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Graham Looking for Love - Short Screenplay

Graham Looking for Love - Short Screenplay

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Published by thomas field
Might be on ABC2... But probably not.
Might be on ABC2... But probably not.

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Published by: thomas field on Jun 29, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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GRAHAM LOOKING FOR LOVEWritten byTommy Field3rd draftJuly 2013thomasjosefield@gmail.com 
MONTAGE OF PEAK HOUR RUSHThe streets are noisy, crowded, unpleasant this hour. Butpeople unknowingly
they’re in this together. Going home.Far away from work...FADE IN:EXT. TRAFFIC JAM. DUSKThere are lots of cars with engines running but none move.CUT TO:INT. CAR IN TRAFFIC JAM. CONTINIOUSThe driver is a skinny man wearing a white shirt and tie.He’s frustrated and having trouble breathing. He slams hishands down on the steering wheel.CUT TO:INT. MOVING BUS. CONTINUOUSThe bus is quiet. Most people are playing with their mobilephones. A young woman falls asleep looking out the window.END MONTAGEEXT. BUSY STREET. CONTINIOUSA very old man in a red cardigan trudges down the streetfrowning. People rush past him carefully until a man whoappears to be talking to himself bumps into him as he goespast. The old man falls helplessly but is assisted by peopleclose by.Not by the yellow shirt man. GRAHAM, mid 30sand unremarkablelooking. He walks on without looking back, busy in some typeof deep thought. He mumbles to himself and rubs his fingerson the temples of his forehead, walking against the hordes ofpeople.EXT. STREET CORNER. CONTINIOUSGraham stands with a couple a bit younger than him. Anattractive woman and a blokeymale.CORNER WOMANWell, it’s good to see you for myself that you are doing OK. Itold you it would be fine.
CORNER BLOKE(cackles)Why isn’t the big team leader at work on a Tuesday then aye?! Or isthat your bloody uniform?GRAHAMNo I just took the day off. Havinga huge one. In fact I really haveto go. Now.CORNER WOMAN(surprised)Really?GRAHAMYep. So sorry. But you know, it’sfunny to see you, like today.The man puts his hand out to Graham which he shakes.CORNER BLOKEAlrighty. Catch up soon big man.The woman steps towards Graham and begins to spread her armsfor a hug but he steps back out of range.GRAHAMWe probably shouldn’t hug. It’d bebea bit... you know... I can’t...(turns quickly)The woman shrugs and glances at the man, bemused too.CORNER WOMANBye Graham.Graham’s off with his head down. The man nudges the woman inher ribs.CORNER BLOKE(laughing)You really fucked
?...INT. PUB - GAMBLING ROOM(S). EVENINGMost people here are over 40. They look like zombiesentranced by the flashing sounds and lights from pokie machines and horse races on tv.INT. PUB - MAIN BAR - SPEED DATING. CONTINIOUSGraham’s leaning against the bar sipping a beer. Everyonelooks energised. They’re all under 45 years old in fact.Posters around the room advertise

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