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The Samaritan Leper.

The Samaritan Leper.

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LuKi 17: 17. — And Jesus answering said, were there not ten cleansed?
But where are the nine?

LuKi 17: 17. — And Jesus answering said, were there not ten cleansed?
But where are the nine?

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Published by: GLENN DALE PEASE on Jun 29, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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THE SAMARITA LEPER.BY REV. OCTAYIUS PERICHIEFLuKi 17: 17. — And Jesus answering said, were there not ten cleansed?But where are the nine?Our Lord was, in all probability, on His last journeytoward Jerusalem. Somewhere along the road. Heencounters ten men that were lepers — ^ten humanbeings in the last degree unfortunate and miserable. Itwould appear that they had heard of Christ. The repu-tation of the great healer had gone before Him. Thesemen, standing afar off, as the law required, cried out toHim to have mercy on them. He bid them go showthemselves to the priests, and it came to pass as theywent they were healed. And one of them, when he sawthat he was healed, turned back and with a loud voiceglorified God, and fell down on his face at the feet of Christ, giving Him thanks. And he was a Samaritan." And Jesus answering, said, were there not ten cleansed,but where are the nine? There are not found thatreturned to give glory to God, save this stranger. AndHe said to Him, arise, go thy way. Thy faith hathmade thee whole."Each particular feature of this record is peculiarlysuggestive and instructive. Yet, before we enter uponthe particulars, there are some thoughts which aresuggested by it as a whole. The healing powei* of Jesus was not only wonderful in itself, but He waswonderful in the exercise of it. There was about Hima strange ease, an instant readiness, a natural uncon-sciousness of anything extraordinary, even in His mostwonderful works. There is no sameness in His method,no formal preliminaries, no set routine. The time, theindividual, the circumstances, find their exact counter-part in the action He spontaneously adopts. We feelthat no action to Him would have been impossible. He
cures ten as easily as one, but whether one or ten thereis the same unconsciousness about Him. He makesno additions to His claims. He is as accessible afterthree years of this work, as when He first began. He52 SERMOS.is still poor and still humble^ and the poorest and ham-blest have in Him still a brother. They feel it.This is very natural. If we admit Jesus to be theson of God, we expect all this. There can be no dis-cord in that which is divine. K the divine power werethere to work the miracles, then that power could notbe officiously obtrusive. All that is divine is simple.All that is true is unpretending. But this power beingthere, the question might arise : Why did not Christadopt some other plan of exercising that power. Heunquestionably came to convince us of His Messiahship.His line of convincement involved all merciful works." Go and tell John what things ye have seen and heard."That was needful for John, but nothing short of it couldhave convinced this world. It was worthy of God to liftus up out of our distresses, to heal all our woes. Why,then, did He not make His healing instantly universal?Why did he not stand at the Temple in Jerusalem, andheal at once, by a word, all that were afflicted in Israel ?Would it not have been more august? Would it notmore effectually have staggered high priest and scribes ?Would it not have sent a thriU of life throughout theland, which would have told every heart the long ex-pected Christ had come? One would imagine so. Thatwould have been our way of doing it — our way of failingto do it. But there, again, God was true to Himself.Even the miracles cannot be without law. Even if agreat pronouncement had been made at Jerusalem, andevery leper in Israel had been instantly released, theeffect would have been but temporary. What we have
in common we cease to be thankful for. Every day of health is a great gift from God, as rich and blessed asthat first day to the grateful leper when he found him-THE SAMARITA LEPER. 53self cured. ' But we are not thankful. That which costsus nothing is worth little to us. That which costs usmuch we value in proportion. God might heal all thesickness in this whole world to-day, but then there wouldbe more sickness to-morrow. If God healed all everyday He would have more and more every day to heal,for we should, instead of being thankful, only every daybe more reckless, till God's apparent goodness wouldruin us. We should never learn and never be wise.We trifle with God now; we should insult Him then.The race can be gathered to God, not by any coercion,but one by one, by voluntary attraction. God's goodgifts are for those who seek them. one can knowGod's goodness but those who come directly to (jod forit, and God gives to those who come, in precisely theway that best suits them — the way that makes itself most impressive to them. Hence Christ's unsamenessin His ministrations. He meets each heart. Heresponds to that according to the degree of its yearning,whether they be Jews or Gentiles. Ten are cleansed — nine want nothing more than bodily comfort; one wantsa Saviour. What we ask for we have. What we seek we find. When we knock it is opened to us. Undera grand pronouncement from Jerusalem, we should havehad what we thought was a God — what we worship nowtoo often, distantly, fearfully — but we should have hadno brother, no being literally to bear our sorrows, andcarry our burdens. We should have had no Father.We should have been criminals, not prodigals. God socame to us as really to come to us, the lowliest, mostwretched. That was like God. That is the wonderful-ness of the wonderful works of Jesus. You can como

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