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Published by tcadmin

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Published by: tcadmin on May 08, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Adrian Brooks
Redlight District
Adrian Brooks

135 Alcovy circle covington, ga 30014
678 651 6494

Synopsis: Redlight District follows the victims of a serial killer/rapist from the attackers point of view. After his death it follows his successor, Drew's exploits as she delves deeper and deeper into his work and the secret organization he was involved in. The organization is centered around a group of killers that meet and discuss their methods and victims. Future victims are chosen for each annual event held and the one who's committed the series of best crimes gets to reenact their murder on stage in front of their peers. The loser has to take the fall for all the murders committed by the winner and the runner up. The next annual meeting is coming up and will be held on the Redlight District in Japan and Drew has to decide whether or not she'll follow in her successors footsteps and try and win the years honor of a stage performance.

Genre: Erotic/horror/comedy
Adrian Brooks
Redlight District
Victim one:

He liked it when they screamed.
It wasn't something he'd expected right off when he'd started. That blind lust, the skin tightening, breath
stealing pleasure.
There were folks, supposedly smart scientist types, who claimed that men who raped women did it not for the
sex but for the sense of power.
He did it for the sex, pure and simple. There was something about a woman clenching tight around the length
of his cock as he pounded into her and stared up at him with fear glazed eyes, always made his breath hitch in
his chest and his balls tighten.
He liked a woman's screams like some men liked the sight of their nipples peeking through the thin material
of their shirts or the way their clits tasted nestled between soft pink folds of flesh.
He loved women. Honest he did. It was just that most women didn't appreciate his...enthusiasm as much as he
thought they should.
Maybe he was sick.
Maybe he was twisted.
At the moment, while he was busy slipping his knee between the legs of the frightened, squirming girl
beneath him, he really didn't give a fuck.
\u201cPlease! Pleasepleaseplease\u2026oh god--it--shit mister don\u2018t\u2026\u201d
Fuck she was young. And so tiny.

Adrian Brooks
Redlight District

But she was fast and quick and he\u2019d had a time of it forcing her to the ground beneath him. When she\u2019d
kicked him in the gut the lust that had flared through him had been a bright, burning thing.
He\u2019d flipped her over onto her stomach and now his chest pressed flush against her back while his hand
stretched around her body to work at the buttons securing her jeans.
The smell of moldy leaves and the cool scent of the ocean cocooned them and he felt a spurt of pleasure at his
The girl had been walking along the path of the nature trail, a path he ran often in the early mornings. It had
just so happened that he had been bent over, sweating with exertion and trying to catch his breath when he
spotted her.
Tight black shirt that showed no visible breasts to speak of (that was alright though, he appreciated the little
things in life). The shirt was ripped in strategic parts, showing a flat, well muscled belly. The pants were a
dark blue and slung low on her hips. And when he\u2019d seen the indentions that trailed down to disappear from
sight beneath the waistband of her pants his heart had damn near stalled.
He fucking loved women.
This one had red hair, worn long and cut in a style that he could honestly say he\u2019d only ever seen on Myspace.
Her left ear had four or five pairings dancing along the outer lobes, the silver metal glinting under the early
morning light. Her eyes were heavily kohled, her cheeks were sharp, her lashes long and dark against the
golden hue of her skin. No lipstick, no need for any with a mouth like that.
He wanted that mouth. He wanted his hands gripping those hips as he forced her on hands and knees and
rammed inside that tight little ass, balls slapping against the folds of her pussy.
He\u2019d wondered if she shaved, if when he took her would he look down to see soft red curls between her legs.
He\u2019d resolved right then to find out.
Now, every time she bucked and screamed out in that sexy, hoarse, little voice of her he felt his erection


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