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My Two Strange Visitors

My Two Strange Visitors

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Published by beingoflight
This is about a recent experience that I had a week ago. It is real and it has a warning attached to it.


Proof that he is not our Risen Lord

This is about a recent experience that I had a week ago. It is real and it has a warning attached to it.


Proof that he is not our Risen Lord

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Published by: beingoflight on May 09, 2009
Copyright:Attribution Non-commercial


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SATURDAY, 9 MAY 2009I Had Two Visitors Earlier This Week, Who Were Not of This WorldI am not going to go into detail of who they were and what they said to me. I havebeen going back to church. I am a LDS member. I wanted to go to testify my faithand love of the Lord. I love the Hymns that we sing, as well. I love singing thehymns in church, and when there is a hymn with special meaning to me in respect tohow He has intervened in my life-I get excited.Anyway, it was actually Saturday last. We are now in the 09/05/09. What happenedwas quite extraordinary. It must have been about 11:30 (23:30 hours) according tomy neighbours ( I will refer back to them later) when either I went to the door,or turned around to see them sitting in a chair opposite me. That is where it ishazy. Either way, I was at the computer, before the event, as I couldn't get offto sleep. My husband had already gone to bed.Looking back, I can't remember seeing their faces. I would need regression tounlock the hazy bits. However, some I remember, oddly enough, quite vividly. Theone sitting in the chair spoke the whole time, while the one sitting on the arm ofthe chair said nothing. I knew them to be female. I remember the one who spokesaying, ' Not to worry, I am on the right path. Your husband will not be left withany debt, and that they would return, as I showed no fear, and learned not to befrightened of that which I did not understand.I understand through research that they can take on human form. Strange enough,the woman speaking was wearing a black skirt with gold stars on it. From theirappearance, you would not recognise them, as anything but human. They were dressedin black. It stands to reason that if Satan can appear as a being of light that G-d's servants in human form would not necessarily be glowing and would be disguisedin such a way, as to be recognised only as human. They said that I was on theright path and was right to question what I felt to be false. They did say that Iwould recognise the Lord when he comes ( that has been my biggest concern, ratherthan the mundane things of this world). To me, it has always been most importantof all to recognise Him upon his return.They told me a few other things, but what I can remember, I can't divulge. Nowlet's get back to my neighbours. First of all, they heard what sounded likethunder over our flats. Then they heard me speaking to two people. The second onedid speak, but I can't remember what she said. I think we prayed together at onepoint. They were with me for almost an hour. They promised they would return. ThenI drifted off to sleep. I didn't see them go. One did say, it was all right toquestion who they were, and that I would do.My husband came through for me an hour later, not more than 10 minutes after theyleft.( about the time that my neighbours didn't hear us speaking anymore) I toldhim that we had visitors and that he should be covered up. He queried, 'Whatvisitors, there isn't anybody here?' I went to bed remembering my visitors.I know that Maitreya isn't the Risen Lord, and I know that Obama is a tool for theLord to fulfill revelation in that he will work with the anti-christ and servehim, as prophesied. These are the last days, but we do not know the hour, or theday of our Lord's coming, only that it will be soon. I have also been hearingangels singing on the odd occasion thinking it was coming from a church, and a fewdays ago, I heard the sound of a trumpet. I can't remember exactly when theseevents occured, only that they did occur.I will not take the mark of the beast, as I am not afraid of death. I seek it, ifit means that I have to deny my Heavenly Father and his Son, in order to live.

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