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Doubt's Sure Remedy

Doubt's Sure Remedy

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Published by glennpease

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Published by: glennpease on Jun 27, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Doubt's Sure Remedy
The incident of Peter's walking on thewater suggests one of the most commoncauses of doubt. Peter looked upon Jesus.As he looked, his heart swelled with desire,and his faith grew higher than the highestbillow. "I will come to you on the water,Master, if you will only speak the word,"lie said; and Jesus bade him. With hiseyes still upon his Master, he stepped light-ly out upon the waves. With his eyes uponhis Master, his faith was as outstretchedTvings, and he scarcely touched the face of the water. But suddenly something — a162 The Ue Worth WhOegreat billow, perhaps — drew his eyes fromJesus, and instantly he was overwhelmedby the fear of ature. He had been trying-to go contrary to ature — all-powerful a-ture! And with that thought he sank. Amoment before he was the servant of theCreator ; now he was the slave of the crea-ture. He had forgotten that there stoodone before him who was greater than a-ture. Oh! this idolatrous thought of ourhearts — ^tfiat ature is the God of the uni-verse! That nothing can be true that isnot natural ! It is because we trust atureso much that we trust God so little.
You look into the fact of God every day ;you live much in your closet; you pray asnaturally as you breathe; you listen con-stantly to his voice; you dwell so close tohim that you feel the very breath of hislove fan your cheek, and your faith neverwavers. But something diverts your atten-tion from the Divine face for a moment.Doubt's Sure^ Remedy 163You become absorbed in the things of a-ture, the study of ature — the study omen, and waves, and tides, and bread, andclothes, and stocks, and bonds, and rail-roads, and fevers, and politics — and by-and-by the face of God becomes so unreal, sodim, in the distance, that you say, "I don'tknow about God. I know ature."After all, the great cure for doubt is avision of the face of God.You have a dear friend in a distant com-munity, whom you have not seen for years.In the days when you walked together youtrusted him perfectly. Lately you had somecorrespondence about a matter of business,which resulted in a misunderstanding, andyou began to doubt the friend whom youhad once trusted as you had trusted yourown heart. You wrote him sharply, andhe replied, trying to explain ; but you couldnot understand. You could not under-stand because you had begun to doubt him.

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