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Table Of Contents

1.0 Introduction
1.1 Background
Introduction Important Notes Regarding This Documentation
1.2 Important Notes Regarding This Documentation
1.3 Overview of the User Interface
1.4 Orion Modelling, Analysis & Design Flowchart
1.5 Graphic Editor - General Principles
1.5.1 Selecting single and / or multiple members
1.5.2 Update - Editing a member
1.5.3 Deletion – Single / Multiple members
1.5.4 Deletion – Selective deletion from a group of members
1.5.5 Object Snapping (Osnaps)
1.5.6 Basic View/Zoom functions
Building the Model
2.0 Building the Model
2.1 Getting Started – Project Parameters & Settings
2.1.1 Exercise aims
2.1.2 Launching Orion
2.1.3 Creating a New Project
2.1.4 Settings Centre
2.1.5 Drawing Sheet Selection
2.1.6 Inserting Storey Height
2.2 Creating Axes
2.2.1 Exercise Aims
2.2.2 Establishing Axis Directions and Labels
2.2.3 Osnap methods
2.2.4 Pick methods
2.2.5 Editing Axes
2.2.6 Selecting/Stretching Multiple Axes
2.2.7 Creating Axes Individually
2.3 Creating Columns
2.3.1 Exercise Aims
2.3.2 The Properties and Options with Columns
2.3.3 Creating Rectangular Columns
2.3.4 Inserting Multiple Columns
2.3.5 Creating Circular Columns
2.3.6 Using the Polyline Column Editor
2.4 Creating Shear Walls
2.4.1 Exercise Aims
2.4.2 Overview of Options
2.4.3 Creating a Core Wall
2.5 Creating Beams
2.5.1 Exercise Aims
2.5.2 Creating Multiple Rectangular Beams
2.5.3 Inserting the rest of the 1st Storey Beams
2.6 Creating Slabs
2.6.1 Exercise Aims
2.6.2 Creating 2 Way Spanning Slabs
2.6.3 Setting Slab Types Automatically
2.6.4 Creating Cantilever Slabs
2.7 Member Re-Labelling
2.7.1 Exercise Aims
2.7.2 Changing the member labels
2.8 Using Tables to Edit Multiple Members
2.8.1 Exercise Aims
2.8.2 Changing Properties of Multiple Members
2.8.3 Changing Properties of One Member in the table only
2.9 Wall Loads and Additional Beam Loads
2.9.1 Exercise Aims
2.9.2 Apply Beam Wall Loads
2.9.3 Apply Additional Beam Loads
2.10 Generating a 3D View of the Model and Creating Additional Storeys
2.10.1 Exercise Aims
2.10.2 Generating/Manipulating a 3D View
2.10.3 Inserting Additional Floors
2.10.4 Copying Floor Data to Other Floors
2.10.5 Moving between Storeys
2.10.6 Editing the Roof
2.10.7 Editing the Storey Height
2.10.8 Specifying Imposed Load Reductions for Each Floor
3.0 Analysing the Structure
3.1 Pre-Analysis
3.1.1 Exercise Aims
3.1.2 Pre-Analysis Tab - Parameters, Loading and Materials
3.1.3 Model Options Tab – Model Analysis Settings
3.2 Performing the Analysis
3.2.1 Checking the notional lateral loads
3.3 Post-Analysis
3.3.1 Cross Checking the Analysis Result
3.3.2 Model and Analysis Results Display
Click Model and Analysis Results Display
3.3.3 Analysis Output Reports (for information only)
4.0 Beam Reinforcement
Beam Reinforcement Beam Reinforcement Design
4.1 Beam Reinforcement Design
4.1.1 Exercise Aims
4.1.2 Beam Design Settings and Parameters
4.2 Designing all Beams using Batch Mode
4.2.1 Graphical Review of Passing / Failing Members
4.3 Interactive Beam Design
4.3.1 Utilisation Ratios
4.3.2 The Axis and Beam Information Editor
4.3.3 The Reinforcement Data Screen
4.3.4 Beam Detail Drawings
4.3.5 Standard Bar Patterns
4.3.6 Modifying the Number and Size of Bars
4.3.7 Bar Layers
4.3.8 Modifying bar curtailment
4.3.9 Beam Loading and Force Diagrams
4.4 Creating the Beam Elevation Drawings
4.4.1 Putting All Beams onto a Single Sheet Automatically
5.0 Column and Wall Reinforcement
Column and Wall Reinforcement Column &b Wall Reinforcement Design
5.1 Column &b Wall Reinforcement Design
5.1.1 Exercise Aims
5.1.2 Column Design Settings and Parameters
5.2 Designing all Columns using Batch Mode
5.2.1 Creating a Column Schedule
5.2.2 Creating a Column Output Report
5.2.3 Creating a Foundation Loads Report
5.3 Interactive Column Design
5.3.1 Exercise Aims
5.3.2 Understanding the Column Design Editor
5.3.3 Designing Rectangular Column
5.3.4 Column Slenderness
5.3.5 Column Interaction Diagrams
5.3.6 Fixing the Bar Layout
5.3.7 Link Arrangement
5.3.8 Shear Design
5.3.9 Biaxial bending vs. BS design
5.4 Designing a Wall
6.0 Slab Design
6.1 Slab Design and Detailing
6.1.1 Exercise Aims
6.1.2 Slab Design Settings
6.1.3 Member and Steel Bar Label Templates (Additional Info. Only)
6.2 Create Slab Reinforcement Strips
6.2.1 Filtering the Display of Slab Reinforcement (for information only)
6.3 Editing the Bar Layout
6.4 Creating Slab Output
6.4.1 Output for an Individual Slab Strip
6.4.2 Creating a Slab Output Report for the Entire Floor
6.4.3 Table of Quantities
7.0 Flat Slabs
7.1 Flat slabs
7.1.1 Exercise Aims
7.2 Creating the Flat Slabs in the Model
7.2.1 Inserting the Slabs
7.3 Creating Slab Loads and Openings
7.3.1 Slab Loads
7.3.2 Slab Openings
7.4 Creating Additional Storeys
7.4.1 Storey Information
8.0 Building Analysis for Flat Slab
8.1 Building Analysis for Flat Slabs
8.1.1 Exercise Aims
8.1.2 Model Options Settings
8.1.3 Pre-Analysis – Building Model Check
8.2 Performing the Analysis
8.2.1 Building Analysis
8.2.2 Checking the notional horizontal forces
9.0 Load Chase Down
9.1 Gravity Load Chase Down Using FE Analysis
9.1.1 Exercise Aims
9.1.2 Finite Element Model Generation Options
9.2 Generating/Performing the FE Analysis Model
9.2.1 Creating the FE mesh for Analysis
9.2.2 Performing the Batch FE Load Chase Down
9.3 Cross checking the Finite Element Results
10.2.1 Deflection Plots
10.2.2 Loading and Effects Toolbars
10.2.3 Loading and Effects
10.2.4 Setting the Concrete Effective Depth
10.2.5 Bottom Steel Reinforcement Provision
10.2.6 Creating the User Defined Contours (bottom steel)
10.2.7 Creating the User Defined Contours (top steel)
10.3 Exporting and Displaying Contours
10.4 Exporting to DXF (for information)
10.5 Designing the Columns/Walls
11.0 Appendix A
11.1 Wind Loads
11.1.1 Specifying Wind Combinations
11.1.2 Applying a Single Wind Load to Each Floor
12.0 Appendix B
12.1 Beam Design Settings and Detailing
12.1.1 The Design Tab
12.1.2 The Parameters Tab
12.1.3 The Bar Selection Tab
12.1.4 The Curtailment Tab
12.1.5 The Detailing Tab
12.1.6 The Layers Tab
12.1.7 Manually Creating Drawing Sheets
13.0 Appendix C
13.1 Column Design Settings and Detailing
13.1.1 The Design Tab
13.1.3 The Detail Drawings Tab
13.1.4 To Rationalise the Steel Bars in Individual Columns
Appendix C To Rationalise the Steel Bars in Multiple Columns
13.2 To Rationalise the Steel Bars in Multiple Columns
13.3 Creating the Column Detail Drawings
14.0 Appendix D
14.1 Foundation Design
14.1.1 Introduction
14.1.2 Foundation Design Settings
14.1.3 Choice of Loading Method
14.2 Pad Footings
14.2.1 Pad footing design
14.2.2 Pad Footing Details
14.3 Strip Footings
14.3.1 Strip Footing Design
14.3.2 Designing the Foundation Beam
14.4 Raft Foundation Design
15.0 Appendix E
15.1 Load Combinations and the Loading Generator
15.1.1 The Loading Generator
16.0 Appendix F
16.1 Report Manager
16.1.1 Concrete and Form Estimation Reports
16.1.2 Report Manager
17.0 Appendix G
17.1 Polyline Column Editor
17.1.1 Creating an L-shaped column
18.0 Appendix H
18.1 Slab Design using FE Analysis
18.1.1 Introduction
18.1.2 Creating FE Slab Strips
18.1.3 Finite Element Model Generation
18.1.4 FE Analysis Post Processing
18.1.5 Updating the FE Strips with Reinforcement
19.0 Appendix I
19.1 Enhancing the General Arrangement Drawings
19.1.1 Exercise Aims
19.1.2 Dimensioning the Grid Spacing
19.1.3 Dimensioning up the Cantilever Slabs
19.1.4 Shrinking Axes and Setting Unused Axes to Ghost
19.1.5 Creating Slab Section Views
20.0 Appendix J
20.1 Orion Data File Structure and Project Settings
20.1.1 Project Settings
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Standard Training Manual

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