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On Chronos

On Chronos

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Published by jaybird13
The crew of a monumental space voyage returns to Earth only to find it completely abandoned.
The crew of a monumental space voyage returns to Earth only to find it completely abandoned.

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Published by: jaybird13 on Jun 29, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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On ChronosAn Original Screenplay
EXT. SPACEEarth. In all Her glory. A blue marble, floatingeffortlessly through space around the sun.EXT. NATURE - DAYSilence. Nature in its pure beauty. Mountain regions,oceans, plains, and meadows. Wildlife is abundant. Theworld is green. Lush grass for miles.There is no sign of human life, whatsoever. No roads, cars,airplanes, houses, buildings. This Earth seems to havenever been touched by the human race.EXT. MEADOW - DAYA rabbit is munching away on a bit of vegetable. The MUNCHis the only sound. Another rabbit approaches, and sniffsthe food that the first rabbit is eating.While this is occurring, a fiery streak appears in the skybehind them. The bunnies notice and scatter.The fiery ball gets larger, closer. Wildlife throughout themeadow take notice. A deer watches in stunned curiosity,but mostly the animals scatter. A flock of birds panic.Their wings are startling LOUD as they take to the sky.It becomes clear that the red streak, marring the blue skyis a spaceship. It’s coming in for a landing on the meadow,but it’s coming in too fast.The speed of the craft gets louder.The ship finally comes close enough that details can be madeout. An American flag is painted on the side, alongside thename: CHRONOS.With an uncomfortably loud CRASH, the ship makes contactwith the earth at a 45 degree angle. There is no landinggear. The impact has caused siding of the craft to falloff. The windshield cracks.The craft slides along the grass, smoking heavily. ItCOLLIDES with a wall of trees at the beginning of a forestand finally stops. There is fire on the craft.The world is quieter again, with only the roar of the fireand faint screams being heard.(CONTINUED)
CONTINUED: 2.A door on the side of the craft swings open with force,KICKED loudly and suddenly from the inside. The screams arelouder.WOMAN(O.S.)We need to get out!The voice belongs to RILEY HAWK, a tough woman in her 30s.Without real order, eight people in skin tight, modernspacesuits flee the craft. Three women, and five men.RILEYQuick, it’s not safe here!The group runs quickly away from the craft.With a startling BOOM, the craft explodes. A fire burstcatches a woman lagging behind the group. She is fullyengulfed in flames, screaming.At the same time, shrapnel from the craft is raining andshooting everywhere. A few in the craft get hit in minorplaces. One is cut non-fatally on the cheek, another in theleg.One man, however, gets a large piece of shrapnel through theback of skull with enough force that a quarter of the pieceprotrudes through his forehead. The man falls over, dead.Riley runs towards safety, followed by the remaining crew:CHESTER FIELDSWORTH, in his fifties; VIRGIL BLEDSTOW,around Chester’s age, but older looking; JOSS MEADOW, thirtysomething, very muscular and attractive, ELIZA SHURR, Joss’wife of similar age; and HEATH BRINKLEY, in his laterthirties, rough, with an average build.A few scream louder, now that carnage has ensued. However,their screams are nothing compared to the blood curdlingSHRIEKS of the woman on fire.The explosion has sent fire everywhere. Some patches ofgrass have caught. The fire has spread to the trees next tothe burning ship.As the gang continues running, it becomes clear that a largeportion of the forest is now aflame. They are running froma full scale forest fire.Everything goes black.Without visuals, only sound continues. The fire’s roar, thecrew’s footfalls, the burning woman’s screams.

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