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General Political Views

General Political Views

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Published by Eleni Vamvakari
My views on a variety of topics. If you enjoy debating, start with this and "Views on Rights" for a background into my beliefs.
My views on a variety of topics. If you enjoy debating, start with this and "Views on Rights" for a background into my beliefs.

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Published by: Eleni Vamvakari on Jun 30, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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General Political Viewsby Eleni VamvakariMany people have tried to put me into one political category oranother. I've been called almost everything: Liberal, Socialist,,Communist, Fascist, and even Nazi! The last and Communist are the mostridiculous. If you were to ask me, personally, where I belong, I wouldtell you that, although I was born, brought up and still live inAmerica, and have no Hellenic blood, I'm strictly a Greek patriot andnationalist. But upon hearing that, most would automatically thinkthat I'm purely a conservative. In fact, I have views from all overthe spectrum, and this essay will explore several of them.I believe in universal health care, including coverage for evidence-based natural medicine, and education, at least up through a highschool or equivalent level (including trade or vocational schools).But there should also be private options for those who desire and whocan afford them. The elderly, the disabled and those who are trulypoor, should be able to receive benefits, although there are those whoabuse them who deserve none, including illegal immigrants. I believein sex education, beginning in the early teens, as part of healthclass. While we all hope that our children wait until they're of legalage to have sex, this does not always happen. Even if they do, theystill need to be aware of the risks and of various options incontraception, so that pregnancy can be avoided. That said, I am prochoice (except in the case of partial birth abortions). I'm also prodeath penalty, and pro euthanasia (the last meaning not only the rightto die but also the euthanisation of the criminally insane and babiesborn with severe mental disabilities which would prevent them fromknowing basic things or taking care of themselves when they're older.)I believe in harsh punishments, including various forms of torture, forcertain serious crimes, such as purposefully harming children or theelderly, and harming the nation. I support nonchemical castration foranyone who rapes/sexually harms children on the first offence, and onthe second offence for other cases involving adults. But in all of theabove, the guilt must be proven beyond a reasonable doubt.I support rights for children, the elderly, homosexuals, women, thefunctionally disabled (including those who are physically ill butmentally competent), minority religions, tobacco smokers, raw milkdrinkers, etc. By this, I mean that they should not be discriminatedagainst due to their beliefs, life styles, disabilities and so on.That said, I do not agree with affirmative action. Helping someoneachieve education, via adaptive technology, for example, is fine, andso is educating the public so that they can be aware of the work and/oracademic potential of certain groups which may be overlooked. Forcingcompanies and universities to have a quota of minorities, whether ornot they are as qualified as other candidates is wrong and degrading.Likewise, I'm against the provision of the ADA which states thatemployers can't simply ask potential employees about their disabilitiesand how they can accomplish certain tasks, and can't just tell themthat they weren't hired due to their disability. I'm also againstfirearms in the hands of civilians, and feel that, if they must possessthem, there should be strict gun control laws in place. Note that I donot oppose Airsoft and similar guns, bb guns, stunguns, bows andarrows,, sling shots, darts, or cap guns. Yes, the last have actually
been prohibited in several places, though I have no idea why. Forthose who may be unaware, cap guns are toys which produce a loud noise,but nothing else.I find the ideas of Communism to be childish at best and insane atworst. The idea of classlessness, for example, is ridiculous in modernsociety. I also don't agree with the notion of violent revolution ofthe workers, nor, for the most part, of civilians in general. I don'tapprove of the way in which the American states sometimes act likelittle countries instead of uniting as one nation. I could neverunderstand such a thing and feel strongly that, local laws aside, anation should be as one. But I don't believe in centralisation USSRstyle, as this is very dangerous, not to mention economically andculturally harmful. Furthermore, people should never receive the sameamount of money when their work is vastly different. They should beintitled to their own private property and should be allowed to owntheir own companies.I despise anarchy, and don't believe in direct democracy, nor do Isupport globalism and multiculturalism to the point that it erodesculture, language, and patriotism. I don't believe in constantprotests and strikes, which harm the economy via blocking trafficand/or crippling the transportation system, nor do I ever agree withshootings, bombings and throwing rocks in shop windows. I firmlybelieve in ?????? ????? ??? ????????, which translates to calm, orderand security. It was one of the motos of The Revolution of 21 April1967, and I wish it were followed more today.I normally support a democratic form of government. But there arealso times when I feel that military rule is necessary. Usually, thisis the case when there is an above average level of corruption, liesand theft by the government, when most parties have become many facesof one whole, and when there are massive strikes, protests anddemonstrations which run out of control. I'm referring to Greece forthe most part. America neither needs nor could handle this type ofrule in the proper manner. In any case, There are certain rightswhich, during a dictatorship, need to be suspended. These includeobvious ones like freedom of speech and freedom of the press, but mayalso include ones which are done to cater to the supporters of theleaders. So they may strip rights for various minority groups,religious rights, rights on what to wear in public etc. All of thesemust be returned once democracy is restored, and a good leader willrecognise that his rule is not meant to be permenant nor passed ontohis children. There are also rights, such as what to do in your ownhome, the right to grow your own food, what to eat, the right not to betortured or executed without just cause by those in power/under them,what to believe (even if you have to keep it private) etc. whichshould never be touched. In short, the public is a dictator's domain.The home always belongs to the people, unless it can be proven thatthey're working against the government. This doesn't mean that theyshould have the right to go after innocent civilians and start shootingthem for no reason. But sometimes, healing takes sacrifice. Pleasenote, however, that my support of military rule does not mean that Iagree with starting (or entering) needless wars, as America often does,nor do I believe that one nation should force its' views on others. Infact, as a nationalist, I rarely care what other nations do, so long as

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