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Published by glennpease
—And when they had opened their trea
fls ; gold, and frankincense, and myrrh.

—And when they had opened their trea
fls ; gold, and frankincense, and myrrh.

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Published by: glennpease on Jun 29, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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EPIPHAY.BY REV. OCTAVIUS PERICHIEF —And when they had opened their treafls ; gold, and frankincense, and myrrh.In the progress of time, we are brought again to theseason of the Epiphany. This word "Epiphany" meansmanifestation. More directly, it is connected with theincident of which we read in the Scripture, the presen-tatioti of Christ to three wise men, or, more exactly,the three wise men led to Christ. This presentation issupposed to be typical of the fact that Christ wasmanifested for Gentiles as well as Jews. Otherwiseexpressed, it is typical of the fact that Christ came toand for the whole race. This Epiphany to the wisemen, thus embodies a central fact. As often as itscelebration occurs, it revives to us a central idea.In my judgment, all things, i. e., all actual facts, ele-ments, so to speak of Christ's earthly being, are typical.We use the expression, sometimes, that Christ was theend of all types. A better expression would be, thatHe was the consummation and perfection of types.Antecedent types embraced Him. He embraced greatfacts. He was the door to great territories of being — reaching out through all time and all eternity, for man.In other words, God being perfect, therefore infinite,one part of His being was in harmony with every otherpart. What He did, could not help being linked withall things that were, and were to be.The simple incarnation itself was transcendently in-structive and prophetic. You have in it a divinity,born of this humanity, through the operation of theHoly Ghost— a divinity passing through the vicissitudesof development, subject to all natural and mortal contin-gencies, as we have recorded in the Gospel for this day." Christ was subject to His parents." " He increasedin wisdom and stature, and in favor with God and man."The divine grew with the human, till it, at last van-quished all ignorance, all suffering, all enmity, and tri-umphed everlastingly. As if God would tell us, thus
are born all things divine, and thus shall God grow inthis humanity. So with this Epiphany scene, the nu-d by Google224 SERMOS,cleus, as I have said, of a central thought. There are¦wise men as opposed to ignorant men, from regionsafar — wise men that are Mngs, for wisdom alone is royal,rich men, as wisdom alone is rich, wise men, seekingsomething better, as wisdom alone seeks. Led by abrightness in the heavens above, out-hung by God forall that can see. The divine brightness responding tothe human longing, till it is brought to incarnate Deity,that Deity veiled in humility, yet worthy to receive thebest offerings that wisdom and riches can give, therichest products that this land of mortality, our nativeland, can yield. He, greater than all kings, and richerthan all riches — they unable to add anything to Him,but honoring Him most, and exhibiting their true richesin coming to Him at all. This, I say, is prophetic,AH this you have expressed in this simple utterance of Scripture, " And when they had opened," &c.But He was there to he manifested. As He was the" desired of all nations" so God intended Him for all nartions. In this human heart was a longing; He wasGod's response to that longing. This world wanted life,as all true wisdom has forever testified. Christ waslife, the divine life, that was wanted. St. John says," the life was manifested, and we have seen it, and bearwitness, and show unto you that eternal life which waswith the Father, and was manifested unto us." Thedivine life is alone eternal, and the eternal life is alonedivine. That alone is life. In another place, St. Johnsays, " He was manifested that He might destroy the worksof the devil." There you have what a manifestation of Christ is, namely, a manifestation of divine life in theflesh, and the object of it, namely, the redemption of man from the power of Satan, the two sides of the same
d by GoogleEPIPHAY. 225thing, all of it culminating in the great fact, man trulyroyal, but all royalty and all it involves, freely iribu-iary to the King of Kings, the Everlasting God. Manwholly God's, by creation, by redemption, and now byhis own conscious volition, freely God's forever. God'skingdom thus, not a kingdom of force, but a kingdomdesired and implored, every subject convinced there isnothing else fit to reign over it, and only more and moredesirous that God should more and more reign over it,by more and more rejoicing in it. Hence, in the veryincarnation itself you get the pledge of all the promisesmade by the incarnation, a kingdom of true glory forman, with God, that shall know no end — Deity in thishumanity — Deity incarnate. That is all you have inthat manger scene. Then, by it, this humanity liftedup to God.But in these very thoughts of a kingdom growing, of life, and then of "the works of the devil," of Satan, of death, you get very distinctly the idea of two sides.Yes, you get many distinct ideas. Old theologians usedto spend a great deal of time in discussing the origin of evil, the supremacy of God, the free agency of man, andother abstract and kindred subjects. They did not takefacts, or laws, seen to exist, and themselves work bythem, but wore, as we should be, in neglecting the lawof gravitation, and endeavoring to go behind it, to re-mote causes, and ask tvhat it is, or why it is ? ThePirst Cause in everything, is hidden from us; but thetruth is, the bare existence of light implies darkness.If you think of a universe, you must contrast with itthe thought of no universe, nothingness. It is only byknowledge, you create the idea of ignorance. The brutebeast knows nothing, not even ignorance. The negatived by Google

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