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Yongey Mingyur Rinpoche - Seven Points of Mindtraining

Yongey Mingyur Rinpoche - Seven Points of Mindtraining

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Published by Memento__Mori

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Published by: Memento__Mori on Jun 27, 2013
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 ༄༅། །བོ་སོང་དོན་ན་མ། །
The Seven Points of Mind Training
 བོ  ་སོ  ང་
Rest in the nature of Alaya, the essence.
When it says rest in the Alaya then it means to just rest one's mind naturally without doinganything.
How do we rest the mind? 
Like a person who has finished all of their work and they just rest.
For example someone who works in a hotel who has finished all of their duties for the day so theycan now relax. They are quite physically tired so first they take a bath in water that's not too hot or cold, just right. After their bath they go to the bedroom and just let out a sigh and relax. That's howwe should relax. As if we have just completed a lot of hard work.
Just let go and relax 
. We don'thave to block the thoughts; in fact you can't block the thoughts. We can't shoot them with a gun.We can't blow them up with an atom bomb.
We just rest naturally 
Together with this natural resting comes mindfulness or awareness.
This mindfulnessnaturally arises. To say it in brief, we are not distracted. Not distracted, but not meditating. We arenot meditating. We are just being relaxed, but we are not distracted.Why are we not distracted?We are not meditating on something that we get distracted from and have to have mindfulness toreturn to. The mind itself recognises itself. Is it like this for you? You see wood; this table does notthink does it? It doesn't understand anything. A stone doesn't understand anything. But it's not likethis, mind naturally recognises itself. So when it says "Alaya" it means the natural awareness of themind. Let us all for a minute or two rest and relax. Keep a straight back.
(Short meditation)
Ok, so in the beginning it's good to have small periods of time repeated often. We can't sit like thisfor long before we are distracted. Just a few seconds at a time, repeated often. Then graduallyover time it will become better and better.
Seven Points Of Mind Training 
༄༅། །་སང་དན་བན་མ། །
 The Very Venerable Yongey Mingyur Rinpoche
Birmingham Karma LingDecember 2002
Transcribers: Lama Chodrak, Jacqui Horne, Pat Pagett

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