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Roots of Our Beliefs

Roots of Our Beliefs

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Bible study on the origins of Christianity
Bible study on the origins of Christianity

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Published by: Rev. Dr Jeffry David Camm on Jun 29, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Rev. Jeffry David Camm
TABLE OF CONTENTSChapter Description Page
1 Roots of the Scriptures 42 Judaism - Borne of the Desert 93 Jewish Biblical Festivals 104 The Holy People of the Bible 235 Jewish Values and Moral Education 286 When did Christianity leave Judaism 487 Christian - Jewish Relationships 538 Grace upon Grace 569 Love Thy Neighbour as Thyself 5910 The Law as Gospel 6011 The Gospel and the Law 6312 Jesus and the Law 6513 Law and Grace - according to John 1:17 6514 The Vision In Joppa [Jaffa] 7015 Luther and the Jews 7116 Churches and the State of Israel 7317 Down from the Mountains - Back into the Valleys 7618 Jesus and the Great Commission 7819 Political Analysis of the Present Peace Process 81in the Middle East (May 1995)
This book is dedicated to my wife Rani, who has served as my helper and co-worker in God’s service for the lastfifteen years. It has not been easy for her to leave her beloved Pakistan, culture and family, and go out into theunknown world to serve the Lord, firstly in the Sultanate of Oman, then Australia, Thailand, back into Pakistanand now, back here in Australia.During the sixteen years on the mission field, we have travelled to preach in more than 38 countries throughoutthe world, and she has had to be my constant travelling companion, as well as a loving and caring wife, under allsorts of difficult circumstances. It is with God’s help that she has been able to do this.It is my desire that, in reading this book, you will feel a conviction to serve the Lord more and more inwhichever area of the Lord’s work, He has called you to become involved.In serving your employer, work as if unto the Lord, who by His grace has provided the work for you to do. In allthings remember to lift up the name of the Lord Jesus Christ, whilst remaining a humble person yourself, notallowing pride or other worldly desires to cause you to move away from the divine grace of Jesus Christ.In all things, and in all situations, be a living example, worthy of the name of Jesus Christ, as you show His purelove to all those around you, both believers and unbelievers alike.
The contents of this publication remains the sole property of New Light Ministries & Consulting Services Pty.Ltd. Permission is given to reproduce text and diagrams from this publication for evangelistic and/or teachingpurposes, provided the said text and/or diagrams are not sold for profit, but are used to glorify God Almighty .
New Light Ministries & Consulting Services Pty. Ltd. are pleased to release the sixth book in the series by Rev.Jeffry David Camm, called:-
In studies of God’s Holy Scriptures, I have been continually fascinated by the tasks that God Almighty has givento His Prophets throughout the centuries. As I read about these mighty men of ancient times, I try to imaginehow they must have felt in their day and age, trying to follow the TEN COMMANDMENTS, given by GodAlmighty, in a world completely filled with sins of every conceivable type and nature.I then think of the Scriptures written by Apostle Paul in Ephesians Chapter Four, where he outlines the “SpecialGifts” that God Almighty has given to mankind for the building up of His church, namely Apostles, Prophets,Teachers, Evangelists, Pastors; and I wonder why there are very few people recognised and acclaimed today, aspeople called by God to operate in the office of the Prophet - to be a
“Voice crying in the Wilderness”
to thisgeneration.In time of old, just like today, many people refused to listen, or heard and did not believe, that a God would beso caring, as to love them, just as they are.But I can say from personal exerience, that this is in fact the case. God’s love is so immense that it is able toreach down and cover us, just as we are - right here and now today.I can also say this love of God is a wonderful feeling. A wonderful promise of things to come, when we go to bewith Him forever.In reading this book I want you to be challenged, to look at your life and see what is your position with God andespecially the Lord Jesus Christ.

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