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Cheat Codes

Cheat Codes

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Published by Eller Jireh Mungcal
My Cheat book from grand theft auto
My Cheat book from grand theft auto

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Published by: Eller Jireh Mungcal on Jun 30, 2013
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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CHEAT CODES:On the game menu go to; OPTIONS >KEYBOARD/MOUSE >ALLOW DEVELOPERCONSOLE and change the setting to 'Enable' then press DONE to save new settings.Press the tilde key [ ~ ] on your keyboard to open the console then type "sv_cheats 1"(without quotes) and press ENTER to enable console cheats. You can now type any of the following cheats codes (text in green):changelevel[map name] — Quick change map.give adrenaline— Get adrenaline.give ammo— Refill all ammunition.give autoshotgun— Get auto shotgun.give defibrilator — Get Defibrillator.give electric_guitar — Get Guitar.give first_aid_kit— Get First aid kit.give frying_pan— Get Frying pan.give gascan— Get gas can.give health— Gain health.give hunting_rifle— Get hunting rifle.give machete— Get machete.give melee— Get hunter claws.give molotov— Get Molotov cocktail.give oxygentank— Oxygen tank.give pain_pills— Pain Pills.give pipe_bomb— Pipe bomb.give pistol_magnum— Magnum.give pistol— Double pistol.give propanetank— Propane tank.give pumpshotgun— Pump shotgun.give rifle_ak47— AK-47.give rifle_desert— Combat rifle.give rifle— M16.give shotgun_chrome— Chrome shotgun.give shotgun_spas— SPAS shotgun.give smg_silenced— Silenced SMG.give smg— SMG.give sniper_military— Sniper rifle.give tonfa— Nightstick.give vomitjar — Boomer Bile.give weapon_grenade_launcher — Grenade launcher.god [0 or 1]— Toggle God mode for entire team.kill— Commit suicide.map atrium— Map Atrium.noclip— Toggle no clipping mode.quit— Quit game.sv_infinite_ammo[0 or 1] — Toggle infinite ammunition.upgrade_add explosive_ammo— Toggle Explosive Ammo
upgrade_add incendiary_ammo— Toggle Incendiary Ammo upgrade.upgrade_add laser_sight— Toggle Laser Sight upgrade.z_forcezombiemodel 1— Spawn zombie model.z_forcezombiemodelname common_male_jimmy— Spawn common male JimmyGibbs.z_spawn boomer — Spawn Boomer.z_spawn charger — Spawn Charger z_spawn hunter — Spawn Hunter.z_spawn jockey— Spawn Jockey.z_spawn mob— Spawn zombie mob.z_spawn smoker — Spawn Smoker.z_spawn spitter — Spawn Spitter.z_spawn tank— Spawn Tank.z_spawn witch— Spawn Witch.z_spawn zombie— Spawn normal zombie.
 You may need to start the game through the console to use the above cheats.Here's how:
Type the following command below to start a Single Player campaign:Example:map c1m1_hotel.bsp<Press ENTER> (loads the first map of Single Player campaign).If you want to set the difficulty level of the game to 'easy' enter the following command(set to 'normal' by default):z_difficulty easy<Press ENTER> (easy, normal, hard, and impossible are your choices). Alternatively, you can enter the following console command:map c1m1_hotel.bsp; z_difficulty easy<Press ENTER>You can also change your name at the console by typing:setinfo name Your_Name(e.g. setinfo name John) then press ENTER.If you want to load and play any maps in the game type the following:maps *<Press ENTER> (gives you the list of all available maps in the game).Now, you can simply type:map name_of_the_mapExample:map c1m4_atrium.bsp<Press ENTER> (loads the Atrium map).You can bind a command to a key:Example:bind p "z_spawn witch"(this will spawn a witch every time you press p).
Here's the list of all available maps:c1m1_hotel.bspc1m2_streets.bspc1m3_mall.bspc1m4_atrium.bspc2m1_highway.bspc2m2_fairgrounds.bspc2m3_coaster.bspc2m4_barns.bspc2m5_concert.bspc3m1_plankcountry.bspc3m2_swamp.bspc3m3_shantytown.bspc3m4_plantation.bspc4m1_milltown_a.bspc4m2_sugarmill_a.bspc4m3_sugarmill_b.bspc4m4_milltown_b.bspc4m5_milltown_escape.bspc5m1_waterfront.bspc5m1_waterfront_sndscape.bspc5m2_park.bspc5m3_cemetery.bspc5m4_quarter.bspc5m5_bridge.bspcredits.bsp

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