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Remember Love...

Remember Love...

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Published by Jennifer Deisher
Blueprint for connecting with the Divine Feminine
Blueprint for connecting with the Divine Feminine

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Published by: Jennifer Deisher on Jun 28, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Buried deep inside the common threads of time and religion lies the long dormant Secret to OurDivinity and the Keys to the quest for Eternal Life and Heaven on Earth in the form of theDivine Feminine. Search the softest spot in your Heart space and find Her there. Her Love isthe very Life force of Creation and the most Powerful force in the Universe. Her Divine Graceand Wisdom hold the Miracle of Life. When she is found everything will change as Her Love isever Powerful. ThePurity  of this Love seeks all the dark places within Healing them until every 
trace of pain is kissed away. She wants you to believe you can accomplish anything you set yourHeart to. Be the Greatest Moon Goddess who ever Lived or a Butterfly that breaths Life into a weary tree. Be anything and everything or anywhere and everywhere for Love is All that Is.Dream big and we will change the World with our Love. This Love overwhelms the mindunlocking mystical powers and long lost fairy tales Mothers have told their children for Eternity. An age old knowing of All things Life unravels deep inside the Soul bringing a strength andcertainty that has always been. Love without condition cannot be defined by words or motion
rather a stillness of balanced harmony waiting to emerge. When Her Love bubbles to fruition itsends Healing waves of conscious energy across the multiverse. When you See your ownPerfection She will raise you Higher to meet Her while giggling softly always knowing All thingsare possible and more. She is a whisper on the soft breeze under a brilliant starry sky as the water laps the shores bringing reflections of a distant space and time . With Her gentle breathancient wisdom and magic encoded in DNA ignite memories of Divine Origin. Sacred archivesof flowing waters dance effortlessly with tender ripples of a Love that scorches Fire.Recollections of roots taking hold as Her playful wind nourishes vibrational conceptions acrossthe mountains and meadows leaving Miracles in her wake. She holds her mirror in the sky pulling tangles of harshness and criticism from your hair speaking soothing words that spark Divine Dreams and Inspiration. Who sent for whom we will never know but be Grateful whenHer Love takes seed no matter if it comes by dove or by raven, by peace or by virtue. She willstay long after she Creates Her Divine reflection inside. When she finds you she will leave no
trace of any piece that doesn’t resonate with her Unconditional Love. Fe
el the flood of herenergies as Mother Earth transforms Her Brilliance and Color in extraordinary Genesis and
Feminine flow. It is Her energy that ignites Truth and transparency in our Hearts andeverywhere we See. Everything will fall away until it there is nothing left but the Clarity of HerLove for One and All. Allow her Grace to come forward and all will be Forgiven. She has nochoice but to wait for you as Her Love is persistence and patience defined. Her Beauty lies in theHeart and Lights the Beauty within leaving One in reverence at how Beautiful we really are. HerCompassion is an endless well of Faith and belief that All Hearts will find their way to her warmembrace. Whatever you need will come at the Perfect time because Mother knows best.Humble yourself before Her and she will set you on the path to your Highest potential. She isthe Holy Grail within where the virgin Heart  beats  waiting for Her Blessing. Open this space inside and find Her waiting to bring forth ambitious ideas and lofty Creations that will rippleacross the multiverse leaving One gasping in Awe at all we have accomplished together. Whereshe Lives ALL the Mothers Live so there is One for every purpose as their energies Love,Nurture, and Heal. Find Her in the Moonlight as the translucent Light sways with Her rhythm.See Her in the Rose as it bursts forth with young blossom. Hear Her as the bird sings nightly praises of Love in song. Taste Her Golden Chalice when you bite Her fruit knowing once Hernectar touches your lips you will never walk away. Smell Her in the rain as she sprinklesHealing waters of Love over Her Creations. Feel Her Heartbeat with your own for Her Love isinfinite and unwavering beyond time or measure. Open the Gift she brings as Love Ever Present
and Remember Love…

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