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Earth Chap Review 24

Earth Chap Review 24

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Published by townsenr94

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Published by: townsenr94 on May 08, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Earth & Atmosphere Review
1.As altitude increases, what does the pressure do?__________________ and density do?_____________________ 2.Most weather takes place in the at what layer of atmosphere?________________________ 3.The ozone layer is located in what part of the atmosphere? (Be specific)___________________________ 4.Day and night are caused by Earth’s__________________________________________(science term)5.As Earth completes one orbit around the sun, it has completed one: _________________& one:____________ 6.Which region usually has temperatures cooler than temperatures near the equator? Name two7.Lists all the zones in the correct order, starting at the North Pole and ending at the South Pole?(Order includes 5)8.About how much of the solar energy that reaches Earth passes through the atmosphere and is absorbed by the surfaceof Earth? __________________________%9.Earth’s atmosphere is heated mainly by (see figure #11)_____________________________________________ 10.Name all the global winds?11.The daily breezes that occur in a city that is located near a large body of water are examples of what kind of wind?12.A cloud is a dense, visible mass of what two things13.Low, flat layers of clouds that often cover much of the sky and produce steady and widespread rain are14.Which of the following forms of precipitation falls as a liquid? Name two:15.Round, solid pieces of ice more than 5 millimeters in diameter fall as_________________________________ 16.What type of front forms when two unlike air masses form a boundary but neither is moving?17.A cold front forms when a cold air mass does what:18.A cyclone is formed what conditions?19.What are the characteristics of an anticyclone?20.A tropical storm with sustained winds of at least 119 kilometers per hour is called a______________________ 21.A small, intense storm formed when a vertical cylinder of rotating air develops is a_______________________ 

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