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Chapter 1 - Seven Types of Hell

Chapter 1 - Seven Types of Hell

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Published by Billy Peebles
Chapter 1/prolouge of y new project titled, Interference
Chapter 1/prolouge of y new project titled, Interference

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Published by: Billy Peebles on May 09, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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By Billy Peebles
Chapter 1 – Seven Types of Hell
Interestingly enough, I find that the best place to truly relax and think is inthe bathroom. Well, now I think of it, it’s not really that interesting, but I find it tobe true all the same. Whether it is on the toilet, in the shower, or as I’m suremost people would agree to be the very best place to relax, in the bath, I find thewhole idea of tiled reflective walls, the sound of a running bath echoing loudlyaround me, drowning out the noises of my room-mate down the hall, and thewhite shine of the bathroom very comforting. At least I used to.Now I just find it sinister. As if the whole room is lulling me into a falsesense of security and wants me to relax, to catch me off my guard so it canpounce and release the hordes of the dead. However, that didn’t mean I couldn’trelax here still, it just meant that I would have to accept my fate should my beinghere come to anything lethal.I’m in the bathroom, right now in fact, sitting patiently on the toilet for thecall of nature to come and go, watching the bathtub next to me slowly fill up withwater. I doubt if I were anywhere else, I would be able to be so philosophicalabout this particular subject, but if you had been what I had been through, if youhad been to my bathroom, I’m sure you would be thinking much the same as I.If someone had once told me that some of the most important andultimately devastating things to happen to the world as we know it, wouldhappen because of me and my bathroom, I would have slapped them and toldthem to fuck off. Nowadays however, I‘d probably have to abduct them and takethem to an unknown location where I could torture them until they told me wherethey had found out that information.Don’t get me wrong though, I’m a nice guy. I just caught up in a wholeload of bother. I’ve never had to actually abduct someone, and I’m not all toosure I could to be honest. I’m a bit weedy, and always try to avoid violence. It’snot that I’m opposed to it or anything, it’s just I’d rather not risk getting my headkicked in. Granted, I do have a potentially dangerous job, but I’ve been doing itfor nearly five months now, and haven’t actually had to do anything.I’m supposed to be guarding this bathroom, 24 hours a day, 7 days aweek. My name is Alex, and I’m a Guardian, apparently. I don’t know what I’mguarding it from, but at least I don’t have to be blissfully unaware on my own. Myroom-mate, Zach, is also a guardian although he knows as little about it as I do.It’s my job to guard this bathroom, or more specifically what’s in it, alongwith Zach, who also happens to be my best friend, and work colleague as well asroom mate and fellow guardian. How exactly we ended up guarding a bathroomis something neither of us can really explain without us having to do the wholekidnap and torture thing. Let’s just say for now, that whatever happens in thebathroom stays in the bathroom.I stared at the bath, half full now, with a lining of bubbles on the top. Mygaze rose with the steam coming off the water, to the ceiling and scanned thearea above my bath. Zach and I had come to the conclusion it was somewhereup there. We would have had contact with it if it was anywhere at body level. There was a small glazed window above the bath, which was permanently open.Neither of us dared closing it in case it happened to be up there, in case wecame into contact with It. You might be wondering what
exactly is. The truth is I have no idea whatIt is, I only have a complicated and confusing explanation of what It can do, andwhat will happen if It isn’t guarded correctly. In a nutshell, although a particularlylarge nut shell, perhaps a coconut shell, even though that’s a seed, It is a specific

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