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Public Speaking

Public Speaking

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Published by Baliboola N Ivan
Public speaking
Public speaking

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Published by: Baliboola N Ivan on Jun 27, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Effective Public speaking skills
 To have a good speech is not rocket science but you will need some skills tospeak at public functions. Public speaking is like communicating to astranger who is expected to benefit from your speech. Avoid situationswhere people know or guess what you are about to present in your speech.It’s better to start by choosing a person to introduce you if you cannot do ityourself. This strategy presents you as a credible speaker with authority. TheAppearance is also important for instance the dress code and hygiene. Timemanagement is also crucial. It’s better to lay out your points making themprecise. Desist from using bombastic words. At least take four secondsbefore you start speaking.It gives you confidence and will get the attentionyour audience.Identify your audience and craft the message in consideration with theireducation, culture religion, and interests. Otherwise you can incite violence,be misunderstood, hurt your audience’s feelings .The form of salutation orgreeting must contain elements of respect and dignity. Failure to followprotocol is disastrous. Great your audience in a manner that appeals to allpeoples in their respective capacities.Where need be, follow it with apologies if any. Appreciation andacknowledgement can come in the concluding remarks. Usage of proverbs,quotations, sayings, idioms together with other expressions act as spices tothe language thus commendable. However, they should be used in their rightforms and meaning. Nasty, provocative and obscene expressions irritateshould be avoided.
It’s always a good idea to do a mock speech as you rehearsalfor the final one. Go check out the venue .You could practice before a group of friends.Denounce strong criticism and abuses on grounds of religion and political ideologiesin public. There is a common behavior of people speaking especially while otherslisten. Fear mixed with shivering as if one is attached to naked electricity wireshould be dealt with. Look at the audience, if shy; maintain eye contact at the backor corner. Do not pause for long during an applause or laughter.
Ivan N. Baliboola
 The author has worked with some of the most well-known and influential EastAfrican brands, conducting marketing, Public relations, strategies, crisismanagement, and social media. He is a proud Award winner of the prestigiousPublic Relations Association of Uganda excellence Awards. He has volunteered his

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