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Witness 8 Crump Interview

Witness 8 Crump Interview

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Published by Carole Green

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Published by: Carole Green on Jun 30, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Witness 8 aka DeeDee Attorney Benjamin Crump phone interview with DeeDee on Monday, March 19, 2012. The sourcefile was at AxiomAmnesia.com. The embedded numbers are location markers I added for transcription purposes.-----------------------------Crump: 00:13 OK. Attorney Crump and the family here. We saw from the phone records youand Trayvon talked pretty much all day. 00:26 Can you just walk me through this day of uh howmany times you talked to Trayvon that day and what kind of state of mind was he in. Talk loud for me.Dee Dee: 00:39 We talked all day. Like I talked and texted with him. No text, yeah, but I talked tohim. 00:52 He was, he was good, I mean. He was a happy boy. (unintelligible)Crump: OK, and then just tell me, tell me 1:06 what happened if you would when uh the lasttime, when he was... Did you talk to him around 6 o'clock?Dee Dee: What d'ya say?Crump: Did you talk... 1:19 Tell me about what happened leading up to the time he was talkingabout going to the store.Dee Dee: Let me remember. 1:32 (unintelligible)Crump: Talk really loud for me if you would.Dee Dee: 1:45 (unintelligible) 01:59 (unintelligible)Crump: OK. Uh. The. 02:12 I'm going to I'm going to put you on hold for a second because I'mabout to ask you the important question of the last conversation you had with Trayvon Martin uhwhen he was alive. Hold one second for me.Dee Dee: Alright.Crump: 02:25 Tell me 02:38 what happened the last call that you made.Dee Dee: What happened when he listened for it or he went for it?Crump: Both.DeeDee: Alright.
Crump: Did you told me 02:51 today you just said I'm going to tell you the whole thing and I'mnot going to interrupt you any more. You just tell the story.DeeDee: Alright. It was around like it was around I think supper he was wanting 03:05(unintelligible)Crump: Hold on. Let me have, let me have you start over. Can you talk really loud for me, OK.Really loud. And I apologize but, 03:18 since we can't meet in person I'm trying to make sure wehear it accurate, OK?DeeDee: Alright.Crump: Go ahead.DeeDee: Alright. It was around supper 03:31 he went to the (unintelligible) to get his little brother a little candy and an Arizona because he said they didn't have anything to drink or whatever.(unintelligible)3:44 there were other customers and he went back and it started raining and he went to thatlittle like that little apartment shed thing cause it raining so hard real hard (unintelligible) 3:58 therain slowed down, yeah (unintelligible) and then he said this man right there this man was likelooking at him like he doing something so (unintelligible) 4:11 so he put his hoodie on cause hewas going to run from the back because this man was watching him.Crump: Let me, let me. I think 4:24 I will call you from my phone. It's going to be louder. Becausewe're having problems hearing you. And so, I'll call you right back. Phone number. Okay?DeeDee: Alright.Crump: Okay.DeeDee: Alright.4:37 blank 4:50 blank 5:04 blankDeeDee: 5:17 Trayvon had run for it. And then the man... and then he said he lost the man. Andthen 5:30 the man come... and then Trayvon say the man was still following him. And thenTrayvon I asked if Trayvon was gonna run. And Trayvon said he ain't gonna run like that. He wasgonna walk fast from the back. 5:43 And the man was just following him close like walking tohim like fast. Like when Trayvon was walking fast, he was walking faster following him. Hegetting close by him. He getting close by him. I say, "Run." And Trayvon say he not going to run.5:57 Then next I heard Trayvon say, "What you following me for?" And the man said, "What you
doing around here?" Next I hear 6:10 somebody pushed, I know somebody just pushed Trayvonbecause the headset just fell. And then after that I couldn't talk to him because the phone justshut off. I called him again 06:23 and he did not answer the phone.Crump: At that point, did you realize that, after you heard about what happened, did you realizethat that was the last time 06:36 anybody alive had talked to Trayvon?DeeDee: Yeah.Crump: Did you, did you know that, um, 06:49 did you after the phone went dead the last thingyou heard was he asked Trayvon again what he was doing there?DeeDee: "What are you doin' around here?"Crump: 07:03 "What are you doin' around here?" OK.DeeDee: I know Trayvon was trying to say. and Trayvon fell down and hurt himself in the ran.07:16 somebody pushed.Crump: Okay. Did you, did you, Did Trayvon sound scared?DeeDee: Yeah. 07:29 Real pannicky.Crump: Did he have any idea who this man was?DeeDee: No. Overgrown 07:42 he said a white moan.Crump: Did Trayvon at any point in that day, did Trayvon seem 07:56 his normal self that wholeday when you talked to him throughout the day?DeeDee: Did he what?Crump: Did he, and put it in your own words, did Trayvon sound normal throughout the day,08:09 since you had talked from that morning?DeeDee: Yeah. Yeah, he sounded real happy.Crump: Um, did you know, were you aware that your call came in 08:22 around 7:12 pm?DeeDee: Yes.Crump: And did you know that police said they arrived on the scene at 7:17 pm and that 08:35when they arrived he was already shot?

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