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TWN Update No. 22: ADP meeting suspended; adopts conclusions on way forward

TWN Update No. 22: ADP meeting suspended; adopts conclusions on way forward

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Published by adoptnegotiator
Third World Network's 22nd update for the June climate talks
by Hilary Chiew & Meena Raman (14 Jun 13)
Third World Network's 22nd update for the June climate talks
by Hilary Chiew & Meena Raman (14 Jun 13)

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Published by: adoptnegotiator on Jun 28, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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 ADP meeting suspended; adopts conclusionson way forward
Bonn, 14 June (Hilary Chiew and Meena Raman) The second session of the Ad Hoc Working Group on the Durban Platfrom for Enhanced Action (ADP) was suspended on 13 June, withthe adoption of conclusions proposed by the Co-Chairs on the way forward for future work.Since Friday, 7 June, the ADP had been having informal meetings (which were closed toobservers) to discuss draft conclusions proposedby the Co-Chairs on ‘Implementation of all theelements of decision 1/CP.17’ (the 2011 Durbandecision on the Durban Platform). The closing plenary was delayed for an hour asdeveloped countries questioned the necessity of a technical paper on adaptation [see paragraph 8(b) below on the conclusions) which wasrequested by developing country Parties toinform further work of the ADP. According to sources, what developing countrieshad wanted was a technical paper “presenting information on the costs and benefits of, andopportunities for, adaptation under differentscenarios of global average temperature increase,considering linkages between adaptation andmitigation”. The final compromise reached as reflected inparagraph 8(b) of the conclusions is for a“technical paper synthesizing submissions on thecosts, benefits and opportunities for adaptationbased on different drivers of climate changeimpacts, including the relationship betweenadaptation and mitigation.”It is learnt that another matter which saw somedivergence of views among developed anddeveloping countries was over the way the ADPshould be conducting its future work. Many developing countries led by the Like-mindedDeveloping Countries for Climate Change(LMDC), wanted work to proceed in “abalanced, focused and more formal mode of  work”, instead of having discussions in theformat of roundtables and workshops. It seemsthat many developed countries preferredcontinuing work in an informal way withdiscussions in a roundtable format. Agreement was finally reached as reflected inparagraph 7 below for the “in-coming Co-Chairsto propose, drawing upon submissions by Partiesand observer organisations, a balanced, focusedand more formal mode of work forconsideration by the ADP at its meeting to beheld in Warsaw, Poland in November 2013.”Co-Chairs Jayant Mauskar (India) and HaraldDovland (Norway) presided over what was to betheir last session of the ADP as they hand overthe work of the working group to a new set of Co-Chairs.
 Among the highlights of the conclusions which were adopted on Thursday, 13 June were asfollows :“ 2. The ADP recalled its conclusions at thesecond part of its first session1and agreed on theneed to convene at least one session in 2014 inaddition to the sessions to be held in conjunction with the sessions of the Subsidiary Body forImplementation and the Subsidiary Body forScientific and Technological Advice as well asthe Conference of the Parties and theConference of the Parties serving as the meeting of the Parties to the Kyoto Protocol, and furtheragreed to return to the need for further sessionsduring the third part of its second session.4. Under workstream 1, the ADP invited Partiesand observer organisations to make furthersubmissions, by 1 September 2013, building onthe conclusions of the ADP at the second part of its first session.

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