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Fuji Digital Cameras

Fuji Digital Cameras



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Published by Meg321
Fuji digital cameras come in many sleek and stylish models.   From the Soccer Mom on the run to the more proficient trained photographer, you will find that Fuji Digital Cameras have all the features that you need to capture all those memories that are cherished in life.
Fuji digital cameras come in many sleek and stylish models.   From the Soccer Mom on the run to the more proficient trained photographer, you will find that Fuji Digital Cameras have all the features that you need to capture all those memories that are cherished in life.

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Published by: Meg321 on May 09, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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Digital Cameras - Understanding Fujifilm and FujiFinepix
 To the ordinary consumers, Fujifilm Holdings Corporation is bestknown for its photographic and imaging products likeFuji digitalcameras. This Tokyo-based company, however, is much more than that.Fujifilm has also distinguished itself in office equipment products,flat panel display, medical systems, and life sciences. The companycounts on 223 subsidiaries and over 70,000 employees worldwide forthe manufacture, distribution and product research.In 2007, Fujifilm emerged no. 17 in the listing of companies with themost patents registered in the USA, an indication of the company'svast technological armory in optics, digital imaging, thin filmcoating and fine chemical applications. With almost $25 billion inglobal revenues, Fujifilm has consistently ranked among the world'slargest companies, occupying the 142nd slot on Fortune Magazine Top400 and holding the 217th place on BusinessWeek's Global 1000 list.Formerly operating as Fuji Photo Film Co., Ltd., the company was theprime-mover of the development of Japan's first electronic computer,called FUJIC, which saw completion in 1956. In more contemporarytimes, Fujinon lenses helped shape movie making history with aFujifilm company supplying high-definition lenses in the filming ofDarth Vader scenes shot in total darkness for the George Lucas' StarWars: Episode III - Revenge of the Sith. A high-definition FujinonCine lens was developed for these particular scenes which aredifficult to film with regular movie camera equipment. What theFujinon HD Cine lens delivered were images expressing texture andreproducing subtle black hues. The high performance of these lensesenabled the Fujifilm company Fujinon to win an Emmy Award forTechnology and Engineering. The same outstanding technology is at work in Fuji digital cameras,particularly in the Fuji Finepix models which have set the trend incompact models excelling in low-light shooting conditions. Among theadvanced technologies that go into these Fuji compacts is the SuperCCD EXR sensor, which is one of the selling points of the FinepixF200 EXR. The sensors of these Fuji digital cameras bring in aversatile feature that helps the photographer adapt to threedifferent shooting environments.There is a fine capture mode, wherein these Fuji Finepix camerasemploy 12-megapixel resolution of the EXR pixel array to captureimages in bright colours up to the smallest detail. For high-contrast
shooting situations, a photographer can switch to the dual capturemode wherein the Fuji compact reads two images and merges them into asingle image of up to 800% in wide dynamic range to produce picturesthat reveal subtleties and shadow, and eliminate washout in thebrightest areas. In low-lighting situations, the Super CCD EXR isready to take charge with its pixel-fusion mode, high-sensitivityfeatures and pixel-binning capability wherein two pixels are combinedinto one super-pixel.There are two different modes by which to access these Super CCD EXRmodes. One is the priority mode which allows the photographer tomanually set any of the EXR modes suitable to the shooting condition.The other is the auto mode wherein the Fuji digital camerasautomatically set the best EXR mode for the shooting situation todeliver the perfect image. 
Digital Cameras
 One of the most trusted names in Digital Cameras, Fuji, originated inJapan in 1934 as a small little camera manufacturing company nestledin the foothills of Mt. Fuji. Little did they know that such a smallcamera producing company would be the giant it is today. At present,Fuji reaches a global market with the addition of offices in theUnited States and has turned into a name known and trusted by thephotography industry. Fuji is not only known as the makers of fineFuji digital cameras, but they are also known for being innovativetechnology leaders in their field. Fuji digital cameras were first introduced in the United States inthe late 1990's with the lightest mega pixel digital camera availableat that time. As the advancements were made in technology, Fujicontinued to forge ahead and provide a wide range of digital camerasincluding the world's first digital camera with removable media, theMX-700. The development of this type camera literally made thedigital camera world explode. Firmly established in the digital revolution, Fuji prides itself onits high technological standards and the need for continuous researchin the field of digital photography. With the introduction of NanoCubic technology, Fuji was able to enhance the ability of digitalvideotapes to increase their recording capacity to 1000 two-hourmovies. This technology also made it possible to produce the XD-Picture Card. This card was the smallest storage media card of its
kind in 2002.Because Fuji Digital Cameras are light in weight, they are easy totake along with you where ever you go. They come with optical zoomfeatures and a flash system that automatically reads the lightingsituations at hand and makes the necessary adjustments to allow youto take the perfect natural looking photograph. Because Fuji DigitalCameras are so easy to operate, even the most novice photographer isable to use this camera with ease.As you can see, when it comes to Fuji, you know that you are gettingthe best in Digital Cameras. Some of the more recent additions tothe Fuji Digital Camera line include the A-Series camera. Thiscamera is quite simply a point and shoot camera that is perfect forthe most basic user. For the next step, consumers can try the E-Series camera. You will find that not only is it compact but is alsoa full featured camera with manual control. The F-series cameras areultra compact cameras with full features and come in differentstyles. For the more sophisticated photographer, the S-Series camerais an advanced camera with optic controls. If you are in the marketfor an extremely advanced camera, then the S-Pro Series is what youwill need. This camera is definitely a camera for the professional. Fuji digital cameras come in many sleek and stylish models. Fromthe Soccer Mom on the run to the more proficient trainedphotographer, you will find that Fuji Digital Cameras have all thefeatures that you need to capture all those memories that arecherished in life. 
 Are Fuji Finepix Digital Cameras for You?
 With so many digital cameras out there on the market, it has becomequite difficult to make a decision as to which camera to buy. Firstit is the terminology; you will find it a little overwhelming to tryto figure out all the camera jargon so the easiest thing to rememberwhen trying to choose the right digital camera for your needs is thatyou will want one that has a large megapixel number. The larger themegapixel number , the larger the image can be without losing imagequality. It is helpful to make a checklist so that you can compareall the different features and functions that are available oncameras today. This makes the decision process much easier as younarrow the field to find a camera that best suits your needs.FujiFinepix digital camerasoffer a wide variety of cameras to choose

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