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REDACTED [LTC IPO] Litecoin's Pre-gox Plan

REDACTED [LTC IPO] Litecoin's Pre-gox Plan

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Published by journalist1001
attempted market manipulation in public
attempted market manipulation in public

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Published by: journalist1001 on Jun 29, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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[LTC IPO]: Litecoin's Pre-Gox Planhttps://forum.litecoin.net/index.php/topic,4698[6/28/2013 3:12:27 PM]
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 Author Topic: [LTC IPO]: Litecoin's Pre-Gox Plan (Read 5909 times)
June 26, 2013, 09:28:10 pm »
[LTC IPO]: Litecoin's Pre-Gox Plan
I. IntroductionII.Implications of Gox SupportIII.Effects of PumpsIV.The Plan: LTC IPOa)Investor Interestb)The Pumpc)Blockchain ManipulationV. Information and Contact
[LTC IPO]: Litecoin's Pre-Gox Planhttps://forum.litecoin.net/index.php/topic,4698[6/28/2013 3:12:27 PM]
I. Introduction
I am
. You may know me from the BTC-e chatbox, where I organized
many pumps of alt coins through twitter during the months of April
and May. Ibrought TRC 1400% up, DVC 600% up, NMC 730% up, NVC
permanently 50%up, and contributed to the LTC rise of April 1. Playing with
small market cap altcoins was fun and profitable, but there is a much more
ambitious opportunityawaiting on the horizon: LTC.I am not looking for a quick pump n dump of LTC. Instead, this will be acoordinated effort to put LTC in the spotlight for good, legitimize the coin, andgenerate interest in its potential as a serious competitor to BTC and one of theleading tools in digital commerce.We all know what will happen when Gox supports LTC: Price will rise immenselyand more investors and developers become interested. This project serves toamplify the effect.=====================================================
II.Implications of Gox Support
Gox has announced an estimated July date for LTC support.LTC will be open to the gigantic Gox orderbooks, the wire transfer market, theinvestors with millions of dollars and thousands of BTC. Those famous $1M buywalls on MtGox would have easy access to the LTC market.On the day of the IPO, LTC will rise simply from the buy support of users thatcome from BTC-e. But realize that the BTC-e market is tiny compared to Gox,which has approximately 10x the BTC trading volume. The current LTC $300 000buy orderbook on BTC-e can be matched 1:1 by a single whale on Gox. There ispotential for a massive LTC price spike on the day of the IPO above $5,potentially above $10, and even $25 is feasible.That would not mean much if Gox quietly adds LTC with a "News update: LTCadded.pdf" in their news section. The Gox crowd and the rest of the world wouldstand around with their hands in their pockets and their eyes fixed on the old BTCas if nothing big had happened. The goal is to get investors interested in thecoin, and potentially see it as an investment as valid as Bitcoin.The goal is to have an incredible rise that noone could have imagined, in thestyle of April 1, 2013. In the short run there will be a media frenzy. Perhaps somewill gain, others will lose. In the long run, the interest in LTC and subsequentstartups and projects will further develop internet commerce with LTC in theforeground.=====================================================
III.Effects of Pumps
[LTC IPO]: Litecoin's Pre-Gox Planhttps://forum.litecoin.net/index.php/topic,4698[6/28/2013 3:12:27 PM]
Remember the day of the TRC and PPC IPO on BTC-e? April 4th 2013. There was
a TRC pump through twitter to coincide with the BTC-e support of the
coin. Theeffect of the hype was enormous, and TRC rose from a pre-pump low
of 0.0008on Vircurex to a high of 0.017 on BTC-e. That's a rise of 21.25x from
bottom totop, a gain of 2025%. Verify it with these links:http://www.cryptocoincharts.info/period-charts.php?period=3-months&resolution=day&pair=trc-btc&market=vircurexhttp://www.cryptocoincharts.info/period-charts.php?period=3-months&resolution=day&pair=trc-btc&market=btc-eIn contrast, PPC, which IPO'd on the same day. Without a pump and hypecampaign, it rose on its own from a low of 0.0011 to a high of 0.00349. While arise of 3.17x is still very respectable, the effect of a hype campaign and pump forTRC resulted in a rise nearly an order of magnitude more violent.The effects of the TRC IPO pump were felt for months, and TRC remained in thegeneral price range high above PPC. The 3 day TRC pump plot, which I spent just400 BTC on, resulted in the creation of hundreds of thousands of dollars of market cap.The same can be done with LTC. If there is no pre-IPO pump, LTC will rise toperhaps $7 and top out, just like PPC. If there is indeed a pump, LTC could riseas much as TRC, reaching comfortably into the double digits. Interest in the coinwould explode, bringing new talent and investment.=====================================================
IV.The Plan: LTC IPO
To accomplish this, we need a coordinated effort. My market power alone cannotsimply move a $50M market cap coin.There are three parts to the plan.
IV. 1) Investor Interest
First, we need to make sure the LTC engine is running full steam on the daysleading up to the IPO. Investors and institutions need to have LTC on theirwatchlists. They have seen BTC bubble from $1 to $32 in the span of 2 months.They have seen BTC grow from $13 to $266 in 4 months. They know thepotential of cryptocurrencies in general, and will not want to miss the next traincoming around. But they won't hop on board if they don't know about it.To do this, we can contact cryptocurrency podcasts to talk about the implicationsof Gox supporting LTC, local news stations (finance section), newspapers (theGuardian has recently published an article on LTC), youtube channels, Bitcointalkforums (speculation boards), and Bitcoin/Crypto meetups. If Bloomberg andForbes (Jon Matonis in particularhttp://www.forbes.com/sites/jonmatonis/) coverLitecoin, it will be huge. The focus is to detail exactly why LTC is either equal toor superior to BTC (Scrypt security, faster confirmation times, very activedevelopment team), and its potential to be used in everyday digital transactions.
IV. 2) The Pump

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