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Criminal Jurisprudence

Criminal Jurisprudence

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Published by Chie Tangan

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Published by: Chie Tangan on Jun 29, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Dayao, Roxas City
==================================================================INSTRUCTIONS: Select the correct answer for each of thefollowing questions. Mark only one answer for each item byshading the box corresponding to the letter of your choice onthe answer sheet provided. STRICTLY NO ERASURES ALLOWED. Usepencil no. 1 only.1. It is a branch or division of law which defines crimes,threats of their nature and provides for their punishment.A. criminal evidence B. criminal lawC. criminal jurisprudence D. criminal procedure2. These are the characteristics of criminal law, EXCEPT:A. generality B. territorialityC. constitutionality D. prospective3. These are the exceptions to generality.A. public international lawB. treaty stipulationsC. preferential applicationD. ex-post facto law4. These are the elements of felony, EXCEPT:A. acts or omission B. punished by RPCC. punished by laws D. deceit or fault5. These are the requisites of mistake of fact as a defense,EXCEPT:A. act done would have been lawfulB. intention of the accused must be lawfulC. resulting injury is due to the act of victimD. mistake must be without fault or carelessness6. The offender perform all acts of execution which wouldproduce a felony as a consequence, but which do not produce itby reason of causes independent of the will of perpetrator.
A. consummated B. frustratedC. attempted D. all of the above7. When two or more persons come to an agreement concerningcommission of felony and decide to commit it.A. treason B. rebellionC. conspiracy D. sedition8. Law attaches capital punishment or penalty or any oftheir periods are afflictive.A. less grave B. graveC. less serious D. light9. Are those which, if present in the commission of thecrime, do not entirely free the actor from criminal liability.A. justifying circumstancesB. exempting circumstancesC. mitigating circumstancesD. non of the above10. Those which, if attendant in the commission of crime,served to increase the penalty but without exceeding themaximum penalty prescribed by the law.A. aggravating circumstancesB. alternative circumstancesC. all of the aboveD. non of the above11. These are the elements of self-defense, EXCEPT:A. unlawful aggression B. sufficient provocationC. reasonable necessity D. elements of selfdefense12. These are the elements of irresistible force, EXCEPT:A. an act is required by law to be doneB. compulsion is by means of physical forceC. physical force is irresistibleD. physical force comes from a third person13. These are the elements of uncontrollable fear, EXCEPT:A. threat which causes fear is of an evil greater or atleast equal to that he is required to commitB. promise an evil of such gravity andimminence ordinary
man would have succumbedC. all of the aboveD. non of the above14. These are the elements of insuperable or lawful cause,EXCEPT:A. an act is required by law to be doneB. person committed a crime but no penaltyC. person fails to perform such actD. failure to perform due to insuperable cause15. It is an aggravating circumstance that applies to aparticular felony like cruelty in crime against person.A. generic B. specificC. qualifying D. inherent16. When the offender has committed offenses which areembraced in the same title of the Revised Penal Code, he is.A. habitual delinquentB. quasi-recidivistC. recidivistD. reiteracionist17. The following elements must be proved by the prosecutionin evident premeditation, EXCEPT.A. time when the offender determined to commit thecrimeB. based upon external acts and must be evidentC. act manifestly indicating determinationD. sufficient lapse of time between determination 18. These are the requirements of alternative circumstances,EXCEPT:A. relationshipB. intoxicationC. degree of educationD. drug addiction19. These are the principals in the commission of grave, lessgrave and light felonies, EXCEPT:A. take direct part in the commission of crimeB. directly by force or induce others to commit itC. has intention to procure commission of crimeD. cooperate in the commission of offense by another

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