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TAC MPRWA Draft Minutes 06-03-13

TAC MPRWA Draft Minutes 06-03-13

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Published by L. A. Paterson
Technical Advisory Committee of the Monterey Peninsula Regional Water Authority
Technical Advisory Committee of the Monterey Peninsula Regional Water Authority

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Published by: L. A. Paterson on Jun 28, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Huss, Israel, Riedl, Burnett,
 Members Absent:
Narigi, Stoldt, Riley,
Staff Present:
Legal Counsel, Executive Director, Clerk
Chair Burnett invited reports from TAC members and staff. Member Huss reported that he hadan opportunity to tour the Orange County Waste Water Production Facility and was veryimpressed. He believes it to be part of the solution to water shortages throughout California.Member Israel indicated the Notice to Proceed (NOP) for the Environmental Impact Report hasbeen released for the Groundwater Replenishment project (GWR). A scoping session toreceive comments on the NOP will take place June 18th, 2013 at the Oldemeyer Center from6:00 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. Written comments will also be accepted.Chair Burnett reported about a modification to the schedule for the release of the EnvironmentlaImpact Report (EIR) for the Monterey Peninsula Water Supply Project (MPWSP). JudgeWeatherford released a revised schedule for the MPWSP EIR in order to provide more time fordevelopment of hydrogeological evaluations for inclusion. Chair Burnett indicated that having astrong EIR will benefit both the GWR and the MPWSP. Also, to understand how this impactsthe timing of the project he will request Cal Am to present a revised schedule. He then reportedthat settlement discussions are ongoing and the final settlement agreement is due by June 14,2013. June 12, 2013 the Public Utilities Commission (PUC) will host a workshop on GWR inSan Francisco and will be open to the public. The GWR component of the settlementagreement is due by June 28th, 2013. Chair Burnett next reported that staff from the StateWater Resources Control Board will be in Monterey On June 4, 2013, at which the Authority willmake a presentation about our progress, and the level of local consensus for the proposedsolutions and will not raise the issue of an extension at this time.Finally, Chair Burnett welcomed the new Executive Director Jim Cullem to the Authority, takingthe place of Bill Reichmuth. Mr. Cullem responded that he appreciated the opportunity to serveand collectively get a solution to the water issue.
MPRWA TAC Minutes Monday, June 3, 20132
Chair Burnett opened the agenda for public comment and Sue McCloud requested informationregarding the State Water Resources Control Board meeting.
1. May 6, 2013
Action: Approved 
2. May 23, 2013 Special Meeting
Action: Approved as Amended 
3. Review and Provide Direction Regarding Term Sheet for Power Sales Agreement from theMonterey Regional Waste Management District to Cal Am for Powering Desalination Facilities
Action: Received Presentation and Discussed 
William Merry, General Manager from the Monterey Regional Waste Management Districtpresented the report and indicated that meetings have been ongoing for development of a termsheet for power sales for the desalination facility. He noted that the District’s interest is todevelop a term sheet in good faith to discuss the purchase of the District's power. At this point,it is premature to discuss the technical aspects, however no fatal flaws have been identified, butmatching up the supply and demand and determining a fair price will be key. Mr. Merry laid outthe schedule for the possible next steps and indicated a next draft should be available by theend of this week. Mr. Merry answered questions from the TAC.Executive Director Cullem indicated he will facilitate a meeting later this week, with theAuthority acting as a mediator/facilitator for the sale and purchase of power between MRWMDand Cal Am. Mr. Cullem requested one representative from each the Authority and Cal Am tomeet with the District to be able to develop a true working draft before it is presented forapproval. Member Reidl agreed to participate.Chair Burnett questioned the District’s ability at this time to deliver the quality and quantity ofpower to meet the demands of the project. Mr. Merry indicated they are not adequate at thistime, but as soon as the true needs are determined, the District can begin to address. ChairBurnett then questioned what the priority would be, price or purchase of renewable power.Chair Burnett responded that Cal Am has previously indicated that the alternative sources ofpower cannot be more expensive than non-environmental power and that the Authority has nottaken a position on it, but the idea for paying even more for renewable power was not been metwith enthusiasm.Member Israel indicated it is not strictly who can provide the cheapest rates, but depends onthe index to which it is adjusted.
MPRWA TAC Minutes Monday, June 3, 20133Chair Burnett opened the item to public comment and had no requests to speak.Member Israel spoke to Mr. Merry's expertise and questioned if there was a need to hire aspecialist. Chair Burnett requested the Executive Director to provide advice to the TAC at afuture meeting if a specialist is needed for either legal or technical expertise.4. Discuss and Make Recommendations Regarding Revised Ground Water Replenishment DraftCriteria (Stoldt/Israel)
Action: Received Presentation, Discussed and Made Recommendations 
 Chair Burnet spoke to the item and indicated no action is needed, but requested feedback andopportunity for comments. He indicated that the proposed criteria is indented for use during theJune 12, 2013 GWR workshop. The previously developed criteria was forwarded to the CPUC,but returned because it was not appropriate for a tier two advice letter. Trying to honor thecriteria already approved, the proposed criteria was the result after a Governance Committeemeeting, and includes more objectivity and less subjectivity. He requested the revised draftGWR criteria distributed at this meeting be available on the Authority website www.mprwa.org. Chair Burnett spoke to revisions made from the previously discussed version and the TACdiscussed.Chair Burnett opened the item to public comment and had no requests to speak.Member Huss indicated that having the growers in
volved is of key importance and there is goodopportunity for a successful water supply from the GWR project. He things the agriculturalcommunity will be satisfied with the language included to secure the source water.Chair Burnett indicated he will incorporate any additional information which comes from theworkshop.5. Receive Update and Discuss the Draft Request for Proposal for Design Build Services for theMonterey Peninsula Water Supply Project
Action: Received Presentation and Discussed 
 Chair Burnett reported on this item and indicated that the recommendations provided by theTAC were approved by the Directors and the Governance Committee and forwarded to Cal Amrequesting incorporation. He confirmed that Cal Am has verbally agreed to incorporate all therecommendations into the final Request for Proposal. He noted that is unclear if the RFP willstill stay on the current schedule with the CPUC ruling delaying the EIR release date.Member Riedl questioned the early completion bonus and expressed concern for the risk ofhaving a bidder propose a longer schedule, in order to capture a bonus. He also recommendedconsidering a bonus if the firm could bring a portion of the wells online in advance of the fullcompletion as a way to make progress toward the Cease and Desist Order. Chair Burnett andthe TAC agreed that would be a good recommendation and would pass along the request eventhough it is past the formal deadline.Chair Burnett opened item to public comment and had no requests to speak.Executive Director Cullem requested support for reproducing the article “The Path To Your Tap”published June 2, 2013 in the Monterey Herald. He indicated the Authority could benefit from

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