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Circuit Court Wilson DCSE Argument Text

Circuit Court Wilson DCSE Argument Text

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Published by Kevin B Miller
Letter to Wilson, Page Co. Circuit, when DCSE intervened for a BOND of Surety
Letter to Wilson, Page Co. Circuit, when DCSE intervened for a BOND of Surety

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Published by: Kevin B Miller on Jun 27, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Kevin B. Miller 5 South Court St.Luray, VA 22835Tuesday, June 25
, 2013Mr. Thomas J. Wilson IV116 South Court St.Suite ALuray, VA 22835
RE: Department of Child Support Enforcement (DCSE) involvement/intervention of Millerv. Miller appeal in J&DR -- DCSE "alledged" case # 4243315/J&DR JA005082.
Mr. Thomas J. Wilson IV:As per your directions, please find this entry as my argument/memorandum in reference to theabove DCSE involvement/intervention of the appeal of Miller v. Miller -- "alledged" DCSE case# 4243315.I have previously sent a USPS certified, return receipt letter of objection of interference and jurisdiction to DCSE on May, 26
, 2013 for 
matters on the initial ruling of Mr. Ronald L. Napier.I will not include a copy of that in this memorandum (as per your requirement of a 10 page limit),however I do have proof of mailing and proof of content. Those are available upon request.Objections and refusal to enter into contract with DCSE was based upon
Uniform CommercialCode (UCC) 1-308 statute. In fact, ALL "court findings" and papers signed by Mr. Ronald L.Napier were refused by Me (Kevin Barry Miller), a Flesh and Blood Human Being, to enterinto contract/agreement, pursuant to UCC 1-308.
For argument, I (a Flesh and Blood Human Being) state that ALL States and Commonwealth"Governments" within the "United States, Inc." are
Public Corporations
. All "letter" agencies(CIA, FBI, IRS, DHS, NSA, DCSE, etc.) are nothing more than public corporations.
28 USCsection 3002 15(a) states that the "United States" means a "Federal Corporation."
Thevarious "agencies" of the Commonwealth of Virginia (such as DCSE and the Judiciary Courts of theCommonwealth of Virginia), again, are nothing more than corporations.
Exhibit A
shows alisting of Dun&Bradstreet data detailing a conglomeration of corporations for the Judiciary Courtsof the Commonwealth of Virginia.
Dun&Bradstreet (www.dnd.com)
is a public servicecorporation that keeps financial, market, credit, and other data about public corporations.
shows a listing of Dun&Bradstreet data detailing the various corporations for DCSE.
VirginiaCode Section 1-219.1B says '"Public corporation" means the Commonwealth of Virginia orany political subdivision thereof or any incorporated municipality therein or any publicagency of the Commonwealth or of any political subdivision thereof or of any municipalitytherein.'
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Exhibit AExhibit B
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The ONLY way a fictional, corporate entity can have sovereignty or domain over a Flesh andBlood Human Being is through consent of that Human Being.....AND I DO NOT GIVECONSENT!!
I DO NOT give consent for DCSE to extort money from Me – a Natural HumanBeing. I DO NOT give consent for the Judiciary Courts of the Commonwealth of Virginia to havesovereignty over Me – a Natural Human Being. I DO NOT give consent for the Judiciary Courtsof the Commonwealth of Virginia to extort money from Me and withhold My NATURAL BORNSON, Sawyer James Miller (a Natural Human Being) from Me a Natural Human Being. I alsoclaim and DEMAND that the Judiciary Courts of the Commonwealth of Virginia, DCSE, and theCommonwealth of Virginia corporations to
from any extortion of moneyfrom Me and from withholding/kidnapping my Son, Sawyer James Miller (a Natural HumanBeing), from Me - a Natural Human Being:
 I, Kevin Barry Miller (a Natural Flesh and Blood  Human Being), reserve my right not to be compelled to perform under any contract, commerciaagreement or bankruptcy that I did not enter knowingly , voluntarily , and intentionally . And  furthermore, I do not and will not accept the liability of the compelled benefit of any unrevealed contract or commercial agreement or bankruptcy.
The Commonwealth of Virginia fully accepts, adheres to, complies with, and fully recognizes the
Uniform Commercial Code (UCC)
. It must, as the UCC is the absolute basis for Internationaland inter-State Commerce. If Virginia did not fully accept the UCC, it could not conduct businesswith any other State in the United States and it could not conduct commerce with any of the 194other Global Nations. UCC statute is shown in the Virginia Code Title 8.1A through Title 8.11,inclusive. The Virgina Administrative Code Title 5 reveals that Virginia's own "version" of theUCC is the State Corporation Commision (SCC). The SCC is based FULLY and KNOWINGLYon the UCC. Article IX of the Constitution of the Commonwealth of Virginia (a "PublicCorporation") defines the full acceptance, adhereance, compliance, and recognition of the SCCwhich is fully based on and originated from the UCC.
In Fall of 2012, various UCC filings were entered into the UCC System.
The filings wereinitially entered into the UCC System and left available for rebuttal. The rebuttal timeframe is 72hours. Each individual UCC filing was then, again, entered and allowed a 72 hour rebuttaltimeframe. Finally, each individial UCC filing was entered, for a third time, and allowed a 72hour rebuttal opportunity.
THRICE filed with the UCC and THRICE UNREBUTTED!!!
 Of the many UCC filings that took place, the main UCC filing to take note of for 
Since I am only allowed 10 pages in mymemorandum, I shall include, as
Exhibit C
, the first 3 pages of the 6 page original UCC filingdocument #2012127914. If necessary, upon request, I can include the entire UCC filing
, however, it is available on-line. In addition,
Exhibit D
(also known as the"
Foreclosure Flyer
"), further explains the UCC filings, the Foreclosure process, and the OfficialInvestigation that exposed the various SLAVERY SYSTEMS and illegal Banking and JudicialSystems. The original, official investigation (called the "
Paradigm Report
") can be provided, if needed.
Exhibit D
also explains how the UCC documents/filings can be found on-line.
Since late 2012, ALL World-wide and "US, Inc." State "Government" corporations and"agencies" (acting as corporations, themselves) HAVE BEEN FORECLOSED!!!!The Judicary Courts of the Commonwealth of Virginia and DCSE are continuing to"operate" and "function" under FORECLOSED fictional entities!!!
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