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Published by subroto bosu

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Published by: subroto bosu on May 08, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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MS-DOS and command line overview
Below is a listing of each of the MS-DOS commands currently listed on Computer Hopeand a brief explanation of what each of the commands do. The below commands are allMS-DOS commands, which means not all the below commands will work in your version of MS-DOS and/or Windows command line. Clicking on the command will openthe help page for that command with full details about it.
CommandDescriptionAansi.sysNSI.SYSDefines functions that change display graphics, control cursor movement, and reassign keys.appendCauses MS-DOS to look in other directories when editing a file or running a command.arpDisplays, adds, and removesarp information from network  devices.assignAssign a drive letter to an alternate letter.assocView the file associations.atSchedule a time to execute commands or programs.atmadmLists connections and addresses seen by Windows ATMcall manager.attribDisplay and change file attributes. batchRecovery console command that executes a series of commands ina file. bootcfgRecovery console command that allows a user to view, modify, andrebuild the boot.ini break Enable / disable CTRL + C feature.caclsView and modify fileACL's. callCalls a batch file from another batch file.cdChanges directories.chcpSupplement the International keyboard and character setinformation.chdir Changes directories.chdsk Check the hard disk drive runningFATfor errors. chkntfsCheck the hard disk drive running NTFSfor errors. choiceSpecify a listing of multiple options within a batch file.clsClears the screen.cmdOpens the command interpreter.color Easily change the foreground and background color of the MS-DOS window.commandOpens the command interpreter.compCompares files.

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