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July 2013 Newsletter

July 2013 Newsletter

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Published by StJohnPineMeadow
July 2013 Newsletter
July 2013 Newsletter

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Published by: StJohnPineMeadow on Jun 27, 2013
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July 2013The Rev. Salin Low, Rector 
St. John’s mission is to nurture all people in their spiritual growth, in their Christian education, and in their relationship with God.
 of St. John’s in Pine Meadow of St. John’s in Pine Meadow 
I admit that the training of my childhood isvery hard to overcome. For me the plural of “you”will always and forever be “you all.” It’s the onlything that makes sense to me.However, the writers of the Book of CommonPrayer were evidently not from the AmericanSouth, so they think “you” is either singular or  plural. Our understanding of the meaning of thatword must be determined by its context.In the blessing pronounced at the end of theEucharist, I as priest speak of the peace of God as being among you. Unless members of the congre-gation are suffering from some sort of mental dis-order, that is obviously a plural use of “you.”So why is it a blessing for God’s peace to find a place among us rather than simply with us?God’s peace certainly isn’t meant to be a buff-er between us that keeps us from having to dealwith one another. And the word “among” indi-cates that God’s peace isn’t something that eachof us should hold onto individually or privately.God’s peace is offered to strengthen our ties toone another, to bring us together to work in com-munity. In a sense we can only know and appreci-ate that peace when we are coming together todiscern what God is calling us as a community to be and striving jointly to achieve the mission God has given us.The things we do at St. John’s as a communi-ty: serving at the Open Door, offering the Alzhei-mer’s series, fundraising events, and even our reg-ular worship, are places God has promised to bewith us and to offer us the peace of knowing weare using the gifts he has given us to accomplishhis purposes with and for his people.We all get into routines which can limit howwe interact with other members of the parish. Wego to one weekly service most or all of the time.We sit in the same area of the church. We may or may not go to coffee hour to visit.Then come July and August when the church’sschedule changes. There is an inclination to say,“I go to the 8 (or 10) o’clock service and will re-turn when that service returns. The 9 o’clock ser-vice doesn’t work for me.” I can be the same wayon many occasions.But one blessing of the combined Sunday ser-vice in the summer is that it reminds us that God’s peace is meant to be among all of us at St. John’s.It is offered as a way of strengthening our rela-tionships and ministry with all members of the parish. It is good to see the faces and maybe evenchat with folks that we don’t see as much whenthere are two Sunday services. And there is agreater peace with realizing that God’s work is being done by more people than we see mostweeks of the year. It is being done by you all.Blessings and Peace,P.S. There is also the service on Wednesdays at7:30 p.m. It was begun as a way for those away onweekends in the summer to continue to be amongus even when Sunday worship didn't work.
The peace of God be among you!
Operating Income $ 9,857Operating Expenses $ 13,765
Operating Income $ 58,382Operating Expenses $ 76,494During the summer, when you may be away for several Sun-days, those of you who do online banking could arrange for  pledge payments to be sent to the church.
Sue Bremer 
, Treasurer Let the office know about happenings in your ownlife and in the lives of other parishioners, especiallyhospitalizations, so the rector can contact those inneed of comfort.
High School Graduates
 Emily Atwood  Zachary Phillips Reid Gargiulo
College Graduates
 Elizabeth Snyder  Henry Ross Marrit Budny
 Jonathan Messenger 
(Son of Sanna & Merlin Messenger)
 Lois Norton
(Former Parishioner)
 Randi T. Krohner 
(Mother of Ken Krohner)
 Nancy Zimbalist  Herb Sheffield 
(Brother of Charlotte Dufour)
 Evelyn Josephine Chicoski(
Daughter of Jessica & Edward Chicoski)
Shopping Cards
An Easy Way to Help
Now Available for Immediate Purchase
$100 Stop & Shop Cards
When you buy shopping/gift cards through St.John’s, you are making a contribution that does notcost you financially. It may take a little planning. Or-ders are taken the 1st and 3rd Sundays, and cards aredelivered on the 2nd and 4th Sundays. Order formsare available in the narthex and parish hall and can be placed in the lockbox at any time.
Prayer Requests—
Requests are handled confiden-tially through the office or by speaking to the Rec-tor. You may fill out a prayer request form or contactthe office. If you would like to be a part of the prayer circle, please speak to the Rector.
Church Office Hours
 — Office hours are 8:30 a.m. – 1:30 p.m., Monday through Thursday.
Next Ingathering—July 7th
The June offering was
We collect all month,so feel free to bring in at any time and bless it onthe first Sunday of the month. The total for the year to date is
$381.63. Bring coins anytime. We willkeep them safe.
(Broadly Defined)
Special thanks to
Ron & Joan Caine, TamiMillard, Tom Chappell, Bruce Wearne
Rick &Jill Smith
for cleaning the church.Special thanks to
Jill & Rick Smith
for washingthe outside of the church.Special thanks to
Mac Wilson
for taking care of the lawn maintenance and for helping with AustinMarek’s Eagle Scout project.Many thanks to
Linda Snyder
and the
churchschool teachers and assistants
who helped withAwards Sunday. Thanks also to
who pro-vided food and helped with the picnic.Thanks to
Norma Pappalardo, and all thevolunteers
on making our garden look so beautiful.Special thanks to all who contributed to a won-derful 10th anniversary party for 
 Thanks to
who helps with the missionand ministry of St. John’s.
Open Door Soup Kitchen
- At least five volunteersare needed for the 3rd Saturday of every month to participate by cooking, serving, answering phones,and/or stocking canned foods, etc. There are sign-upsheets posted downstairs through October 2013.Please sign up as often as you are able!
Knitting & Crafts Group—
We are expanding our knitting group to include small crafts as well. We
meet after the 10 am service on the first Sunday of the month. Denise is able to show the basic knittingstitch that is needed to make a simple scarf or prayer shawl. If anyone has a craft they would like to share, bring it in and join us. Diane Hayes has offered toteach her skill of crochet beading. Come join us!!
Hurricane Sandy Relief Effort—
Denise is plan-ning to go on a short mission trip to Staten Island, New York, on Saturday, August 24th to serve attheir Food Pantry. If anyone is interested in serving, please email her at dadessa@comcast.net. Further details to follow.We take dinner to an HIV/AIDS residence in Hart-ford on the 4th Saturday of every month. If youwould like to learn more about participating in thisimportant outreach ministry, please contact theRector at salin@reddoors.com.Special thanks to
Salin Low and Pam Tooke
for helping with the June meal.
Stan Moraski
will becoordinating the meal for July. If anyone would like to help out, please contact the office.
Thanks to those who help.Next Meal on July 27
 July Worship Assistance
July 7
Acolytes—Caroline Bremer, Kevin CaseReader—Brian JonesGreeters — Joan & Ron Caine
July 14
Acolytes—Colleen Doyle, Jill SmithReader—Stan MoraskiGreeter — Lucie & Louis Martocchio
July 21
Acolytes—Zak Phillips, Donna ColavecchioReader—Anne HallGreeters— Nancy Butler & Tom Chappell
July 28
Acolytes—Ralph Hitchcock, Stan MoraskiReader—Gordon RossGreeter—Sue Hall
Greeters set up for coffee hour during the summer.
Gill Memorial Garden— Summer Schedule
Week Beginning July 1
Jill Smith
Week Beginning July 8
Gordon Ross
Week Beginning July 15
(Let the office know if you can help)
Week Beginning July 22
Ellen Childs
Week Beginning July 29
 Nancy GibsonThanks to all the garden workers. We are fortunateto have such a dedicated group of volunteers.

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