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Becky Wilde Megans Alpha Male

Becky Wilde Megans Alpha Male

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Published by Britney Jackson

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Published by: Britney Jackson on Jun 27, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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ALL RIGHTS RESERVEDNo part of this book may be reproduced or transmitted in anyform or by any means, electronic or mechanical, includingphotocopying, recording, or by any information storage andretrieval system, without permission in writing from theauthor, except in the case of brief quotations embodied inreviews.Publishers Note:This is a work of fiction. All names, characters, places, and
events are the work of the author’s imagination.
 Any resemblance to real persons, places, or events iscoincidental.Becky Wilde
Chapter One
Megan Harvey slid from the front seat of her bestfriend, Stefan Romanov's expensive car; and stared inawe at the old style, plantation mansion on theoutskirts of Oak-vale, Idaho. She felt a nervoustremor shiver up her spine in trepidation, trouble was brewing, but she had no idea why she felt the way shedid.Stefan walked around the hood of his car and took Meg's hand into his own, and led her up the whitestairs leading to the large double, front doors. Thedoor opened and an elderly man in a suit, bowed hishead slightly.
“Welcome home Master Stefan, Miss, I will have
Joe get your luggage. Master Nik has asked that you
meet him in his study, as soon as you arrive.”
“Thanks Harry, I would like you to meet Megan
Harvey, Meg this is our 
 butler Harry,” Stefan
“Pleased to meet you, Harry,” Meg greeted and
held her hand out to shake Harry's.
“Likewise, Miss Megan,” Harry replied with a
smile as he shook her hand.
“Come on Meg, we'd better go greet big brother,”
Stefan said as he pulled her along the large wideentry.Meg hardly had time to take in any of the house.Stefan pulled her along as he walked quickly to aroom towards the back of the house. She had to practically run to keep up with his six foot five frame,she was taking three to four steps for his every one.Stefan didn't knock on the half closed door to thestudy, but pushed the door open and strolled in,tugging Meg behind him. Meg was a little breathless by the time they came to a stop in the study, and triedto calm her breathing quietly.He let go of Meg and walked up to his older,

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