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I Was Blind and Now I See

I Was Blind and Now I See

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Published by papa martin

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Published by: papa martin on May 08, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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June/July 2006
Christ’s humble servant,
David Neal
July, 2006
So Jesus had compassion on them, and touched their eyes: and immediately their eyes received sight, and they followed him.
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Mar" 10#$6%&2, '(nd they came to Jericho# and as he )ent out of Jericho )ith his disci*les and a +reat number of *eo*le, blind artimaeus, the son of -imaeus, sat by the hi+h)ay side be++in+. (nd )hen he heard that it )as Jesus of Naareth, he be+an to cry out, and say, Jesus, thou on of David, have mercy on me. (nd many char+ed him that he should hold his *eace# but he cried the more a +reat deal, -hou on of David, have mercy on me. (nd Jesus stood still, and commanded him to be called. (nd they call the blind man, sayin+ unto him, e of +ood comfort, rise he calleth thee. (nd he, castin+ a)ay his +arment, rose, and came to Jesus. (nd Jesus ans)ered and said unto him, hat )ilt thou that  should do unto thee3 -he blind man said unto him, 4ord, that  mi+ht receive my si+ht. (nd Jesus said unto him, 5o thy )ay thy faith hath made thee )hole. (nd immediately he received his si+ht, and follo)ed Jesus in the )ay.saiah $2#6%7, ' the 489D have called thee in ri+hteousness, and )ill hold thine hand, and )ill "ee* thee, and +ive thee for a covenant of the *eo*le, for a li+ht of the 5entiles -o o*en the blind eyes, to brin+ out the *risoners from the *rison, and them that sit in dar"ness out of the *rison house.
June/July 2006
he author found himself becomin+ very discoura+ed in tryin+ to share the truth of 5od )ith others. t :ust seems that there are very fe) *eo*le that )ant to hear or read the ord of 5od as )as s*o"en )ith *o)er ;
the gospel 
< and )al"ed in e=am*le by Jesus Christ. -he author had been very dedicated and s*ent many many hours )ritin+ do)n the  *recious thin+s of 5od, but :ust )ho has ears to hear or eyes to see3 o many hearts are )a=ed +ross and their ears are dull of hearin+. Many say they see, yet are fully blind ;
 Mt 13:15, Jn 9:39
ven those closest to the author tired of hearin+ the beloved truth of the 4ord. ?e has  been called mad/cray by some, and others, includin+ some friends and family members, have se*arated from his com*any. -he author )as absolutely certain of the truth of the messa+e, but :ust be+an to be )eary ;
worn down
< due to all the re:ection.
he author considered the fact that he could not :ust sto* s*ea"in+ and )ritin+ 5od’s truth and sim*ly "ee* to himself the cherished thin+s that the 4ord )as revealin+. -his )ould be to hide your li+ht ;
< and *ut it under a bushel ;
 Mt 5:15
<. -his )ould be to lay u* the truth in a na*"in or hide the truth in the earth ;
 Lk 19:20-23, Mt 25:25-28
<. -his is to be as salt that has lost his savour ;
 Mt 5:13
o)ever, )e are to +ive li+ht unto all that are in the house ;
 Mt 5:15
<. Matthe) &#16, '4et your li+ht so shine before men, that they may see your +ood )or"s, and +lorify your !ather )hich is in heaven. ( candle ;
< must be set u*on a candlestic" so that all may see ;
 Mk 4:21
<. -here is a +reat res*onsibility and obli+ation ;
a o!!and!ent 
< to s*ea" and demonstrate the 4ord’s +os*el ;
 Mk 1":15, Mt 24:14
< % not only to believe on him, but also to suffer for his sa"e ;
 #hp 1:29, 2 $hess 1:5, 2 $i! 2:12
he 4ord s*o"e to the author’s heart and revealed somethin+ *recious that brou+ht about the needed encoura+ment @ a reminder ;
a help to re!e!%er so!ething i!portan
<. -he 4ord said that man re:ected ?im )hen ?e s*o"e the !ather’s ord, so ho) much more )ill you be re:ected )hen you s*ea" My ords ;
 Jn 15:18
<3 4u"e 21#17, '(nd ye shall  be hated of all men for my name’s sa"e. -his )as so incredibly encoura+in+ to me, but )hy3 ecause it revealed to me somethin+ desired more than anythin+ this )orld has to offer @ it revealed that  )as )al"in+ in the ste*s of my 4ord ;
1 #t 2:21, 4:1
he author )as not bein+ offered a solution to end all of the re:ection or necessarily a remedy to remove the hurt. -he author )as bein+ offered a cross and a narro) *ath to continue to )al" in ;
 Mt &:13-14, 1":24, Mk 8:34, 10:21, Lk 9:23, Jn 14:" 
< @ :ust as Christ had )al"ed. -his )as more beneficial and *ried ;
<. -his )as a treasure and a  *earl of +reat *rice ;
 Mt 13:44-4", 19:21
<. 4u"e 6#$0, '-he disci*le is not above his master# but every one that is *erfect shall be as his master. (ND Matthe) 10#2$%2&, '-he disci*le is not above his master, nor the servant above his lord. t is enou+h for the disci*le that he be as his master, and the servant as his lord. f they have called the master of the house eelebub, ho) much more shall they call them of his household3 2 -imothy A#12, 'Bea, and all that )ill live +odly in Christ Jesus shall suffer *ersecution. 2
June/July 2006
(fter all, Jesus learned obedience by the thin+s )hich ?e suffered @ and so shall ?is follo)ers ;
 (e% 5:8-9
he 4ord *lainly tells us# 4u"e 6#22%2A, 'lessed are ye, )hen men shall hate you, and )hen they shall se*arate you from their com*any, and shall re*roach you, and cast out your name as evil, for the on of man’s sa"e. 9e:oice ye in that day, and lea* for :oy# for,  behold, your re)ard is +reat in heaven# for in the li"e manner did their fathers unto the  *ro*hets. o# 1 eter &#, 'hom resist stedfast in the faith, "no)in+ that the same afflictions are accom*lished in your brethren that are in the )orld. Bour not alone in your tribulations @ Jesus endured sufferin+ and so do all ?is follo)ers.
o) there are many reli+ious *eo*le in this )orld and most claim to be follo)in+ Christ. -he truth of the claim is revealed )hen your life actually lines u* ;
< )ith the e=am*le that Jesus )al"ed ;
 Jn 15:20
<. -his is ho) )e must :ud+e ourselves ;
2 )or 13:5
<. Jesus said )e )ould be :ud+ed by ?is ords ;
whih (e walked *lawlessl+
< so Christ’s ords are our standard to live by ;
 Jn 12:48
<. -he reli+ious )orld claims to *ractice or adhere to 5od’s ord, but mostly i+nors or e=*lains a)ay the hard thin+s @ those thin+s that come a+ainst the )ill of the flesh % those thin+s that reEuire sacrifice. -hese often com*romise a)ay the meat of the messa+e that )as s*o"en of 5od in the *erson of Jesus Christ ;
the ord o* od !ade *lesh
=am*les mi+ht be# bein+ hated by others ;
not popular, Mt 5:10-12, Lk ":22
< losin+ your life for Christ’s sa"e and the +os*el’s ;
 Mt 10:39, 1":25, Mk 8:35, Lk 9:24
< bearin+ your cross ;
d+ing to sel*, Lk 14:2& 
< forsa"in+ all that you have ;
 Lk 14:33
< not lovin+ the )orld or see"in+ fleshly lusts, desires or *ossessions ;
or walking in the ourse o* this world, 1 Jn 2:15-1& 
< *lacin+ Jesus before father, and mother, and )ife, and children, and  brethren, and sisters, yea, and your o)n life ;
 Lk 14:2" 
< bearin+ the in:uries of others ;
 *orgi'eness, Mt ":15, Mk 11:2" 
< and lovin+ your enemies ;
 Mt 5:43-45
<. -hese thin+s are often e=*lained a)ay by reli+ious man thus ma"in+ Christ’s ords of none effect ;
e**et - to pro!ote needed hange
here are many hard truths in the ible and it is certain that a true follo)er ;
< of Jesus )ill e=*erience everythin+ that Christ e=*erienced. 1 John 2#6, '?e that saith he abideth in him ou+ht himself also so to )al", even as he )al"ed. (ND Colossians 2#6, '(s ye have therefore received Christ Jesus the 4ord, so )al" ye in him. Jesus is the firstborn of many brethren ;
 .! 8:29
<. rethren are brothers )hereby one resembles the other in nature and e=*erience. Jesus for+ed a *ath that ?is disci*les must follo) alon+ @ for ?e is the he*herd and they are ?is shee* ;
 Jn 10:2& 
<. ?e +oeth before them ;
 Jn 10:4
<. 5alatians &#2&, 'f )e live in the *irit, let us also )al" in the *irit.
ne of the thin+s a follo)er of Christ Euic"ly learns is that man has consistently re:ected 5od and ?is ord from the very be+innin+. hen Jesus came ;
the ord o* od !ade  *lesh
< s*ea"in+ 5od’s ords, ?e )as soundly re:ected by those )ho claimed to serve 5od @ meanin+ reli+ious man. Jesus said of ?is follo)ers# John 17#1$, ' have +iven them thy )ord and the )orld hath hated them, because they are not of the )orld, even as  am not of the )orld. f Jesus is hated by the )orld then ?is disci*les must also be hated by the )orld @ thus you "no) that you are follo)in+ Christ. A

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