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American Towman_Trashed Article

American Towman_Trashed Article

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Published by Stephen House

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Published by: Stephen House on Jun 30, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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1060S to get the job done.One of the other towers whoHeavyTow has worked closely with isSmokie Ingram’s Towing out of nearbyCummins, Georgia. Smokie called himas he needed his assistance to recover aloaded single axle garbage truck in thegated mountain resort community, BigCanoe. Narrow winding roads linedwith million dollar homes built on themountain side can create quite a chal-lenge even for experienced recoveryoperators such as Stephen, Smokie andSmokie’s cousin, Bear, who also used torun his own company.The loaded garbage truck weighedapproximately 44,000-pounds and lostits brakes coming down the steep moun-tainside. The driver went off of a curveand rolled the truck through the frontyard and driveway, just narrowly miss-ing the house, before going off a retain-ing wall and landing on its side about300 feet off of the road. Due to the treach-erous conditions, it was decided to beginthe recovery the next morning but thenhad to be postponed until 1:00pm due totornado like winds that came throughthe area knocking over several trees onthe road leading into the area. Due to thenarrowness of the road, the communitysecurity officers had to escort the Cen-tury rotator to the scene since there was-n’t enough room for on coming vehiclesto pass which might meet the rotator inthe curves.Arriving at the scene, the home-owner, who was a retired professional ball player, was more than graciousabout accommodating the recoveryteam for the extraction. The rotator was
ou could say Stephen Housegot his love of the towingindustry early. As a young ladhis dad, who worked as a towing oper-ator, would take him out on calls tohold the brake on the tow truck, aHolmes 440. For the past 21 years, even before Stephen acquired his driver’slicense to operate an automobile, hewas working with a local North Geor-gia tower where he earned a truedesire to handle the heavy-duty calls.About five years ago, after muchresearch, Stephen stepped out and bought a Kenworth with a Century1060S rotator. Although it seemed likea monumental decision, Stephen wasconfident in his recovery skills. Henow looks back at it as one of the bestinvestments he made for his futureand says he wouldn’t change a thing.He started out as an owner operatorfor his old boss but then broke awayto create HeavyTow in Gainesville,Georgia. Stephen specializes in heavyduty rotator work and has built a rep-utation for both his own abilities, aswell as the capability of his Century
by Jim “Buck” Sorrenti as told by Randy Olson
The operators prepare to rehook the garbage truck to bring it alongside the retaining wall and back up onto the driveway.
Mountain recovery proves to be challenging in North Georgia.
TOWMAN.COM - November 20092322• November 2009 - TOWMAN.COM
Smoie Ingrams Mac equipped  wi th a Cen tur y 612  was posi tioned on  theroad  to use as a deadman  for  the  winch line  from  the 1060S drag  winch.Upper le f t pho to, wi th  the garbage  truc bac on i ts  wheels,  the  winch linesand chains are rigged  to bring  the  truc up  the embanmen t.  The abo ve pho to where  the opera tor is s tanding in  the cen ter o f  the hole, is  where  the  truc  firs t touched do wn a f ter going o ver  the dri ve wa y re taining  wall.
Stephen House brought his 1060S Century Rotator to the scene.

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