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Secret Window Movie Review

Secret Window Movie Review



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Published by rachael

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Published by: rachael on May 09, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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– Morton 'Mort' Rainey
– John Shooter 
– Amy Rainey
– Ted Milner 
– Ken Kelsch
– Sheriff Dave Newsome
Joan Heney
– Mrs. Garvey
John Dunn Hill
– Tom Greenleaf 
  – Fire Chief Wickersham
Matt Holland
– Detective Bradley
Gillian Ferrabee
– Fran
Kyle Allatt
– Busboy
Johnny Deppplays successful writer Mort Rainey, who is suffering from writer's block and has retreated to an isolated lakeside cabin in the face of adivorcefrom hiswife, Amy (Maria Bello), following his discovery of his wife cheating on him with TedMilner (Timothy Hutton), now her boyfriend. Living alone in the woods, Mort isconfronted one day by the mysterious John Shooter (John Turturro) who accuses him of  plagiarism. Shooter gives Mort a manuscript he claims to have written.At first, Mort regards Shooter asmentally illand throws away the book. But hismaid takes it out of the garbage believing it was his and instead of throwing it away againhe cannot stop thinking about it, and finally reads it. It is exactly the same word for word.The movie follows Mort's struggles to prove conclusively to Shooter and to himself thathe has not plagiarized the story. Shooter continually harasses Mort and later kills his dog,anAustralian Cattle Dognamed Chico. As the story progresses, Mort hires a private  investigator (Charles S. Dutton) and asks the help of the localsheriff , who doesn't believe him. The investigator asks if there are any witnesses, and Mort remembers a local mansaw them together. But Shooter then murders both the investigator and the man andleaves them in a car. Mort then pushes the car into the river, since he thinks the murderswill be pinned on him. Shooter alsoburns downthe house of Mort's soon-to-be ex-wife.Mort is convinced that Ted is the culprit responsible for the burning.Mort eventually locates the magazine that proves he published "Secret Window" before Shooter wrote "Sowing Season." He goes to the post office, where he gets thestory. But when he gets out of his car, thesheriff approaches him with a smirk asking himif he could ask a few questions. Mort then leaves. But when Mort gets the magazine, hefinds that the story has been cut out. Mort'sinner voicetells him that since the magazinewas sent to him in a sealedUPSpackage, Shooter could not have tampered with it.
Prompting from his ownconscienceleads Mort to the realization that Shooter is not real,only a figment of Mort's imagination brought so vividly to life through undetecteddissociative identity disorder to personify the dark side of Mort's personality and tocommit acts that Mort himself feels he could not commit (murder and arson).During this revelation, his concerned ex-wife drives up to his cabin, and at thatinstant he changes his persona from the well-meaning Mort to the murderous Shooter.When his ex-wife walks in he is gone. She starts searching the house for Mort and findsan almost empty bottle of Jack Daniels on a table. We later learn that when influenced byJack Daniels, Mort's second personality "Shooter" comes alive. All over the walls shesees inscriptions of the word "shooter". She realizes after Mort reveals himself that"shooter" actually means "shoot her". After she realizes this she tries to run away butMort is too quick for her. He then kills his ex-wife and her lover, Ted, with a shovel and buries them in a garden where he later plants a crop of corn. Afterwards, Mort changes profoundly - his writer's block is finally over and his passion for life returns. The movie,however, ends on a rather sinister note. The localsheriff informs Mort that he knowswhat he did and as soon as they find the bodies, he'll go to prison. Mort dismisses thestatement nonchalantly, and replies that "The ending is the most important part of thestory. This one is very good. This one is perfect." It is then revealed to us that by growingand consuming corn from the garden where his ex-wife and her lover are buried, Mort isslowly trying to destroy all theevidenceneeded to incriminate him.
Dissociative Disorder is present characterized by a disruption in the integrativefunctions of memory, consciousness, or identity. Associated with exposure to atraumative event.A
Dissociative Identity Disorder
ormerly known as Multiple PersonalityDisorder is the specific type of Dissociative disorder present to the main character. It ischaracterized by two or more fully developed distinct and unique personalities within the person. The personalities may take full control of the client, one at a time. The personalities may or may not be aware of each other.
Event that shows signs and symptoms
Mort is confronted one day by the mysterious John Shooter (John Turturro) whoaccuses him of  plagiarism.
Mort hires a private investigator (Charles S. Dutton) and asks the help of the local sheriff , who doesn't believe him. The investigator asks if there are any witnesses,and Mort remembers a local man (
John Dunn Hill
– Tom Greenleaf) saw themtogether. But Shooter then murders both the investigator and the man and leaves

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