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The Source of Power

The Source of Power

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Published by: GLENN DALE PEASE on Jun 27, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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The Source of Power
Stripped of all technicalities, enthusiasm,mysticism and hair-splitting, the doctrineof the Holy Spirit is that Jesus has prom-ised that the Father will give to those of uswho obey him in love "another Comforter,"who shall abide with us, and be to us forall time what Jesus himself was to his dis-ciples during his earthly ministry. In aword, if we obey him in love we shall haveno occasion to envy the disciples who sawhim in the flesh, for the Holy Spirit will beto us a present Christ and he will abidewith us forever.The Source of Power 97Let us see if we can realize what thismeans. Here are a hundred and twentyfollowers of Jesus — plain, obscure men andwomen praying and waiting. Well maythey wait, for there is no one in the entireband who has the power to take the firststep in the great work which the Masterhas planned for them. And well may theypray, for if the power they need does notcome from heaven there is no hope that itwill come from anywhere else. There is noman in authority who is going to throw theweight of his influence in their behalf;there is no powerful organization comingto their help; there is no hope that theywill have the aid of the influence that comes
from wealth or social position. They areset apart for a great work; they are to bethe instruments of supernatural power; butnow they are powerless. They are but deadwires.Suddenly the Holy Spirit enters their98 The Life Worth Whilehearts. It is like the rushing of an electriccurrent into a wire that has been preparedto furnish light and power. Before thecurrent is turned on the wire is dead; thenext moment the electric fluid bursts intodazzling light and sets every wheel going.But a little while ago they forsook theirMaster in his hour of trial. A little whileago Peter found himself too weak to endurethe scorn of a servant girl. A little whileago they were not bold enough to whisperthe name of the Master outside of the upperroom. They did not have the courage;they did not have the knowledge ; they didnot have the magnetism ; they did not haveanything which they peculiarly needed fortheir work. ow the men who fled fromGethsemane to escape arrest go forth andarrest the attention of the great multitudethat would have crucified them with theirleader. ow even Peter, who had deniedhis Master and backed up his denial byThe Source of Power 99oaths, stands forth as strong as a giant, and
dares to charge the men of Jerusalem withslaying his Lord.What does all this mean. Simply thatthe Holy Spirit, the promise of the Father,is our light and our power; that withouthim, whatever may be our equipment, weare but dead wires ; that with him we mayhave all the light and the power we need.Yesterday we went forth to the day's tasks,praying that we might walk as Christ ourexample would have us walk. There camea time when we did not know which way toturn ; we needed light. There came a timewhen we grew weak in the face of duty;another moment, and we stumbled fromsheer weakness of soul. All the day longwe denied our Master; not in so manywords like Peter, and yet we denied him,for all the day long our actions said thatwe di<J not know Jesus. Last night we weptbitterly on our pillows and wondered if toLOFC.100 The Life Worth Whilelive means to fail in everything we try todo. What was the matter? We were butdead wires. What will give us courage forto-day? What will give us light that wemay not stumble in the way? To whomshall we go but to him who has promisedthe Holy Spirit, the Spirit of Truth, whowill guide us into all truth?

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