might even go so far as to say that humans are evolvingout of biology into "triology." In this light it is most interesting that some in the alternativescience community have alluded to suppressed research on a third DNA strand reportedlyactivating in many humans.An illuminating way of visualizing how metamorphosis into a light-based physiology actuallyoccurs is to look at a quantum particle known as positronium. Positronium is composed of anelectron, which has a negative charge, and a positron, which has a positive charge.Positronium is a perfect example of duality. It also provides a wonderful illustration of howthe lightbody is created. Since electrons and positrons are antiparticle opposites, aftecombining to form positronium, they immediately cancel out each other and decay into twoparticles or quanta of light (photons). A third stable and unified element, that is neither 
DNA Monthly August 2005http://potentiation.net/DNAmonthly/August05.html3 of 165/6/09 1:40 PM

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