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Tambuli (Official Newsletter of Union of Journalists of the Philippines - UP Diliman) AY13-14 Issue 1

Tambuli (Official Newsletter of Union of Journalists of the Philippines - UP Diliman) AY13-14 Issue 1

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Published by Ujp-up Diliman
Unang Semestre, T.A. 2013-14. Isyu Blg. 1. Hunyo 27, 2013
Unang Semestre, T.A. 2013-14. Isyu Blg. 1. Hunyo 27, 2013

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Published by: Ujp-up Diliman on Jun 27, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The report of the Fact FindingCommittee for the case of KristelTejada cited “poor coping skills”and “cumulative stress” as trig-gers of the suicide by the UP Ma-nila freshman last March.
UP President Alredo Pascualpresented the report to the UPBoard o Regents (BOR) in itsmeeting last Thursday.Although a copy o the ull re-port is still not on the hands oBOR members, newly-appointedStudent Regent Krista Melga- jero said the apparent tone is“victim-blaming.”“Nakaka-disappoint kasi dini-discredit ‘yung katotohanan nungepekto ng repressive policies byblaming Kristel’s poor copingskills and suicidal tendencies,”Melgarejo said.Since news about the incidentbroke out, there have been eortsto change the tuition policies andthe Socialized Tuition and Finan-cial Assistance Program (STFAP).However, no concrete changeshave been made to date.“Tuition rates remain high andthe repressive policies like UPDiliman’s ineligibility system have
1961 University CodeArticle 330
No person who has not dulymatriculated may be admit-ted to classes. In exceptionalcases, the University Registrarmay, on the recommendationo the Dean or Director con-cerned, authorize the admis-sion o a visitor to a class ornot more than fve sessions. 
Article 430
Students who are indebted tothe student loan board, theirsureties and parents or guard-ians, shall be notifed thatsuch indebtedness must bepaid in one ull month beorethe fnal semestral examina-tions begin. 
Article 431
I a student ails to settle hisaccount at the time hereinprovided, the aculty membersshould either bar the delin-quent student rom taking theexam or, i they allow him totake the exam, to withold hisgrades - that is, instead.
Coping skills caused UPM suicide - report
Student body divided on STFAP anew
Three months ater thesuicide o a UP Manilareshman allegedlydue to tuition woes,campaigns on reorm-ing and scrapping theSocialized Tuition andFinancial AssistanceProgram (STFAP) haveonce again boomedwith the opening o theschool year.The Alyansa ng Mag-aaral para sa Panli-punang Katuwiran atKaunlaran (ALYANSA)pushes or 13 reormsin the implementa-tion o the said tui-tion ee scheme. Thisincludes the determi-nation o a student’sbracket according toamily consumptioninstead o income andallowing installationor late payments.UP President AlredoPascual had previ-ously proposed thosetwo reorms ollowingKristel Tejada’s suicide,but they were not ap-proved by the Board oRegents, the highestpolicy-making body othe university.The ALYANSA-proposed reormsalso include the pro-hibition o deaultbracket assignments.“ALYANSA believesthat those who can payshould pay, and thosewho cannot should besubsidized,” said ALY-ANSA’s Vice-Chairper-son or MembershipAlea Carpio.But or the StudentAlliance or the Ad-vancement o Demo-cratic Rights in UP(STAND UP), reorm-ing the STFAP wouldbring no change to thecurrent system. Thegroup instead cam-not been repealed or suspended,”she added.President Pascual said he al-ready passed a memorandumthat allows students to apply or100% tuition loan.He also ordered reviews o Arti-cles 330, 430, and 431 o the UPSystem Code, including the STFAP.There is no reason to suspendall the policies because they allhave existed even beore the inci-dent, he stated.Expressing its disappoint-ment, the Justice For Kristel (JFK)movement cited the policy state-ment o the UP Board o Regentswhich reads: “No qualifed UPstudent shall be denied accessto education due tofnancial incapacity.”“It ollows that the anti-studentprovisions o the UP Code mustbe revoked and replaced par-ticularly Articles 330, 430, and431,” JFK said in a statementreleased online.The movement continues tocall or the revoking o the currentcontents o the articles. It has alsoproposed amendments or a airand accessible education.
Unang Semestre, T.A. 2013-2014Isyu Blg. 1Hunyo 27, 2013
A candle-lighting ceremony was held in ront o the AS stepsWednesday to commemorate the seventh year o KarenEmpeño and Sherlyn Cadapan’s disappearance. Te two UPstudents were taken by the military in 2006.Photo by Maye Cristobal
To the New Alagad ng Media
As student o mass communication, in thiscelebrated University o the Philippines, youare now an Alagad ng Media. It is a title al-most the same as being called an Iskolar ngBayan - more than privilege and prestige, itsignies responsibilities.

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